Did you know about Amazon gift wrap?


You use Amazon to buy things you love and to buy presents for special occasions to you, your friends or beloved ones but does amazon gift wrap? It does and it does have a lot of ways apart from the classic Amazon gift wrap, Amazon do also offers gift wrap to almost all items fulfilled by it and some other selected merchants.

Now you would most probably ask, What does Amazon gift wrap includes?

It includes a couple of things such as:

  • The gift wrap which is a box or bag depending on the item.
  • A nice and stylish decorative ribbon.
  • And a personalized card that you can write a message to the receiver if you want.

What if you want to make your own gift wrap? If you would like to get and try ways to make your present much more attractive or to add a bit more excitement to it, you can use hundreds of different varieties of Amazon gift wrap. There is something for every taste, any color shape or dimension of wrapping paper, colorful wrap bows to finish it off and unique bags to put it into.

What would you need to make an excellent gift wrap? In order to make a perfect inside out present you will need the following items.

  • Number 1 thing to start is to find your Gift wrap paper, there is literally everything that you would want and even those that you might have not thought about.
  • After you got your nice wrapping paper you will need something to wrap it around it and make it steady, that would be your ribbon.
  • Once you wrap around the ribbon its time to add the bow.
  • The last thing you need in order to perfect your Amazon gift wrap is the bag to put your ready present in, the bag with the papers coming out of is the last touch to make present to remember.

These were everything you need to know to make a perfect Amazon gift wrap, if you liked the post and helped you why not sharing with others?


Top 3 Acer Gaming laptops

Acer gaming laptops are some of the coolest ones out there, very powerful, well designed and at pretty good pricing point. Acer has been a great company and is making apart from laptops also desktops, tablets, monitors and much more.

Why Acer? Acer has been around for a very long time and has made some very good laptops with pretty good reviews and ratings, it has some of the best gaming laptops and is also a pretty good brand in general. If you are looking for a value for money option then you are in the right place since they do have great prices and for the overall performance you get.

How about the design? They have definitely start thinking out of the box and that’s obvious for all of the Acer gaming laptops, they are different, they are powerful and they are also equipped with a lot of goodies.

Which of them you would suggest? I went through all of them and wanted to provide you with a Top 3 list so you know where to look and see whats out there and what feature every one of those Acer gaming laptops offer.

The first one of our Top Acer gaming laptop list is the Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop.

Want to see more information/pictures? Click on the photo.

What you need to know about Predator? This is one of Acer Brands for premium gaming laptops and designed by hardcore gamers for hardcore gamers, they have also won the reddot award of 2019 by innovating and engaging with their clients/costumers in order to bring back a product that they would happily use and purchase.

What should you know about Acer Predator Helios 300?

+ One of the best performances out there with for the price that you will be paying.
+ 144hz display.
+ Boosting exactly when you want it with the button “Turbo”
+ Solid build and cool design.
+ A lot of ports(Ethernet RJ-45, Type-C Gen 2, HDMI and USB 3.1 GEN 1).
– Battery life could have been better.

Overall is one of the best Acer gaming laptops out there, it is equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660, the latest 9th Gen Interl Core i7 and the 144hz IPS panel with 3ms Overdrive response time that you will love!

What about if your budget is lower but you still want an Acer gaming laptop? Now if you loved the Predator one but unfortunately you are not able to get it at that price then there is another solution for you. Check out the 2020 Acer Nitro 5.

Want to see more photos or the product? Select the picture.

It is equipped with all the goodies and it is one of the most affordable but solid gaming laptops since they did some good changes in comparison to the previous model. It is equipped with the AMD Ryzen 5 2500U Processor with 8GB DDR4 Ram and 1TB HDD for all your games and programs.

What are the pros and cons of 2020 Acer Nitro 5 15.6”?

+ Good budget gaming laptop.
+ Cool keyboard.
+ Lots of ports for you.
– Not the super performance that would get with Predator.
– Not great battery life.

Overall for the money that you give for this one it is a great deal, if you have or willing to give a bit more I would personally go with the one below just to get the extra performance.

