The Best Amazon Floor Lamps that you should know about.

Floor lamps are a great way to design any room of the house, to give it some light and style and at the end of the day to put your character and aesthetic to the room.
There are a lot of Amazon floor lamps to choose from and a lot of different style and variations, different heights, shapes and of course don’t forget the most important thing which is how much light they can give to the room.

Why you should consider buying an Amazon floor lamp? On Amazon you will be able to find and see a lot of different floor lamps and variation of floor lamps styles and colors.

I went through all the best Amazon floor lamps and will show you the ones that really stand out and those that you should definitively consider. The first one that we are going to see is a golden globe floor plan.

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This super trendy and minimalist floor lamp could fit well and add a great touch in every room that you are going to put it. It could go pretty much anywhere from a bedroom in the photo to a living room next to the sofa or why not putting it into a reading corner with an armchair? If you don’t love gold, no worries, it comes also in many other different colors like black, matte white, white shade and even brushed steel.

Next one to our Amazon floor lamps top list is another modern and cool floor lamp(tree shape).

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This floor plan is used mostly if you have slightly a bigger space and you need a bit more discreet lightning, as per the photo a lot of people are using/putting it in armchair corners cause of the style of the floor lamp.

Apart from the golden color it is also available in Nickel, its style combines a bit the modern and the old kind of retro-vintage style. It will look great if you used it in an area and room where it is a bit funky and with that you pretty much combine another style within the room.

Third one in our Amazon floor lamp list is the beloved tripod floor lamp.

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Every apartment/house or condo should have a tripod floor lamp, with their wooden legs they give warmth to the space that they are filling in. Either next to the desk or next to the sofa they are an “easy” match to any space that you would like to fill in. The lamp is integrated with rubber wood and apart from a cool and aesthetic floor lamp it is also pretty durable and loved(more than 500, 4.5 star ratings).

The next one in the Amazon floor lamp list is a very cool and adjustable floor lamp from the Rivet company.

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As you already saw in the picture it fits well with all sorts of wallpapers.. even the craziest ones! If you really like the floor lamp but you have decided to go with something else they also do have table lamps that look as cool as the floor lamp ones, they are available in a variety of colors like white, black, blue and even terracotta color. It is pretty easy to install them yourself and can be easily adjusted to fit your needs or the needs of the area that is going to be.

The last one in order to complete our top 5 Amazon floor lamp list is another shape floor lamp that a lot of people love and it is from the Rivet company as well.

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This is the one of the floor lamps that doesn’t fit in every apartment and you should be very careful to understand if it will work well in your space. In order for this floor lamp to work well for you space, you should have a lot of room for it! It is a pretty big floor lamp, its dimensions are 16” W x 36” D and 69”H so before purchasing it make sure it fits and apart from fitting right you should have also a buffer so it can really stand out.

In general apart from the bigger space, it looks really amazing on high ceiling apartments because of its height, in comparison with the first one floor lamp that we saw that if you have used that one in a high ceiling space it would be a disaster since it is pretty small.

These were the best Amazon floor lamps, if you liked the post and helped you picked yours, why not sharing it and helping others as well? Let me know your thoughts and the Amazon floor lamps that you prefer as well!


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