You should try the Amazon Wardrobe and here is why!

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We all want to go to stores and see the products but let’s be honest with that we minimize how many products we can actually see on our shopping spree and sometimes we are not satisfy with what we find.

Amazon Wardrobe gives you the flexibility to try things before you buy and that is for only the Prime members of, with Amazon Wardrobe you can choose up to 8 items, will pay only for what you will keep and of course there are free and easy returns fulfilled by them.

We all had our second thoughts when buying clothes online and that’s why we were ending up going in stores and that is totally understandable, Amazon wardrobe takes our second thoughts out since if you try it and you don’t like it you just return it easily through the website or app.

Amazon wardrobe has 2 services:

The Prime wardrobe which you can ship up to 8 items with 7-day try-on period and you will pay only for what you will keep and that is included in the prime membership. It has also something else which is quite interesting the project is called personal shopper by prime wardrobe and with that you get also styled per month. Personal shopper costs an extra of $4.99/month but if you are one of those people that don’t know what to wear or can’t match easily what they have then this service would be great fit for you.

Click on the following links to check the Amazon Wardrobe:

For Women

For Men

Is Prime Wardrobe free?

The Prime Wardrobe is free for Prime members, I suggest you get the prime membership if you haven’t already done so, it gives you so many things from prime music to prime wardrobe and discounts.

How do you return the Amazon Wardrobe items?

The process of returning those items it is pretty easy you should do the following

-Log in through your account and go to your orders

-Once you are on your orders page then select return

How many items can you try using the service?

You will have to add at least 2 items and up to 8 items at one time

From the Amazon Wardrobe page which you can find it here, you can shop by category e.g. for women you can choose clothing, shoes, jewelry or handbags. You can shop also by style, if let’s say you are looking to buy an outfit for a specific occasion you can shop by cool style, casual, romantic or classic.

It is much easier to navigate and gives you a lot of options, you can also sort by your favorite brand or color, being able to try the items and then return them with Amazon’s speed and reliability it is one of the most hassle free things that I did. You can also try different online stores which they might have a bit more variety of items but you will not have the convenience of the fast return from your own house.

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