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Last but not least in our Top 3 list of Acer gaming laptops is the Acer Nitro 7. This one is in between the Predator and the Nitro 5(in terms of price range).

If you want to see more information of the product, click on the photo.

What does this one has in comparison with the others?

+ Looks great, thoughtfully designed.
+ Supports up to three storage drives.
+ Equipped with the 144Hz screen.
+ Much better battery life.
– It is a bit heavier but very good performance.

I won’t forget to add that it is equipped with a 9th Gen Intel Core i7 with 6-Core processor to ensure smooth and fast transition between your open programs. Overall the Nitro 7 is in between the Predator and the Nitro 5 with powerful graphics and very good design, if you are looking for something in between that price range you will be glad to have it.

These were the best Acer gaming laptops, if you liked the post and helped you get or learn something that you were looking for. Share it, like it and by doing that you are also helping others.

Which are the best Amazon gaming desks?

Maybe it is the right time to upscale your game with one of the Amazon gaming desks, a lot of different options for you to choose from, a variety of shapes and dimensions so it matches your room and space. Having a gaming desk is pretty much a must these days, room to put all your necessary equipment and a space for you to relax, work and of course play.

I went through all of the Amazon gaming desks to provide you with a list of the top 5 so you save time and get exactly what you are looking for the space that you need. Gaming desks can vary, can be corner ones, small ones or even longer that can fit more than 3 or 4 screens, some of them have equipment to put your drink, headphones or even your favorite ps4 or xbox controllers.

Which is the best Amazon gaming desk for limited space? It is from a company called RESPAWN, the desk is solid with cool design to put your screens and space for pretty much everything you need.

Want to see more? Select the photo.

Find below the things that you should know about this desk.

  • It is adjustable with steel tube frame construction.
  • Great design and available in four different colors, blue, gray, green and red.
  • Space for you to have your favorite beverage and a nice stand for your headphones.
  • It can hold up to 200 lb and it is pretty sturdy.
  • Eye level action where you need it.

What if I have a corner space and would like to make a corner gaming station? The following Amazon gaming desk is exactly for that, it is from Walker Edison furniture company and it is one of the most well designed, glass computer gaming stations.

Want to see more pictures? Click the photo.

With over three thousand ratings(4.5 star) this gaming corner station is exactly what you need to have a smooth and stylish way to play, fun or work. What you should know about this product?

  • Its dimensions are 29” H x 51” L x 20” W
  • You can have at least 3 monitors.
  • Keyboard tray so you can use it only when you need it.
  • Sturdy desk that is also sleek and modern.
  • CPU stand so your tower doesn’t get any more dust from everywhere.

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If you want a gaming desk but you don’t like the legs of the above ones, what do you get? The following Amazon gaming desk is a small one but super cool to fit your space with sleek design, it is available in a couple of different dimensions starting from 47” to 63 inch”, available in black or teak.

If you want to see more, click the photo.

What should you know about this product?

  • Can be used as a gaming and working desk without being spotted as a gaming desk.
  • The size of the desk is suitable for pretty much any space.
  • Unique black metal legs that make room for your legs.
  • Pretty sturdy and super easy to assembly.
  • Wouldn’t be good if you are looking for something to put more than 3 screens or a lot of products on it.

If your apartment/house is a bit more industrial looking, why not your gaming setup? The following Amazon gaming desk is as you may understand pretty industrial and super cool.

Want to see more pictures of the desk? Click the picture.

This gaming desk has some more goodies in comparison with the others, this one has an RGB Led mouse pad and gives you more space to put your stuff by utilizing the legs of your gaming station. What else you should know about the product? This desk is by Need company and it is available in two different colors the all black version and the slate ash color that you also see in the picture above.

  • It has room for pretty much everything whether you want to put a microphone, lamp or even a fan nearby for the warm days in summer.
  • Equipped with adjustable pads in order to have it exactly where you need it.
  • Apart from a gaming station this can be used as well as an industrial desk since its structure is pretty unique, you can even put plants in the legs of the desk.
  • Pretty simple to assembly and sturdy desk.

