What are Amazon Rentals?

Textbooks photo by Allie Smith found on Unplash.com

It is so exciting to see different products coming up all the time from Amazon. Amazon Rentals is definitely something that will save you cost and you will be able to get the speed and the trust that Amazon has which is amazing.

So what are the Amazon rentals and what you get by using them?

Amazon rentals is a great way for you to save money and select from a ton of books,textbooks by different authors and always with the flexibility that Amazon has. If you are a student or someone who doesn’t want to own a lot of things but you just want to get the value out of those books then Amazon rentals is a great way for you to do that.

How does it work?

First you will need to search exactly what you are looking for. E.g. if you are looking for a book or textbook for mathematics then search that, if you know also the author even better! You can find the search area for rentals here

Once you found the Amazon rental that you want then click into renting it, check the picture below! If you are looking for a hardcover then click hardcover and then rent!

With that way you will be able to save more than 50% of the initial price but still get the textbook or book that you want!

The next step is to add the book at your Rental cart and then proceed with the checkout! Once you got what you needed from the Amazon rental then you can return it for free at a drop off location.

Another great thing is that if you decide that you want to keep it you can and you can use the rental fee toward the purchase of your Amazon rental!

What you should know if you get an Amazon rental

In order for you to return the book and everything to be fine afterwards please be careful of the following

  • Of any sort of spilling on the book(water, coffee etc)
  • The pages having a normal wear and tare and not to miss any pages and anything is tapped
  • On your due date your will receive reminders from Amazon to return your Amazon rental so you will have to pay attention to your e-mail or just write down the due date(you can find also the due date online on your amazon account)
  • You can extend your rental period by 15 days or you can also renew it for another semester

I think you got a pretty good sense so far about Amazon rentals and how they can change your everyday life! This is great for all the people that live in the US, Alaska and Hawaii. I’m pretty sure that they will launch it also in other cities and countries after that so more people would be able to get this and save money!

By using Amazon rentals you also get everything else that has to do with Amazon. With that I mean that you have the fast delivery, you can return in within 30 days for any reason, extension is also pretty cool and of course the free return shipping.

If you liked my post share the love and let me know if you have any questions!


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