Top 5 TV’s on Amazon

Netflix on TV, photo by Roberto Nickson

The Top 5 Amazon TVs: TV’s are a big part of our lives and we expect them to do a lot of things. We use them almost everyday to watch and stream our favorite shows and you may not see it at a first glance but a good TV is really a great add on to your life.

If you are really into series or movies even better but even if you don’t use it that often the difference between an old school one(e.g 5 years back) and a new one is pretty obvious to the common eye.

I realized that when I went to a friends house and he had this 65-inch 4K TV which it was like I was starring at the movie. Went back after-that and did my research and wrote this piece to bring you the best deals that I found for Amazon TVs.

1.Sony XBR49X800E is a great value for money. 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD and it is also smart and works with Alexa. It has the 4K X-Reality PRO picture processing which upscales every pixel for remarkable clarity. This option is for you that you are looking for an update but not to spend too much for a new TV, it is priced at $499

2.Sony XBR65X900F is for you that you need a TV update! 4K Ultra HD and Smart TV available in a variety of sizes from 49 inches to 85 inches for big spaces! It has a ton of features such as voice compatibility, multiple inputs, enhanced quality and premium display! It is priced at ~$1,298 for 65 Inches

3. This LG 49 Inch TV is such a cool TV with a great design. It has some very nice features like ThinQ which has the google assistant built in, with that you will be able to control all the smart home devices using just your voice! Yes, you read it right! Just your voice! Apart from that it is equipped with all the classic and needed inputs 4 HDMI, 2 USB and unique sound! It is priced at $539

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4. This one is another LG with ThinQ that has a difference design and a bit bigger than the one before. It comes with all the LG goodies and it has a Quad-core processor that minimizes video noise and enhances sharpness. Also, the multi-format 4K high dynamic range support includes HDR10 and HLG that provides scene-by-scene optimization. It is priced at $649

5. This Sony TV is one of the Amazon TVs with top of the notch design and pairs 4K Ultra HD picture clarity with the contrast, the color and the detail of High Dynamic Range. It also comes with some other great features like Motionflow which keeps the action smooth, clear and impactful sound and vibrant colors! Looks great mounted and it is priced at $1,998

These were the top 5 Amazon TVs, hope you liked them and looking forward to your comments and suggestions. Happy streaming!


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