How can you find the Amazon customer service phone faster?!

Amazon is a huge company and is pretty much everywhere with many different numbers and ways to contact either the different suppliers or the company itself. I wanted to write and dedicate this post in order to help you find much faster the Amazon customer service phone so you can get your problem solved quickly and efficient! So where do you start?

Depending on the issue they are a couple of ways that you can contact Amazon, the first one that they do recommend if you are just wondering where your items are is the Chat function, if you would like to directly chat with them select here.

If you want to call them or email them and get the issued solved sooner or later then you can call/email them on the below numbers and email:

  • 1-888-280-4331 for the US and Canada.
  • 1-206-266-2992 International.
  • For e-mail inquiries:

If you are not sure exactly what is best to do with your issue/problem that you are facing then the best way to contact and find the best possible way to reach out to the Amazon customer service is to navigate to the Help page from here.

From that page scroll all the way down where it says “Need more help?” and then select “Contact Us”

Then in order to identify which is the right person to help you can start inputting the information that is needed on the “Tell us more” tab.

From there you need to select the issue that you are having and the website will guide you on the appropriate way to contact in order to solve your issue faster, there are a couple of things that could happen so that’s why in order not for your to lose any time by looking for the Amazon customer service phone this is the faster way to get your problem fixed.

The selections in order to identify the problem better are the below:

  • Where’s my stuff?
  • Problem with an order.
  • Returns and refunds.
  • Gift cards.
  • Payment issues.
  • Change an order.
  • Issues with promotions and deals or deals.
  • More order issues.
  • Phishing or scam inquiries.

By selecting those options, Amazon will give you the best way to contact them either chat, e-mail or Amazon customer service phone number. From those options they do also offer fast solutions and fixes and if it is something simple you might be able to solve it without calling the Amazon customer service phone and just doing it yourself, nice and easy!

If you liked the post and helped you solve your issue and getting things back in order, why not helping others by sharing it? Thanks for reading!


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