Why you should know about Amazon prints!

Amazon Prints, photo by Scott Webb Photography found on Unplash.com

I don’t know if you have noticed but you can print anything you want through Amazon.com. Yeap that’s right Amazon prints will change the way that you see printing, not only regular printing but any printing.

What I mean with that is that through Amazon prints you are able to any of the following:

  • Prints
  • Wall Decor e.g. custom canvas
  • Tabletop Decor for your home or at your workplace
  • Photo books for your family!
  • Cards for every occasion that you might have e.g. birthdays
  • Photo gifts like mugs

How much are Amazon prints?

It really depends on what you are printing, if you are just need a glossy photo print it can start from 0,12$ for standard size of 4×6 and it can go as high as $8.99 for Large size 11×14. For custom canvas it could start from $35 for a size of 8×10 and could around $45 if it is a birch wood wall decor.

If you are looking to print something for your workplace or home expect to pay around $25 and for photo books for your family, friends or even work the price starts at $21.99 for 20 pages and if you need more you will pay around $1.50 for 2 pages.

For cards expect to pay around 99c per card and for photo mugs around $12. The great thing about photo gifts is that it is not only mugs but pretty much anything that you are thinking about, you can print a photo on a blanket, on mousepads or even in aluminum square photos!

How do you order the Amazon prints?

Follow the next steps to order your Amazon prints

  • You will have to log in to your Amazon account
  • Click here to get redirected to the Amazon prints page
  • Select which product you will like to purchase e.g. prints, wall decor, tabletop decor, cards etc
  • Select the dimensions and photo that you will like to put
  • Order and pay!
Prints, photo by Annie Spratt found on Unsplash.com

Generally the Amazon prints have good quality for the price that you are paying, if you are looking for something very specific then it might not be the right fit for you. The unique thing about those prints is that it gives you the complete freedom to do whatever you want with any of the photos that you have or find online and on budget.

That means that if you liked something online, a quote, an amazing picture, your future house or even a goal you can print it and have it anywhere you want. It gives you the flexibility to do whatever you want with the photo that you have and that is a great tool and service.

Of course apart from that flexibility you also get the perks that Amazon has which is fast speed, free delivery with prime and of course Amazing support.

At the moment you are able to do the following Amazon prints in detail:
Tabletop Decor:
-Photo Plague
Custom Wall decor:
-Birch Wood
Standard prints:
-Pearl paper
-Lusty paper
-Glossy/Matte paper
Large prints:
-Pearl paper
-Lusty paper
-Glossy/Matte paper
Photo cards:
-You can design your own
-For Christmas and holidays
-For babies and kids
-Invitations or Announcements
-Wedding or Engagements
-Thank you photo cards

If you liked my post about Amazon prints please share the love and send me pictures of what you printed!


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