The last one in our Top 5 Amazon gaming desk list is by Fitueyes company and on a first look you will think that it is mostly a workstation but believe me it can become an amazing gaming station if you put your goodies on it.

Want to see more? Click on the picture.

Why this one would be a very good gaming station and why you should choose it?

  • It has a lot of legroom so you can be exactly where you need to be when gaming.
  • Ideal for a corner space.
  • If your house design is mostly wood then you should match it by getting a station that would match the space.
  • Super stable and sturdy and pretty easy to assembly.

These were the Top 5 Amazon gaming desks, if you liked the post and helped you picked the right one for your space then why not sharing and helping others? Thanks for reading and share me your spaces after your setup is ready, would love to see with what you came out!

The Best Fit Bit Chargers.

FitBit is definitely one of the coolest activity trackers company out there and has been loved by people of any age, there are a lot of great Fitbit chargers that you can get according to your budget and of course what you are looking for. Different styles, colors and of course ways of charging your unique smartwatch, there are a couple that you can use on your desk or just the normal ones that you can carry everywhere.

Which is the best value for money Fitbit charger? If you are looking the best value for money FitBit charger then you would go with the Zacro one, it has 2 piece replacement charger cables that are designed for Fitbit charge 2.

Why the Zacro one?

  • Pretty good electrical conductivity.
  • Usb port for easy charge even in if you are in the office you just plug it in your laptop.
  • Protective clip that hold the watch firmly.
If you want to see more photos, select the above picture.

Which would be the most stylish Fitbit charger? The most stylish Fitbit charger is by Tranesca company, you can put it on your desk so when you sit down you let it charge but also be able to see any potential notifications from it, it is more than a charger and could work as a cool design on your desktop setup.

If you want to see the product, select the picture.

Why Tranesca Fitbit charger?

  • It has a unique design in comparison with all the other chargers out there.
  • You will get rid of any cords and you will have a clean and cool desk.
  • It is pretty portable and you can get it everywhere you want.

Which is the most portable and flex Fitbit charger? The most flex and portable charger is by Exmrat company and you can literally put it everywhere, it is very small only 30cm, high quality, super compact and light weight.

Another unique and and low-key appearance charger is by XIMU company, it is compatible with Fitbit Versa and Versa Lite, it has a simple design and it is suitable for all occasions.

  • It has a fast charge cold-plated pin.
  • Underneath it has anti-slip pads so it definitely won’t slip out of your desk.
  • Easy to charge with USB port.
Want to see the product? Select the photo.

These were the best Fitbit chargers that you can find on Amazon, as you checked earlier some of them are ideal to carry around and some others were the best to keep with on your desk with easy to charge usb. If you liked the post and helped you make the right decision, share it and help others with their search on an ideal charger.

The Best Cop Cams that you can find.

We all have seen the action movies with its mini security cameras hidden in the most crazy locations of the apartments and houses, those mini security cameras are called Cop Cams. You can use the Cop Cam for many different reasons either you want to be sure that your apartment/house is completely safe or just want to keep an eye when you are not there for extra protection or just to convert the nanny cam that you already have.

I went through all the best cop cams on Amazon and wanted to create a list for you so you can know where to start if you ever consider getting a Cop Cam for your apartment. The first one in our Cop Cam list is by Ksadbossbo company.

If you want to see more photos of the Cop Cam or a video select the picture to get redirected to Amazon website.

What is good with this one? This mini cop cam is super easy to hide anywhere and that makes it an ideal work as home security camera or alternatively housekeeper/nanny camera.

  • It is equipped with night vision and motion detection and can capture more details and high definition images in wider range.
  • Because it is very tiny a lot of customers have used it in a couple of other ways like the car, on the helmet on their motorcycle or to just record whatever you doing with your hands-free
  • Very easy to use, you just insert the flash card, you turn it on and you start recording.

Overall it is a great camera and it is pretty cheat is only costs ~22$ and if you add an SD card it will go to $25.

The next Cop Cam in our list is by DZFtech, another great mini camera that you can literally fit everywhere.

Want to see more? Select the photo to get redirected to Amazon website.

What are the goodies in this one?

