The Best Wireless Earbuds on Amazon

The Apple New Airpods

So they are a lot of Wireless earbuds out there but which should you buy and why? We will go through together all the best Amazon wireless earbuds and will show you why you should choose those in comparison with all the other options that you might have seen online.

But first things first why you should buy any of the following Amazon wireless earbuds? All of the below options are the most reviewed, thoughtfully designed and practical earbuds that you can find on Amazon. The first ones that we are going to review are the Samsung Galaxy Buds +

Very slick design, available in four colors, black, red, white and cloud blue for the ones that want to try something different!

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ , if you want to see the product on Amazon website select the photo

Why should you choose Samsung Galaxy Buds+ ?

– You can check the battery life of each bud just from your phone(you will never be without battery)
– 2 outer and 1 inner microphones for phone calls in every different environment
– They charge very fast ~3 mins and that lasts for about an ~hour(overall for a fully charge they can last for around 20 hours)
– You have the choice to adjust how much outside noise you want to hear by turning on the ambient sound

And of course they have a great design for wireless earbuds that doesn’t cover your ears and looks very nice from every angle. That is something that you don’t find it often in earbuds, most of them are very big so they don’t look good once you wear them. Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is one of the best Amazon wireless earbuds and you can buy it for ~$130 dollars.

Next stop into our list are the Bose SoundSport Free earbuds, these ones are ideal if you are looking into getting earbuds for training either outdoors or indoors, they are sweat-proof!

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Why should you choose the Bose SoundSport Earbuds?

– If you are looking for training earbuds, these are the best out there
– They are up to 5 hours and the charging case give you about 2 hours more!
– Even if you forget them, there is way to find them and bring them home(you can track your earbuds with the app)
– They are a bit bigger in comparison with the Samsung Galaxy buds+ but still stylish.

You can make them yours with ~$200 dollars and they are available in a variety of colors like black, blue, bright orange or even ultraviolet.

I couldn’t miss from this list the beloved Apple Airpods Pro, no one can deny the Apple quality in making new products and the new features that they have. Let’s go check them out together!

Want to see more pictures of Apple Airpods Pro or check them out on Amazon website? Select the photo

Why should you choose the Apple Airpods Pro?

– All of us could agree for their stunning design, Apple has been an icon for bringing and introducing wireless earbuds
– Airpods dont come with Alexa like our next one on the list but with Siri, so if you are an Apple person and you are using it then it will definitely help you a lot.
– Around ~4.5 hours with one charge and if you add the battery life of the case then you can add 24 hours on top!
– Customizable fit, you can pick from any of the three sizes of silicone tips(large, medium and small)

Apart from the above Apple has also a great active noise cancellation but I would go for these ones either if I had a lot of Apple products or because of their great design and style and you can make them yours for about ~249$.

Next ones on the Amazon wireless earbuds list are the beloved Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds with their Unique Alexa built-in capability.

Want to see more on Amazon website? Click on the photo!

They are my 2nd favorite after the Samsung Galaxy buds+, unique design and they “lock” in the ears in comparison with some other earbuds that will make it harder for you, so why should you choose Jabra Elite 65t?

– As I mentioned, Jabrat Elite come with Alexa built-in capability that alone gives you a lot of information when you exactly need it!
– These earbuds are equipped with 4-microphone technology in order for you to have calls in almost any condition.
– Through the App you will be able to customize the equalizer and the sound, definitely something that other earbuds don’t have!
– How many hours do they last? They last for about 5 hours straight and if you include the case charge then you can add 10 hours on top of those!
– They are also pretty good for exercise too so if you are looking earbuds for both conditions(work and workout) these are your best choice.

They come also in a variety of different colors even for the ones that are looking for something unique, you have the classic titanium black, the gold, copper red and blue and the copper black. You can make them yours for about ~150$!

You can also check out the new ones Jabra Elite 75T here, different design and colors but equipped with all the goodies that I just described above.

The last ones in our Amazon wireless earbuds list are the JBL Free X. Who doesn’t know JBL right? Tehy are well known for their speakers and great sound.

Want to see the product in Amazon’s website? Select the photo!

Why should you choose JBL Free X earbuds?

– Very cool design and go right in the ear so they are pretty good for every day use.
– You won’t have to think about how music would be since they are equipped with the JBL signature sound.
– They have up to 4 hours continuous play, a bit less than the other options but you can add 20 hours with the charging case.
– They are Splashproof and IPX5 certified so even if you want to go wild you can still listen to your favorite music or enjoy the all.

You can make them yours with $149 dollars for the white pair and about $99 for the black ones.

These were the best Amazon wireless earbuds that you can find, to sum it up if you are an Apple user and you have a lot of Apple devices I would suggest you to go with the Apple Airpods Pro. If you are looking earbuds for your training and workouts your best choice would be the BOSE ones, for your work and leisure I would go with Samsung galaxy buds+ or the JBL Free X and if you are looking for work, leisure and fully workout and training the Jabra are the ones that you should go with.

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