The Best Amazon Shoe Racks

What is one item that always seems to pile up without you noticing? Not the dishes, I’m talking about shoes! So easily a pile of shoes can accumulate by the door or in the back of your closet.

The best way to combat this issue is to find an Amazon shoe rack that matches your needs! Depending on your space, you may need something tall and narrow, wide and thin, or something in between! I’ve looked through Amazon and found seven of the best Amazon shoe racks that range in size, look, color, and functionality. I’m confident if you like one of the shoe racks on this list, it will definitely make a difference in organizing your home!

The first one in our Amazon shoe rack list is by the Honey-Can-Do company.

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This three tier bamboo shelf is perfect for someone with a small collection of shoes. The rack can hold nine to twelve pairs of shoes, or feel free to mix and match with shoes and your accessories. The slanted shelving allows you to easily fit and see all shoes at once and is extremely durable. As it its made from bamboo it is extremely easy to clean and is also moisture resistant. The dimensions are a great size as well, two and a half feet wife and just over a foot deep, allows this shoe rack to fit in your closet or even outside near a doorway, without taking up too much space! For the price of $31.49, this is one of the best durable and stylish shoe racks you will find! 

The next one in our Amazon shoe rack list is by Simple trading company.

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If you’re looking for something a bit larger that can hold more shoes, this 5-tier shoe with side pockets is perfect! What’s great about this shoe rack other than the holding capacity is the flexibility it offers! If you are looking for something large, you are able to purchase two and make them stackable.

You can adjust the height of the shelves to allow different heights for different types of shoes. Additionally, you can connect multiple side by side by expanding the shelving outwards to create a bridge. The possibilities are endless! The shoe rack comes in a bronze color and can hold between fifteen and eighteen pairs of shoes. The shelves are made of polyester canvas and the siding tubes are thickened metal to ensure there is no breakage. The side pockets are perfectly convenient for slides, flats, sandals, or even slippers! With the flexibility, durability, and convenient size, for only $25 this shoe rack will definitely solve all your shoe organization needs!

The 3rd in our Amazon shoe rack list is by Tangkula company.

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This Amazon shoe rack is actually more of a shoe stand! If you have limited space, this is the shoe rack for you! It organizes the shoes vertically rather than horizontally, so it can easily fit in any corner of the house or apartment! It has seven open shelves, that you can adjust to different heights if you like to fit each and every shoe style you have.

The shoe rack is eleven inches wide and just under four feet tall in the small size. You can also opt for the large size, which the same seven shelves but expands the width to a foot and a half! The shoe rack comes in black or white to match any interior of your home! While this is a bit more expensive, ranging between $69 to $79 depending on the size, it is made from high quality wood to ensure that even at a taller height, your shoe rack will not wobble. This shoe rack is perfect for any room without taking up space from your other belongings!

Next one in our Amazon shoe rack list is by Kings Brand Furniture.

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For a bit of a fancier shoe rack, this revolving, lazy-Susan type of shoe rack is very unique! It offers 4 shelves, with two separate tiers that revolve and spin around 360 degrees. The product is made of laminated wood and comes in two colors: white and chocolate. What I love about this shoe rack is not only does it rotate so you can easily see all pairs of shoes inside, whenever you need, but it is very high quality and stylish looking.

The product is just about two feet in diameter, and three and a half feet tall, so it really does not take up too much space at all! The top of the shoe rack is also flat, this gives you the ability to add either more, taller shoes on the top, or any decorative or additional item you like! This shoe rack costs $95.99, but for the quality of the product and thee unique revolving factor, it is truly a different type of shoe rack than you can find in any store!

The 5th one in our Best Amazon shoe rack list is by KOUSI company.

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The portable shoe rack organizer is similar in appearance to a cabinet than your usual shoe rack! This product creates cubbies for your shoes and even has a front cover, so your shoes are not exposed and can be neatly hidden in your home when you’re not wearing them. Each cube is meant to hold two rows of two pairs of shoes and can support up to twenty two pounds. The cubes are very easy to open with a quick lift up front. They also offer the flexibility to remove the partition, which would allow you to store two taller boots or shoes inside, such as winter boots or rain boots.

The materials of the shoe rack is not only water-proof but also dust resistant to provide a clean space for your most prized shoes! It is very light weight so you can easily move around your home if you choose to re-decorate. The shoe rack comes in four different sizes depending on how many shoes you have to store, and ranges in price between $55 to $102 depending on the size. The DIY assembly is easy and you can customize the product to make it fit exactly as you like!

Next one in our Amazon shoe rack list is the total black by SONGMICS.

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Have a lot of shoes and looking for something that will fit inside your closet or in your hallway? This 10-tier shoe rack could be exactly what you need! This shoe rack has abundant storage space and versatility to move the shelves around to the height you need. It is extremely easy to assemble, and can hold up to twenty-seven pairs of shoes! This is great considering the size – it is less than two feet long and less than a foot deep. It is quite tall – about five feet, so maybe sure if it is a closet there is not a clothing bar or shelving in the way.

This product also has two other features: a side pocket for smaller shoes or additional accessories, as well as a front down flap. This can easily be rolled up or down depending if you want to showcase your shoes, or keep them hidden and organized. Simply release the holder and the curtain comes down so to speak! For such a large and multi-use item, it is quite affordable at $35.98. I recommend the black color, but it also comes in grey if you want something different!

The last but not least in our Best Amazon shoe rack list is by Seville company.

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Our final shoe rack is basic, but extremely reliable and liked by others. With over twelve thousand reviews, you can see why this shoe rack made the list! It is a simple iron-tiered frame that comes in three sizes: 3-tier, 6-tier, and 9-tier. Not to worry if you’re not sure what size to get, you can always purchase another afterwards and they are easily stackable! This shoe rack comes in additional styles and colors as well: two colors between Espresso and Saint Pewter, as well as two styles: Resin Slat or Iron Mesh for where the shoes sit on. You can really make this shoe rack your own!

Another great feature this shoe rack has that you will not see on every tiered shoe rack, is the screw-in leveling feet. This ensures your shoe rack is stable and your shoes are secure on it. As it has many different finishes and styles, the shoe rack can be placed in the entranceway, in your bedroom, or in your closet as you prefer. The prices start at just $30 for the 3-tier. From the positive reviews and great features the shoe rack offers, I think it is one of the best items you can buy on Amazon!

As you can see, you can definitely find an Amazon shoe rack that fits your needs. Whether you have a specific color in mind, size, or style, there are multiple options that offer flexibility along with reliability to ensure your shoes are kept in an organized manner! 


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