Top 10 Ps4 Games on Amazon

PS4, Photo by Nikita Kachanovs

Finding good PS4 games to play is not an easy thing and you can easily go wrong. Having in mind the gamer went through and checked the reviews and played the most reviewed PS4 games on Amazon and wrote this list for you.

It was exciting, a lot of different games, team-player ps4 games, arcade, adventure and action. It is difficult to identify exactly the best games for ps4 but there are a lot with a lot of history like Kingdom of Hearts, Assassin’s Creed or FarCry and some new ones that really gained popularity like Minecraft, so let’s begin..

1.The Legendary game of Mortal Kombat, this is an all-time classic and you should definitely have it on your list. Remembering playing this on a PS1, it’s a game that is more than 25 years in the making but of course huge difference on the graphics that were back then. It is a fantasy fighting game and goes along with the others that you might have heard “Street Fighter” or “Tekken”. Has been and and is currently being one of the most successful fighting games in the history of video games and has a reputation of high levels of violent content(fatalities which are special finishing moves to the other player). The all new game has custom character variations which give you unprecedented control to customize your fighters and make them your own. It is priced at $48

2.No need to say much about Assassin’s Creed. It is also a game which even Gamers that play MMORPG are appreciating it and playing it on their free time. The new release Odyssey goes back to ancient Greece, you can fight epic battles between Sparta and Athens but also set sail to the Aegean Sea, customize your ship and battle the way on the open seas. Definitely a great pick and it is currently #1 of the PS4 Games on Amazon and priced at $20

3.NBA 2K is definitely the number one single or team playing PS4 game for Basketball. It has amazing graphics and the game-play just keeps on getting better and better. If you are looking to start big get your team into the finals then this game is challenging enough and you will have a lots of fun. It is priced at $59.99

4. FARCRY strikes back with this super exciting action #5 game. This time in Hope Country, Montana, has been overrun by a doomsday cult, that’s fun right? Be prepared to get in the flames of the resistance and fight free. On your effort to do that you can build your character, make your own allies and adapt to a world which keeps on changing. A must have to your list and it is priced at $19.99

5.I was thinking should I put it or not? Grand theft Auto is a game of its own. Rock Star started with this game back in PS2 and from that moment it became one of the most played and most well known games to play on a PS. More than 3k reviews of more than 4 stars and exciting and happy moments behind the screen. If you haven’t played I don’t even dare to say to you add it to your list – it should be already! Priced at $26.99

6.Simply. Amazing! 4.7 stars of more than 2.5k reviews! This PS4 game is a story and a super adventure game that you will want to finish it from your first day(It kept me wanna continuing playing) which is what we all looking for right? A bit about this story, Nathan Drake, is doing a come back with the land of the thieves and you will follow and lead his adventures to do whatever he can and sacrifice in order to save his loved ones. It is priced at $17.99

7. This is a family and friends game! Good old days when was playing this on an PS1. Super funny and very enjoyable, it is go cart racing with power-ups, weapons and controls! If you are looking for a team game to have fun at weekends this is a great pick and priced at $39.99

8.Minecraft started a new era on the PS4 games that literally gives you the opportunity to create your own world. You can play online or you can play on a single player mode. It is such a great game that got so much publicity and active players cause of it is out of the box approach. The only think that lacks is the graph’s but that is also the reason why you can create literally everything, from an underground house to a castle. I would suggest you start playing the survival mode in order to get to know the basics and see how everything matches together! Definitely a good pick if you want to relax and play on your own time, it is priced at $29.99

9.Kingdom of Hearts is back and should be in your list! It is a role playing and action game that combines Final Fantasy and worlds of Disney. I remember playing this game on the PS2, such great days, it really gets you into it. You will never get bored playing it and the story is always exciting, if you ever played final fantasy and you like these type of games then this is a great game for you. It is priced at $24.99

10. Call of Duty is always a good pick if you are looking for an action game! It is one of the most thrilling multiplayer games that a lot of people chosen globally. It is the counter strike of PS and definitely has the number one place for that type of games! It is priced at $35.50

These were my the best PS4 games on my list, looking forward to read your comments and any feedback is much appreciated!

Happy gaming 🙂


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