What is Amazon First Reads?

What is Amazon first reads and why you should know about it?

Amazon first reads is definitely one of the reasons why I love spending time on Amazon and searching for new books to read, at the moment you can take advantage of it only if you own a Kindle. If you don’t have one and you would like to see what options you have you can select here and see all the Kindle devices available.

What is Amazon first reads though and why you should even bother knowing? Here are some reasons why you should know and take advantage of it.

– You have early access of new books from a variety of subjects that you can read instantly on your Kindle device.
– If you have a prime Amazon membership then every month you pretty much have a free book available for you to read so if you are one of those that love books then this is something that it will make your day.
– If you are not a Prime member, no worries! You can still participate and you will have to pay only $1.99.
– You would like to read more? Even better! You can select print editions for maximum $9.99 and most of the times even less!

How do you see which of the books you can read for the current month? You can select here to see all the available first reads of the month!

What else you should know about Amazon first reads? At the moment it is available only in the US and only the Kindle unlimited subscribers can get all the new goodies for Free when they are released.

Bring your Kindle, everywhere!

What does Kindle Unlimited offers? With Kindle unlimited you will be able to have access to more than a million titles, browse months magazines and for the fans of Audiobooks, you will be able to listen thousands of those books with Audible and the best of it is that you can read it in any device with the Kindle application.

A lot of people don’t love Kindle and generally e-books because they love the feel of the book, the pages, the smell and of course the ability to write things on the spot, I totally get that and I agree but sometimes if you have a trip that you would like to and can’t really bring 2-3 books with you Kindle is ideal since you can store unlimited books and you can start any of them at any time.

I wouldn’t say that with the Amazon first reads or the Kindle unlimited you will replace the joy of reading books but you will be much more flexible and be able to “carry” more books with you and pretty much have the option to read something else if you are tired of what you are reading or it doesn’t really excite you anymore. That is the advantage of owning an e-book and that’s why you might want to have one and participate in any of these programs that Amazon offers.


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