Best Amazon Mattresses

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Went through all the best rated Amazon Mattresses and made you a list of the top 8 ones and sorted them by budget.

Before we start I wanted to tell you that there are a few things in life that add a lot of value to our everyday lives, one of those is the mattress. If you have the right one you can get an amazing sleep, If you don’t have the one that suits you, then you might face some back problems here and there or not be able to get some quality sleep.

From the other side, buying a Mattress online is for sure not an easy task to do, I did it myself so wanted to give you a full review of how to buy a mattress from Amazon successfully and what to look for. Before I present you the best amazon mattresses will need to tackle a few things first in order for you to get the right one for the right size, firmness,type and brand.

Amazon Mattresses firmness

What exactly is Mattress firmness and feel?

Mattresses firmness can vary, it could be Extra Plush, Plush, Medium Firm, Firm and Extra Firm

Extra Plush Mattress or Plush mattresses are significantly softer than firm mattresses, studies have shown that people who love to sleep on their stomachs might not like the feel of a mattress which is too soft. From the other side a firm mattress will be more comfortable for those who sleep on their back or stomach because it will provide them with more stability. So when should you consider buying a medium or plush mattress? You should do that only if you tend to sleep on your side rather than the back or the stomach.

Don’t forget to check the Mattress size:

Mattress Size should Match your Bed dimensions it could vary from Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, California King or Custom! Before purchasing make sure that you have the right size for your Bed frame, you can check this on the dimensions of your the bed frame.

Amazon mattresses foam

What about Mattress types?

You might start thinking that this is getting too much for just a mattress but don’t worry after the types you would be able to get the ball rolling.

Memory Foam type of mattress are generally the most expensive ones because they should provide the best possible rest and they tend to be highly comfortable. To add on that they also tend to last longer than the other types and they are made up of very good material.

Gel Foam are somewhere between firm and soft type of mattresses and they are perfect for those who like the mattress not to firm but not to soft as well. Gel Foam mattresses were introduced to actually assist with the pressure relief and they are perfect for those who have a back pain and who like a firmer mattress but not also sink into their bed.

Hybrid mattresses are always a good value for the money and can last up to 6 years if they are properly maintained. They are a great option if you are looking something in between a memory foam and the classic feel of a mattress. Also, they offer a good amount of bounce that will help you get out of bed!

Innerspring mattresses are the good old school mattresses that use a coil support system, the innerspring is covered by a lot of materials and sometimes they get noisy. Generally they have a lower satisfaction rate but they are pretty on budget comparing them with the other types.

Let’s go back now to the online market of Amazon and show you the best Amazon mattress for your needs. I will split the sections per budget and provide you the best possible mattress for your budget.

Amazon Mattresses Above $500

Classic brands Amazon Mattress

1. This Mattress is from Classic brands and it is a memory foam 14-inch Mattress. The specific mattress creates a plush and comfortable sleeping and provides a stable touch to your sleep! It has a Medium plush feel and a firm support, definitely a great value for money option as it is also rated #10 in all the mattresses and it is priced at $553

Nectar Amazon Mattress

2. The Nectar company has amazing mattresses and this one is a Gel memory foam mattress with forever warranty and 180 night home trial. With over 1000, 4 star reviews this Mattress will be your sleeping partner if you don’t have one or replace the current one! For those who are concerned about the quality this is a CertiPUR-US certified mattress made without using any ozone depleters mercury or any other materials of this kind. It is priced $999 for a king bed

Sweetnight Amazon Mattress

3. This is a King Mattress from Sweetnight another great company with over 10,000 users experience and feedback this memory foam mattress is designed to help you get an amazing sleep. It is also certified with the certiPUR-US certification and can effectively help you with any common sleep problems that you are facing e.g. tossing and turning, back pain and any movement or disturbance from your sleeping partner. It is priced at $698

4. Casper is one of those companies that really grew and everyone knows them for their quality mattresses. With a 100-night risk-free trial and a 10 year-warranty these mattresses have all the goodies of a premium foam mattress. These include pressure relief, breathability, support and durability. It is priced $1295 for a King bed

Amazon Mattresses Between $300 and $500

Zinus company mattress

5. Zinus is a great company with very good mattresses, this one is a Memory foam mattress that really stands out for its price. With over 29.000 4 star reviews it is definitely the winner on this price-point. CertiPUR-US certified, 3 inches memory foam and 2 inches relief high density foam and the price that you pay for a king one is $410

Ashley furniture mattress

6. On the number 5 place we have the Ashley furniture signature design mattress. It is designed with layers of memory foam for firm support and pressure relief for you looking out for a deep sleep. To add into that it has also a support foam in order to reduce any motion transfer and provide you with undisturbed sleep and all that for $368.14

Lucid amazon mattress

7. Lucid mattress combines 2.5 inch layer of gel memory foam and a 7.5 inch high density support foam, Certified safe, 10 year warranty and breathable cover. They make mattresses since 2010 and have more than 8000, 4 start reviews! This King mattress is not that firm but not that plush as well and it is priced at $319.

Amazon Mattress for less than $300

8. The best seller for this price and with 4.5 stars for over 10.000 reviews is a mattress brought to you by Linenspa. This mattress has a memory foam top and it is medium firm with the support of an innerspring that it is ideal for kids or guest rooms but also as an affordable great option. It consists of 3 different layers the innersprings, a comfort foam and on top of that the memory foam. The price for a king one is $213

These were the best Amazon Mattresses that you can find and I hope that you liked them, can’t wait to see what you bought!


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