How to get paid for your Used Items using Amazon Trade In service!

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When I first saw this I really liked the concept, Amazon has all this great services that most of the people aren’t aware of and it could really change the perspective of some things.

We are a generation of mobility and people moving towards the belief and life that do not want to own a lot of things, with Amazon Trade in Service you are able to receive Gift cards in exchange for eligible items and of course that includes any Amazon devices, video games, cell phones and books.

So How does Amazon Trade In works? First things first, you will need to ship the product to them so they evaluate the condition of the product and then quote you with the amount of the gift card.

How do you do that? You will need to follow the next steps

  • Go to the Amazon Trade in Store and search for the eligible items
  • Select the items that you would like to trade-in and the condition of your items
  • You will need to input afterwards the address which you will ship the items which is also the address which they are going to be returned
  • Proceed with the steps and click confirm to print your UPS shipping label and then ship the items by the date that is indicated

*If you would like more items, search for more items to trade-in!

What’s next on the Amazon Trade in steps?

You will be able to see the status of your trade-in on your Amazon trade in account, considering your location the review of your items could take up to 10 business days so you will have to have to be a bit patience! From the time that your items arrive at Amazon then within 2 Business days you will get informed if your items were accepted or rejected and if rejected you will also be able to see from your account the reason why!

Generally if the products are in a good condition and meet the criteria all of them would be accepted. As criteria Amazon states that the product should of course match the title, version, size and color that you have selected. Unlocked and deregistered devices e.g. ICloud won’t be accepted.

Amazon Trade in feature is a great solution for you who you have old stuff or would you like to do an update. E.g. you have the older version of the Kindle device and you would like to update to the new one, you can give back your old one get a gift card and pay the difference only.

Hope this post helped you make some money with your used products! Share your trade-ins and let’s see who made more!      

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