What is Amazon Warehouse and why you should check it!

Amazon pickup and returns, photo by Bryan Angelo on Unsplash

Amazon is innovating everyday with so many different ways and products that is a bit difficult sometimes to be on top of everything. Amazon Warehouse is a super cool selection of quality used products that you can get on discounted prices, if you are looking into specific products or sections it is always good beforehand to do a quick sneak peek into the amazon warehouse deal page.

You can find the warehouse deal page here, on the page you have the option to buy quality used products for almost any department on Amazon. It has from Books, Electronics, Appliances, and Games to Arts and Crafts and Groceries.

You are going to ask me now, how about the quality? Personally I’ve tried the service a couple of times and all of them were in a great condition. It is not a secret that Amazon has very strict standards about the condition and the function of the items that they sell so you don’t need be concerned about that.

Condition of the goods

What is great though is the condition column: From that you will be able to see exactly the condition of each product and also what to expect. E.g some of those might miss the manual or the packaging is damaged, some others might have a cosmetic imperfection. If you don’t really care about those details then you would be able to be get discounted price on great products.

Don’t forget that some imperfection can be easily covered by a case. E.g If you are looking to buy a laptop or a phone and something is a bit scratched that could easily be covered.

From the delivery column you will be also able to see the delivery time and if the product is eligible about free shipping or not.

Delivery and Seller information

Last thing that I’m sure that you might have a question since I was also thinking about is the returning policy of Amazon Warehouse items. So as Amazon says in most cases used or open box that is purchased from Amazon Warehouse and shipped by them can be returned within 30 days of the proof of the payment and receipt.

You just need to make sure to check the delivery section and see that product is being shipped by them, also certified refurbished items sold by Amazon Warehouse can be returned within 90 days which is pretty awesome.

Overall, the Amazon Warehouse deals is a great option for you who are looking to get a product in a discount and you don’t really care for some small imperfections that could be easily hided or fixed. So if you are one of those then will definitely makes sense for you and for sure will save you some bucks!

That’s it from me, if you liked the article please share the love and comment! Will be looking forward to hear for your future claimed deals from Amazon Warehouse!


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