Best 5 Amazon Luggages that you must check out!

Preparing for the trip, photo by Brandless, found on

It is true that we all need reliable luggage with us on all of our trips. You can find a lot of different luggage’s on Amazon, they are different sizes, colors, and brands. Did you know that Amazon also has its own brand for luggage? It is called Amazon basics and it is a great value for money option. Before I start with the top 5 list of Amazon luggage’s would like first to start with some frequent questions that people ask before they make a purchase like this.

What are the most common luggage sizes? They are a lot of different sizes in suitcases, the smallest one is the well- known cabin, mostly used in less than a week trips or as an extra with an average height at 45 cm / 16 inches and width at 32cm / 13 inches, the compact luggage with an average height of 63 cm / 25 inches and width 36cm / 14 inches, the medium size luggage which is around 68cm / 27 inches and width 46 cm / 19 inches and lastly the large ones which are the most common used for long trips(more than a week) and their sizes are around 75cm / 29 inches height and width around 47 cm / 18 inches.

What to see when checking for an Amazon luggage? Buying luggage might sound easy but you have to check some things before doing so or you maybe regret it afterwards.

– Make sure that it has all the necessary space for you, check for pictures that show the suitcase open
– It is better for the suitcase to have a locker on it but if it doesn’t make sure that you are able to lock it from the zipper
– You know what? 4 wheels are better than 2, so always go for more, it is much easier to stroll around with a 4 wheel suitcase
– Check for the weight of the suitcase, a few pounds/kg less here and there will help you down the line

Is it better to get a hard or soft Amazon luggage? Both of them have pros and cons, hard-sided luggage tend to be better for any sensitive or fragile items but soft ones tend to be a bit lighter overall. On the other hand, searches show that the hard-sided ones might crack easily, truth is that either hard or soft luggage, if they are good quality both of them work so make sure you buy the one that fits your style.

Now that you know the basics and some frequently asked questions we can go back to the top 5 list of Amazon luggages, the first one on the list is the Samsonite Winfield 2 hard-side luggage with spinner wheels.

Samsonite Checked-Large, Brushed Anthracite
Click on the image to see more photos for this luggage

With over 4,000 great reviews this hard-side luggage is available in many different colors to match it with your style, you can find it in brushed anthracite, burgundy, charcoal, deep blue, navy, orange, purple and teal. If you didn’t know Samsonite it is time to learn a bit more, it is one of the best brands on suitcases and has been around for more than one hundred years.

The specific luggage found on Amazon I have it myself and has been a great fit, it has all the necessary goodies like 360 spinner wheels, TSA compatible combination lock, and push-button handle. You can make all the sizes yours cabin, checked-medium and large with only $269 for prime users or you can buy them separately, carry on costs $128, the medium one $95 and the large one $119.

Click on the luggage to get redirected on the Amazon website and see more photos

The next one on our top 5 Amazon luggage list is the DELSEY Paris Helium Aero Hardiside luggage. Delsey has also a lot of history of great luggages, did you know that in 2010 it had the second place in the global luggage market?

The Paris Helium luggage is available in many different colors, you can find it in black, blue, brick red, plum purple, teal, and titanium. It is also available in many different sizes small or big carry-on and of course, the checked medium or large one, if you are wondering what to get and in which occasion check the below instructions:

  • For 2 day trip: 55cm / 21.6 inches
  • For 1 Week trip: 69cm / 27.2 inches
  • 2 Week trip: 75cm / 29.5 inches
  • More than 2 Weeks trip: >80cm / 31.5 inches

What else can you get with Delsey Helium Aero? This great suitcase is lightweight and combines style with quality, it has double spinner wheels, a lot of space to put your clothes and it is also scratch-resistant and safe with the TSA lock. For a checked-large one, you will pay around $120 and for a small carry-on around the same price.

What’s next on the best 5 Amazon luggages? The next pick on the list is the American Tourister moonlight hardside suitcase.

American Tourister Checked-Large, Marble
Click on the suitcase to see more on Amazon website

American Tourister has been around for more than 70 years and makes definitely great luggages. If you are looking for a suitcase that has something different then you are in the right place, you can find the specific model in various colors such us the marble one, rose gold, palm trees, ascending gardens rose gold, anthracite, and silver.

Getting a moonlight hardside suitcase comes with expansion on all sizes so you will never leave anything back from your trip and of course with 360 spinner wheels and push-button handle, the only negative in this one is that it doesn’t have the TSA lock but you will save some bucks comparing to the others. You get the 3-piece set with $190 or buy them separately $60 for a carry-on and $95 on checked-large!

4th on the Amazon luggage list is the Samsonite Aspire xLite softside luggage.

Samsonite Aspire xLite Expandable Softside Set with Spinner Wheels, 2-Piece (20"/25"), Black
Want to see more? Click on the image to check the product on Amazon

It is such a great and reliable luggage, lightweight and believe me, has room for everything that you will be packing. It has expansion on all sizes like the American Tourister and 360 spinner wheels, it is available in many different colors such us blue dream, potent purple, red, volt, and of course black.

If you are looking for a lightweight and value for money luggage then this is a great option for you, you can make it yours with $106 for a medium checked-in luggage or you can buy the 3 piece-set with $176.

The last of the top 5 Amazon luggage list is the Kenneth Cole reaction lightweight hardside suitcase.

Click here to see more on the Amazon website

If you knew Kenneth Cole only by their great shoes then you will have to re-check, they have also amazing suitcases. Kenneth Cole reaction is such a stylish and nice luggage that will definitely make you stand out, available in many different colors such as black, navy, red, rose gold, silver, teal, deep purple and magenta.

The reaction suitcase is lightweight and has multi-directional 8-wheel spinners that will allow you to stroll around smoothly on all surfaces, a lot of room for your clothes and with retractable push-button handle. You can make the 3 piece set yours at $200 or you can buy the size that you are looking for, the 28-inch one costs around $100.

That was the top 5 Amazon luggages, hope you liked them, if the post helped you buy your next suitcase, share the love and help others do the same.


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