  • As the above this one also has motion detection which will record only when motion is detected and can catch pretty much everything 24/7.
  • Its dimensions are 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.9x inches and it weights only 0.4 oz.
  • With the swivel clip you can use it apart from a cop cam as a nanny, body or home wireless security camera or even pet cam.
  • It does get great quality videos and photos(720p/1080p).
  • Very easy to use, turn on and off power on the top, once you press it then the blue light stays on and after 8 seconds it is ready to roll.

The next one in our list is the beloved cop cam by Ehomful company.

Want to see more pictures and videos of the product? Select the picture.

Super small mini spy cam with a strong magnet inside the camera so you can put it whenever you want. What are the features of this cop cam?

  • Very good quality images with the Full HD 1080p.
  • It is equipped with a large battery capacity so it can maximize the working time.
  • You can put to the camera up to 128GB SD card.
  • It supports loop recording and that means that f the memory is full it will always keep the newest file and will overwrite the previous one.

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What else you should know about Cop Cams? Cop Cams can be used also as an alternative of action cameras at some cases and I have seen many people doing so. Why bother getting different cameras when you can pretty much satisfy every need with one? They are small so they definitely don’t weight as the other ones and they are discreet which means that most of the times you don’t even see them.

The last one in our Best Cop Cam list is by Ehomful company.

If you are looking to see the more pictures or the product on Amazon, select the photo.

This super mini wireless camera is one of the best ones out there, a bit more expensive than the others but definitely a great pick too, super easy to use with setting for playback and recording, you can pick between motion activated or continuous recording and that will give you also the flexibility of using it in various activities.

What are the features of this Cop Cam?

  • It gives you a couple of ways to install it with the magnetic base and the magnetic bracket and with that you will be able to mount it pretty much wherever you want.
  • If you are using it as a spy cam it has a time and a date stamp so you can quickly identify when something happens.
  • At night it can record with no evidence that it is working e.g. red light and it can capture any subjects up to 20 feet away as soon as it is dark.
  • You can take any pictures you want with the wide angle fish eyes lens.

These were the Best Cop Cams that you can find on Amazon, if you liked the post and helped you get yours why not helping others and sharing it?

What is Amazon Blacksmith?

Do you have a twitch account and you are wondering what is Amazon blacksmith? or just want to get to know more information in what Amazon is cooking in many different platforms? As you may know Amazon has a lot of different ways that works and helps individuals to get into their associates program and this is what Amazon blacksmith is.

It let’s you configure lists with the products that you prefer and recommend and that will appear on your channel with that it makes you earn through the Amazon associates on Twitch.

How is Amazon Blacksmith visible on Twitch? It can be visible in two forms, the first form is in a panel extension which looks like a channel page and the second one as a component or overlay.

What are the benefits of using Amazon blacksmith?

  • It is fast and easy and it will make you earn some more income.
  • If your viewers ask you about the gear that you are using on your live and they want to see or even buy it with Amazon blacksmith you will be able to redirect them fast on your channel.
  • You earn faster than you think, depending on your viewers you can earn a referral fee for products that your viewers have purchased.

How can I use it and what are the percentages of the fees that I will get?

  • It is pretty easy to use and the only thing to do in order to be able to use it is to be a twitch partner and affiliate and join the associates program.
  • Digital video games are up to 10%, Luxury beauty are up to 12%, PC products are 4% and video games 2%.

Is it easy to get paid using Amazon blacklist? As all the Amazon associates programs, it is pretty easy for you to get paid the only thing that you need to do is to set up your payment and tax information.

This is what Amazon blacksmith is, if you liked the post and helped you understand a bit more about it, why not helping others by sharing it?

Definitely check out these Indestructible shoes on Amazon.

This is one of the most awesome ideas I’ve seen and they seem great, definitely a big change to the work shoes and they do look much cooler now, the following are the best Amazon indestructible shoes that you can find and I promise they will change the way you see working shoes.

Who would have thought that this day will come, we all think boots when someone is referring to working shoes, the indestructible shoes look amazing and they are also available in many different colors and shapes, I guess also a lot more brands are going and consider getting into this now and we will most probably seem much more new and different variations of indestructible shoes.

