How to cancel Amazon order?

Online order, photo by Negative Space on

It is not a difficult task to cancel your Amazon order, it is as fast as making one in the first place, you are not the first one to ask this. We’ve all been there, sometimes things happen and we would like to cancel our online order.

Amazon gives you the flexibility to do it easily either through their app or website, fast and efficient. So how to cancel Amazon order?

Follow the next steps to cancel your order from the website but first things first you need to be logged in your account to cancel Amazon order.

Click orders on the top right corner on the website

Once you log to your account on the website follow the next steps:

  • Click on the top right corner where it says “Orders” and scroll through your orders. Check the photo above!
  • Once you find the order that you would like to cancel check on the right side and click cancel items. Check the photo below
  • After you click the button you will see the list of the items of the order, then you can decide if you would like to cancel all the order or specific items.
  • If you would like to cancel specific items then click from the right side the ones that you would like to cancel and then click on the button which says “cancel selected items in this order”
  • In order to proceed with your cancellation you will also need to input the reason of your cancellation. Amazon provides you with a list of reasons such as order by mistake, item price was too high etc

Once you have selected the items of the order and the reason of your cancellation you should be good to go. After you click cancellation you will get a confirmation from Amazon that the cancellation is being processed.

The process is pretty much the same if you would like to do it from the Amazon application, you should log on your Amazon app and then click on the left corner to your orders and do the same steps as the website one.

These were the steps on how to cancel Amazon order, if you liked my post and helped you cancelled you order share the love.


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