Top 5 Amazon WiFi Extenders

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There is a time when you will definitely need a WiFi extender, either you have a big space or you would like to have better internet in other rooms, we all have experienced the moment were we get disconnected from our WiFi cause of the signal and then trying to go back to the place that we were to get back online, this post is dedicated to make you buy the best one and the following list has the top 5 amazon WiFi extenders.

Before the list, check below some frequent asked questions regarding the WiFi extenders.

What do the WiFi extenders do? With the WiFi extenders you will be able to boost your signal and extend the coverage area of your WiFi network.

Will my WiFi extender slow down my internet? You won’t feel any significant slow down on your internet, with a strong connection directly to the line you will get fast speed internet so make sure to connect it with the cable.

How far can a WiFi extender reach? It really depends on the WiFi extender and its features but typically the routers are operating in between 46 m indoors and 92 m outdoors.

Going back to our best 5 Amazon WiFi extenders list, the list was created based on the personal reviews of the people that used those extenders, the price, quality and range of those extenders.

The first one on my list is the TP-link N300 WiFi Range Extender.

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TP-Link is one of the most well-known brands for routers and extenders, they are reliable and value for money. The specific model has more than 20.000 great reviews on Amazon and it is super easy to install it, it should be installed in between the router and the specific area that you want to cover, long story short it acts like a bridge for the area that you would like to cover with WiFi.

You can connect it also with Ethernet directly to the router for more speed and it is very easy to connect with applications such as POS, Gaming, mobile phone or even Alexa or Echo. It is priced at a very reasonable price of $19.99 for prime members, listing price is $29.99.

2nd pick of the best 5 Amazon WiFi extenders is another TP-Link which also the PCMag editor’s choice and that is the AC1750.

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With 3 high performance Antennas you will be able to have coverage pretty much everywhere inside your home, very easy to install and a nice blue light that indicates when optimal placement is done. Very slick design that won’t interfere with the design on your home and also a Gigabit Ethernet port for Gamers in order to get a high speed connection.

With the Tether by TP-Link app you would be able also to set-up and manage your WiFi through the app and quickly access and change settings as guest privileges,scheduling and the generic management of your extender, it is priced at $59.16 for prime members and the listing price is $99.

The 3rd pick for our Amazon WiFi extenders is the Google WiFi system, NLS 1304.

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Google innovated again with this perfect extender, this elegant white WiFi extender helps you eliminate all the dead zones and provides a great WiFi experience all around the house. With a simple app you are able to see which people are connected and also pause devices that you don’t want to have access.

One device is for a small home or apartment so it will have coverage for 500 to 1500 square feet, if you are living in a bigger apartment then 2 devices will work for you and with that you will be able to cover 1500 to 3000 square feet, with 3 devices you will be able to cover up to 4500 square feet. You can get it with $98.99 for one device or you can buy a 3pack with $249.

In the 4th place of the Amazon WiFi extenders list is the Linksys Velop Tri-Band Home.

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Some people are using it as extender and some others are replacing their router with this great designed Linksys extender. Available in both white and black colors, this WiFi extender will provide a fast internet for your home and cover up to 2000 ft.

You can set it up pretty easily and you can manage everything by the Linksys app which is available in both Google play and App Store, through the app you can provide guest access, put restrictions, do speed tests and also device prioritization. You can make it yours with $179.99 for prime members and the listing price is $199.97.

The last pick on our Amazon WiFi extender list is the Asus AC1200 Dual-band.

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Simple, elegant with 2 external antennas this small but powerful extender will be able to provide great signal coverage for your home. It is easy to setup with just pressing the WPS button and then you will be able to see the extender sync with the router, the good thing is that is pretty small so if you think that it will be better if you put it in another room you quickly can just change location.

It fits literally everywhere and you just need to plug it in and check out the smart led indicators that helps you pick the best location of your extender, to purchase it you will have to pay $77.99!

These were the best 5 Amazon WiFi extenders hope you liked them, if the article helped you pick the best one for you, share the love and can’t wait to read your comments! Thanks for reading!


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