The first one in our Amazon indestructible shoes list are by Xunruo company.

Want to see the product on Amazon website? Select the photo.

Such a great pair right? It is available in many different colors, the one above is the 825 Green there is available in Grey, Red or Pink.

What are the features of these shoes?

  • It has slip-resistant Outsole sole.
  • They do have the steel toe for anyone who is wondering and that will protect your toes with a hard plate that is on the front of the shoes.
  • In comparison with other working shoes this ones is lightweight and breathable so it will provide protection but also look cool.

The next one in our Amazon indestructible shoes list are by Ceville company.

Want to see more pictures of the product? Click the picture.

This is a great shoe with rubber sole and available in the black color that you see in the picture, looks like a running shoe but it is actually a working shoe and you will make yourself protected with it.

What are the features of these shoes?

  • They also have steel-toe and it will help you remain protected from anything unexpected, the steel toe box makes your toes breath and it also allows room to move and flex.
  • In comparison with other working shoes these are comfortable and breathable, they are made of advanced flyknit which ensures comfort.
  • You won’t slip, the rubber soles are ultra-wear resistant, shockproof and resilient.

The third one in our Amazon indestructible shoes list are by LARNMERN company.

Want to see more pictures of the product? Click on the photo to get redirected to Amazon website.

These are one of the best indestructible shoes, excellent material and of course the steel toe cap and bulletprood midsole, this one in comparison with all the others is available in many different colors and pretty much in any color that you might want.

What should you know about these shoes?

  • They are equipped with protective steel toe that has been tested and certified to meet or exceed the authority ASTM F2413-18 standards.
  • You got everything you need underneath, they are slip resistant and made by durable sole made of rubber and that makes you protected on wet or oily ground.
  • They are light and very comfortable with a reflective stripe in the back so you are protected also at night, you will definitely be seen.

The last but not least favorable Amazon Indestructible shoes are by Drecage company.

Looking for more photos? Select the picture to get redirected to the Amazon website.

Very cool and stylish shoes that everyone that checks them out never understands that these are working shoes, available in different colors from grey, black/red, black/white to faded grey.

What should you know about these shoes?

  • Equipped with a steel toe that can absorb forces of 200 +- 4J and compression of 15000N.
  • What about the Midsole? Midsole can bear forces >=12000 N.
  • As the others it is breathable and has a soft inner cushioning that helps avoid any moisture when wet.
  • Cause of its style and capabilities it could be a multi-use shoe apart from a construction site they can be used as well as hiking shoes.

These were the Best Amazon Indestructible shoes, if you liked the post and helped you decide which one to get, then why not helping others as well by sharing it?

The Amazon iPhone 11 cases that you should check out!

So you bought your iPhone 11 and looking for some protective but cool gear in order to make sure you don’t have any surprises right? This is the right approach and below you will see the best Amazon iPhone 11 cases that you can find. I went through all of them in order to make a list of the ones that have great reviews, loved by the people but also are durable and stylish.

Difficult right? I can’t say that it was easy but that’s why I’m here for, to bring you those deals and things that you wouldn’t be able to find them with just a page scroll and save you time. There are a lot of different Amazon iPhone 11 cases, many colors, shapes and of course budget and protection. Depending on your budget you are either limiting your options or have more options on the table, you can find an Amazon iPhone 11 case with Under $10, between $10 – $25 but also much higher than $25.

There is no right or wrong into getting a case that you love since we are all using phones all day everyday and believe me if you have the right one it will save you down the line by even buying another phone but let’s be positive that’s why we are here and that’s what this post is about.

So let’s start with the Amazon iPhone 11 case list. The first one in our list is by Miracase company.

If you want to see more photos or considering buying the product, click on the photo to get redirected to Amazon website.

So this case is overall a great deal for the money that you will pay it is under $15 and available in many different colors from black, gray, navy blue to pink, wine red and sand pink.

What you should know about this iPhone 11 case?

  • It very durable and the surface layer provides a smooth anti-fingerprint and scratch free experience.
  • In comparison with other cases these has a full body protection and you have access to all ports, controls and sensors of the phone.
  • It supports wireless charger and can work with wireless charging.

