These are the 5 most expensive Amazon Hoodies

Who thought that Amazon hoodies would be this expensive? That’s exactly what I thought as I was scrolling through the website, you know the sort by option in the top right corner right? its there so I wondered how much they could be? So I checked them out and wanted to show you the 5 most expensive hoodies that I found.

Would you guess how much would they would start from? Think about it for a second, before we dive in and then show you each one of them.

First one on the most expensive Amazon hoodies list is what else but a Gucci one.

Gucci Women's Cotton Embroidery Sweatshirt Hoodie Brown
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This Gucci Women’s hoodie does start from $850 per item which is a bit out of what you may initial thought right? It has the signature and the design of the well known brand, fixed hood and over-sized fit. It is 85% cotton and 15% poly-amide which means that it is extra soft, would you ever think to purchase a hoodie that expensive or not?

Next to our Amazon hoodie list is a Men’s Moncler Hoodie

Moncler Men's Ivory Fuzzy Pullover Jacket Hoodie (S)
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This Moncler Ivory and fuzzy hoodie will cost you $750 to make it yours! Anyone is interested? Will definitely make you feel warm but still it is a bit expensive and out of the pay range from some of us!

Which is going to be the third on the most expensive Amazon hoodie list? It is a Supreme New York Hoodie.

SupremeNewYork Supreme Cat in The Hat Hoodie Hooded Sweatshirt Black FW18 100% Authentic Real -Designer Sold Out Rare- (Small)
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Generally you might have guessed or seen that Supreme items are pretty expensive but how much would you pay for a hoodie? The above Supreme New York “Cat in the hat” as it is called, hooded sweatshirt will cost you to get it $599.

What would be next? The next one of the list of the most expensive Amazon hoodies is the Nike Mens Undercover hoodie.

Nike Mens NRG Undercover Hoodie CD7524-010 Size 2XL Black/White
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Definitely a different style and a new touch in this hoodie, it is lightweight and the fleece that it has will keep your body warm when the weather cools like these days. To make it yours you will have to pay a bit more than the regular hoodies but why not adding it into the collection? It will cost you $341.

Next one is one of the same brand and personally I think the most stylish one of the Amazon expensive hoodies.

Nike Mens NSW Tech Pack Wnterized Full Zip Hoodie Engineered BV4617-072 Size XL
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Really a different style with which is going to add a new and unique touch to your everyday activities. It is “equipped” with the Nick Tech Fleece sandwiches which is an insulating layer of airy cotton between the jersey fabric and that provides extra warmth without you though having all this extra weight. The price that you will pay to get this great hoodie would be $337.

You didn’t expect for them to be these expensive right? These were the 5 most expensive Amazon hoodies, if you liked the post share it and let me know what you think!


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