Do you know about Amazon Treasure Truck?

Amazon Treasure Truck, photo by Amazon

Amazon was always in front of innovation and how fast they deliver their products to us. This one is a mix between efficiency, new deals and delivery!

So how Amazon treasure truck really works?

In order to make Amazon treasure truck work, Amazon hand-picks one exciting item at a time and they go to a specific location. What do they do next? They text you with the offer and if you like it then you can use the link to buy it online.

This is how Amazon Treasure Truck send you the offer via text message

Once you buy the product you can pick it up from the location that works best for you. The exciting and funny part is that the truck is rolling in different cities every-time, you can check the cities that is rolling in here

5 Things that you should know about Amazon Treasure Trucks:

  1. You are always going to be greeted by positive and happy people
  2. They run run run on happiness
  3. Once you receive the text you should act fast because sometimes there is limited supply on each item
  4. If you have your dog with you, bring it on, they love them!
  5. You will have the chance to see the nifty red bags and you know what? You will be able to re-use them afterwards! Who doesn’t want a great bag for shopping?

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