The next one in our Amazon iPhone 11 case is by Hapitek company, a very cool and stylish case.

Want to see more colors or the product on Amazon website? Select the photo.

It is also a case that is under $10 and looks amazing, it is available in many different colors and shapes so take a look, it is definitely one of the best ones out there and if you are looking for a case that is not only one color this is a great alternative.

What should you know about his case?

  • Marble shape case but available in many other different shapes and colors such as flowers, marble pink and leopard.
  • Super easy to install you just snap it on your device.
  • It is anti-scratch and anti-finger.
  • It is loved! More than 600, 4.5 star ratings.

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The third one in our Amazon Iphone 11 case list is by Spigen company. Spigen is definitely one of the well known case makers and they do make very very good and durable cases.

Want to see the product on Amazon? Select the photo.

This case is for you who are you love to have your credit card on your back of your phone but a bit dissatisfied with the stickers that you put there as well. This case is durable, very good quality and also has space for your cards, it is available in 4 different colors, black, gunmetal(pretty cool),midnight green and rose gold.

What you should know about this case?

  • Exterior card slot that can easily hold up to 2 cards.
  • Cool and stylish with minimal design.
  • Costs a bit more than the other ones, you will pay around ~30$.
  • Shock-absorbing interior for extra protection for your phone.

The next one in our Amazon iPhone 11 case is by Apple and it is the authentic case of the iPhone.

Want to see more photos of the product? Select the picture.

A lot of people want and like the authentic cases so wanted to make sure you have it here if you need to, generally it is a great case, very good quality and available in many different colors, from black, green, blue to grapefruit.

What you should know about this case?

  • Quality is undeniable since it is Apple.
  • The outside of the case is silky with a soft-touch finishing of silicone.
  • It is much more expensive than the others, its costs ~39$.

The last one in our Amazon iPhone 11 case list is by Coolqo company and it is completely transparent.

Want to see more photos of the product? Click on the photo to get redirected to the Amazon website.

This is for you guys that love to see your phone and you wouldn’t want to hide it with any of the cases because you love its color. It is very sturdy and provides a full body coverage and protection to your phone, the transparent case also gives you a very good grip and it has a pretty comfortable feel in hand.

What you should know about the case?

  • This offer has also 2 packs of tempered glass and that will definitely save your screen from a potential drop.
  • Its dimensions are 1.1cm thickness, 8.1cm length and 15.7cm width.
  • Fully body coverage and with the tempered glass it is 360 coverage.
  • The case costs under $15 with prime which is a great deal for what you are getting.

These were the Amazon iPhone 11 cases that you should know about, if you liked the post and helped you pick the right one for you why not sharing it and helping others?

You need to have a Starbucks Travel Mug

In the time of need we all want to have with us our favorite drink and what better by having it in a Starbucks Travel Mug? Starbucks is a great company and pretty much everywhere by now, a lot of people including me are trusting it and are sure of the quality of the coffee and the quality of the items that they sell, one of those items is the Starbucks Travel Mug.

If you are looking to buy the product, click on the photo to get redirected to Amazon website.

Now you would ask, why this one and not any other travel mugs out there? That would be a great question since they are a lot of travel mugs from many different brands and some of them have good quality as well. The Starbucks travel mug is definitely the best one for the money that you are going to pay and it is available in many different sizes from 10oz with a gift to 16oz.

What would be the pros and cons?
+ The travel cup is double walled and that ensures that your coffee is hot and fresh.
-+ This depends on what you are looking for, the Starbucks travel mug is ceramic so if you love ceramic products then this would be something that you love, some other brands out there like Yeti have Stainless steel as the main material so if you are looking into that then for that amount of budget you would go to Yeti.

Personally I believe ceramic is better to keep your coffee but stainless steel could be much more difficult to break when with the ceramic one you will have to be a bit more careful.

This Starbucks travel mug is not as heavy as the old version and in terms of size the 12oz is like a tall at Starbucks, it is a pretty sturdy mug and pretty easy to clean. A couple of things to note and that you should know about is that you can’t put it into the the microwave or the dishwasher but on a positive note the ceramic setup keeps coffee hot for a long time which for most of us this is what we are looking for.

