How to sell books on Amazon?

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Who doesn’t want to make some extra bucks? Amazon gives you the option to sell your books, if you didn’t know that then continue reading the post on how to sell books on Amazon, I will show you step by step how to do it and what to expect.

What are you going to need to sell books on Amazon? You will need the following:

1) An Amazon account, if you don’t have one go to and create an account for you.
2) A marketplace individual seller account, in order to create that you will need to have an amazon account first and then you should go to and create an account there.
3) The used books or textbooks that you would like to sell.
4) A printer, if you don’t have one check this post for the top rated amazon printers.
5) The shipping label and packing slip.

You should know that individual sellers can’t sell more than 40 books so what I would do in your case is to go through the ones that I have and check if anyone else is selling those books and if yes, how much they sell it.

To do that you will have to locate the item you’d like to sell, in order to do that click from the drop-down books and then search by the title, keywords or even by ISBN.

Next step on how to sell books on Amazon is that after you identified if the book is being sold by someone else to decide if you would like to sell that book and proceed with the next steps. The next steps are for you to input how much quantity you would like to sell, the price, condition and the shipping methods, the methods of shipping could be two either you ship it yourself or Amazon ships it for you and provide also the customer service for your items if they sell which is the best option.

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The great thing that you might didn’t know is that you get educated on how to sell books on Amazon, yes that’s right! Amazon provides free tutorials called “webinars” to learn more about book pricing and managing orders you can find more at the individual account seller account under training and tutorials.

An other way to get paid through selling books on Amazon is through their trade-in or buyback program which gives a small percentage of the book’s original price you can check more here.

To be a successful seller on Amazon you should be able to quickly identify the condition of the book, be honest, and of course do the correct pricing compare to the competition. More and more people are starting using Amazon to sell their books since it is a good source of income so you will need to be diligent and as they well say, practice makes perfect!

What else you should know on how to sell books on Amazon?

– Once you search and check the competition for the books that you have to sell, if you see that you are not able to make profit from them, don’t list them because it won’t make sense for you.
– The cost of selling books on Amazon is 0.99$ for the individual sellers and $39.99 per month for the professional sellers. Don’t forget that individual sellers can’t sell more than 40 books.
– They are a lot of other places to sell books online but Amazon is the best place and the most hassle free.

If you are looking to sell books on Amazon as your primarily source of income then you might need to “invest” in Fetcher, Fetcher is a tool that will help you maximize your profits, you only need to connect your account, fetcher will calculate all of your metrics like profit,fees and then you will get all of your financial metrics in order to get better decisions and actions.

More than 90% of customers using Fetcher saying that is super important for their business so if you are looking to sell books with the big guys then you should start a 31 day free trial on Fetcher to see if it will make sense for you.

How can you make money by selling them though? Making money by either selling your own books or finding books on a thrift store and then re-selling them is not something super easy to do and needs some research. You should start first by the books that you have and you would like to sell, search competition, see if you can make a profit and list them on

If the ones that you have are very popular and you can’t make a profit on them then you can search online as well to buy other used books or check the thrift store nearby your apartment or house, write down the titles and then search on to see if you can make a profit for them and then list them, it will take sometime to get the edge of it but once you do then you can make some pretty good money on selling books on Amazon.

This was my post for selling books on Amazon the fast way, if you liked it, share it and let me know your comments and experiences selling books on Amazon yourself! Happy selling!


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