Top 5 Amazon Fidget Spinners

Playing with an Amazon fidget spinner, photo by Charles Deluvio

Who doesn’t like a fidget spinner? It is the ideal little game if you are feeling nervous, anxious or you feel any kind of stress.

I went through and read all the reviews of the amazon fidget spinners and collected the top 5 for you. The searching around Amazon fidget spinners is great because you can find literally anything that you are looking for, different designs, shapes and colors.

How do the fidget spinners work?

Fidget spinners have a small ball bearing in the center of a multi-lobed flat structure made from many different materials and that is what it makes them spin. Did you know that fidget spinners were invented before 2000 and they were actually became popular toys after 2016!

What else should I know about fidget spinners?

Fidget spinners seem to be the new yo-yo. If you were born before 2000 you will remember the good old days in school with the yo-yo’s. The difference between the spinners and yo-yo’s is that spinners and currently the Amazon fidget spinners can be found in various different materials which the basic ones are the plastic, in-between plastic and other materials but also any other materials like aluminium, copper and stainless steel.

How much a fidget spinner could cost?

The good thing about Amazon fidget spinners is that they come in a range of prices starting from about 3$ and all the way up to $400 dollars. As I mentioned earlier, it is all about you and what you are looking for, it could be the material, it could be the design.

Let’s go back now to the Top 5, which are the Top 5 Amazon fidget spinners?

1. Owen Kyne 12 pack fidget spinner

Click the photo to see the item on Amazon

This is for the lovers of fidget spinners, you are not ready to get only one and you want to try different colors and see what you will like. If this sound close to what you are thinking then this option is definitely for you, the package includes 12 spinners with mixed colors. Regarding the speed, these ones have a 608 Hybrid ceramic bearing with ZrO2 balls for long spins! All of those are part of the design that helps anxiety, focus, staying awake on road-trips and most importantly relieve stress.

2. Trianium Amazon fidget spinner

Wanna see more? Click on the image!

This is such a great spinner, black color, metal alloy-material and beneath that a premium ball-bearing. This spinner comes with one year warranty and can be spinned for minutes or hours, it is the perfect gift for kids but also adults who deal with anxiety issues. Easy to have it with you, fits in any pocket and always there to be spinned, a lot of people are also using it to eliminate habits with the satisfaction of each spinning.

3. Figrot fidget spinner, the one that glows at night!

Click on the image to be redirected to Amazon

This Amazon fidget spinner is unique, once you spin it glows at night! You can actually choose to make it glow or not, if you don’t press the button then there would not be any glow, you can keep it anywhere, it can fit in your pocket, on the bag or even in your desk or drawer.

4. This is the Maxboost Tri-spinner

If you are interesting in this amazon fidget spinner, click on the photo

This ergonomic curved shaped spinner is the ideal spinner for work and for more casual situations. Featuring premium bearings that will allow you a smooth spin, fits in your palm and easy to carry everywhere, black and slick and with guaranteed one year warranty from Maxboost! It is the perfect spinner for any situation and with more than one thousand 4 star reviews on Amazon.

5. Wefidget’s Milky way New style spinner!

Click on the photo to get redirected to the Amazon website

This Amazon fidget spinner is so different and with such a cool color, it has premium high speed bearings that ensure smoothest rotation and consistency. It doesn’t have a lot of noise and as the last spinners you can carry it pretty much anywhere. The great thing about this product is that it has lifetime no-hassle warranty which provides a lifetime protection on the product.

So that’s about the top 5 Amazon fidget spinners, I hope you liked the post and let me know any of your experience using fidget spinners or any of those products.


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