Overall the Starbucks travel mug is a thing to have if you love coffee and you are bored of microwaving all the time your coffee in order to stay hot, if you liked the post and helped you make the right decision, why not sharing it and helping others?

The Best Amazon Camera Deals

Even if you want to get a new camera or just starting your first steps in photography, the Amazon camera deals are definitely the best out there. I got my first one there and wanted to show you a list of the ones that you should definitely look if you are considering getting a new camera.

So where should you start? For beginners it would be great for you to get a set with items and lenses, the more the better! You have to take a close look to the brand and the body of the camera that you are getting and of course your budget. Depending on your budget you either increase your buying options or limiting them, in general for a good Amazon camera deal pack you will start around ~300$.

Of course they are a couple of options for less but with around that money you are buying a pretty good body camera and some lenses for distance but also for close ups. We will start our Amazon camera deals list with the one that I also got and I’m very satisfied with it, the deal is NIKON D3500 DSLR camera.

Want to see more pictures of the product? Select the photo.

Personally I believe that this is the best starters camera and all these goodies that are coming with it are definitely going to help you out and you will be able to learn step by step. What does this Amazon camera deal includes? with this deal you will be able to get all the following:

  • The Nikon D3500 DSLR Camera.
  • Nikon 18-55mm VR Lens.
  • 2.2x Auxiliary Telephoto Lens.
  • 0.43 Auxiliary Wideangle Lens.
  • 3 Pieces of filter kit.
  • 50” Camera tripod that will save you for a lot of photos(believe me).
  • 32 Gb High speed card, you will definitely need that to get in and out fast your photos from the camera to your personal computer.
  • A camera case where you can input all your goodies in and keep them protected and much more.

What you should know about the camera itself? It has many great reviews online and a lot of happy customers in terms of details and what you should know about check a look below:

  • Max Resolution: 24.2 megapixels.
  • Video Capture Resolution: FHD 1080p.
  • Focus type: Manual and auto.

Overall it is one of the best Amazon camera deals that I could find and for sure everything that a beginner could ask for.

Now if you don’t want to get Nikon and you are looking for a Canon deal there is another great deal that is available but with less goodies but a pretty good offering with great zoom lense.

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This offering has two pretty good lenses the first one is an EF-S 18-55mm and EF 75-300mm Zoom lense in order for you to be able to see and shoot any picture that you want either close or far.

What’s in this one in comparison with the Nikon one?

+ Better lenses.
+ Video capture: FHD 1080p.
– Max resolution is 18 MP but on Nikon is 24.2.
– The focus type is manual only which for beginners could be a bit difficult.

Canon does offer another Amazon camera deal which is closer to the above and this is the one with the Canon Rebel T7 DSLR.

Now if you are looking for a Mirroless camera and one with a better Video capture resolution there is a great Amazon camera deal with the Panasonic Lumix GX85.

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This is one of the best Mirroless cameras out there for beginners and features some very good things such us high speed auto-focusing for increased image stability, raw file processing for you guys that you like editing your pictures and more than 25 + Lens options for all the shooting situations.

In comparison with the others, where does it stand?

– Optical sensor resolution: 16 megapixels.
+ Video Capture resolution: 4K UHD 2160p
+ Optical zoom: 12 multiplier

Overall is a very good alternative if you are not into the DSLR cameras and you want something a bit simpler but to have pretty good video.

The last one in our Amazon camera deals list is one for you guys that don’t want to get neither a DSLR or a Mirroless camera and you want something in a lower budget.

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This camera is by Kodak company and overall it is a very good camera and it costs half the amount of the above cameras but still pretty decent with what it is offering, it has a 3 inch LCD screen in the back so you can see your pictures and a 24mm wide angle in order for you to be able to work with more things.

How is it in comparison with the others?

+ Optical Sensor resolution: 16.1 megapixels(pretty good for half of the budget)
– Video Capture resolution: HD 720P
+ Optical zoom: 42 multiplier.

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