Top 5 Amazon Computer Glasses

Who doesn’t want to have a nice pair of computer glasses? There is a huge variety of Amazon computer glasses in different colors and shapes that will make you look cool but also protected. I went through all of them and made a list of the top 5 that you should definitely check out.

The first one in our Amazon computer glasses list is by LifeArt, very cool and nice shape with a lot of choices for you in terms of color and they are for women, sorry boys!

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With these pair of Amazon computer glasses you will be able to block blue light but also look nice, in addition to that they reduce the eyestrain and you will be able to enjoy a better nights sleep, if you also have to wear nearsight and presbyopia glasses with LifeArt you will be able to have lenses of multi magnification.

The next ones in our Amazon computer glasses list are for our gamer friends the spend a lot of time in the computer and these are by Gunnar Optiks.

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Very cool glasses available in many different styles and colors with a lots of great reviews, I literally laughed in one of the reviews by Darrel

“I spend 8 hours a day in front of a computer. Lately I’ve been getting some twitching in my eye (WebMD says I’m going to die). I put these on and notice an immediate decrease in eye strain. Perhaps I won’t die after all. Not of eye strain, anyway.”

The GUNNAR brand has developed a very good blue light protection factor that improves performance while viewing any sort of electronics and reduces digital eye strain, fatigue and of course headaches.

The third pick for the Amazon computer glasses list are by Gameking, thin on the edges and effectively blocking any potential blue light.

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How these Amazon computer glasses differ from the rest? These ones have Swiss technology TR90 frame and that makes them super durable, flexible in order to maximize the wearing comfort and that’s why they give you lifetime breakage warranty so you don’t have to even think that they are going to break. As the rest they are blocking most of the harmful light(85%) and 100% UV 400, they do provide better depth and color perception and apart from being stylish and lightweight they do also improve contract and visual acuity.

The fourth in our Amazon reading glasses list are by the Kerecsen company and in comparison with the rest options these ones are available in many different colors for you.

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They are blocking the Blue light but also providing a stylish frame for you, you have a warranty of 1 year with these glasses and you can also add magnification from 0.5 x to 4.0 x. The frame of the glasses is plastic and they are non polarized, lens width is 1.88 inches and the lens height 1.69 inches, the bridge is 0.66.

They are also pretty lightweight which is great for those that have a sensitive nose and they do also have a 30 degree elasticity so if they don’t fit exactly fit you don’t have to worry about it.

The last one in our top 5 Amazon computer glasses list are some more pairs of LifeArt company.

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These pair of computer glasses are ultra-lightweight and they fit most of the face shapes, LifeArt does offer a 90 days free return so if you are not happy with the purchase you can get your money back. With these pair you get protection of potential blue light but also enhance visual comfort with improved contract and of course reducing the eye strain.

Apart from the Blue eye protection you can add if needed any magnification from +0.25 to +4.00 and the best thing of all is that they are available in so many different colors that you will want to buy them all and then decide which ones you want to keep.

These were the Best Amazon computer glasses, if you liked the post and helped you get the right ones for you why not helping others and sharing it? Thanks for reading!


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