The Best Cooking books on Amazon

The Best Cooking books on Amazon, photo by Le Creuset

Cooking may come easy for some of us, and for others it is a completely different world! The best and easiest way to start getting things going in the kitchen is finding the right cookbook! There are a couple important aspects to look for when finding the right cookbook, whether its a specific diet, certain types of food, or different cooking styles. Below are some of the top rated cooking books on Amazon that will keep your appetite satisfied and happy!

1. The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook by America’s Test Kitchen:

This kitchen manual and cookbook hybrid are perfect for that pair of two in your life! The books takes the usual recipes that always serve 4-6 and breaks them down so they are perfect for serving 2! You’ll find a recipe for nearly everything you are looking to make here!

2. Cravings by Chrissy Teigan:

Cravings by Chrissy Teigan is a cooking book on Amazon that makes cooking fun for anyone who has it! Each recipe is written with wit and humor and you can tell that cooking in Chrissy’s kitchen is much more than just making a meal. Her variety of recipes makes it a no-brainer, all your cravings will be met with this cookbook!

3. Magnolia Table Cooking book by Joanna Gaines:

The best cooking book is one that makes you feel right at home. Magnolia Table does just this! It has plenty of recipes, from breakfast to small plates, dinner to dessert that will remind you of classics you’ve heard of and some new recipes you want to try! All recipes, old or new, have one thing in common and that is huge flavor!

4. Thug Kitchen Cooking book by Thug Kitchen:

Thug Kitchen makes even your least favorite vegetable into an delicious meal! This book focuses on eating well, but in a way that doesn’t require only a salad every day. It also promotes an overall healthy lifestyle and how to achieve this.

5. The Flavor Bible Cooking book by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg:

An important part of cooking is not only the recipes, but understanding different ingredients and their flavors! This cookbook also goes into the important aspects of cooking which is to elevate all of your senses, by cooking with different temperatures, textures, flavors, and seasonings. It will help to take you from an every day chef making basic recipes to an all-star in the kitchen!

6. What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner? By Zach Golden:

Some of us know that cooking is just the absolute last thing on our list after a long day! If that seems to be you, more often than usual, then What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner? Is exactly where you should start! Every page is filled with spunk, excitement, and of course, delicious food! This cooking book is also for the adventurous, and you can find a different path to your dinner with each page you turn!

7. The Skinnytaste Cookbook by Gina Homolka:

Skinnytaste Cookbook takes away that fear and stipulation that eating healthy, fresh, natural ingredients is synonymous with expensive and difficult. You won’t need to look beyond the pages of this book to find to die for meals that are health conscious, easy, and absolutely delicious. As an added bonus, the cookbook even includes detailed nutritional information for each recipe. 

As you can see, no matter what type of cooking you’re craving or what sort of chef you’re looking to become, this list with cooking books find on Amazon is a perfect starting point for finding the best cookbook and recipes that are out there! What cookbooks are your go-to favorites?

The Article was written by Katie Benton


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