These are the Top 5 Amazon Cat Trees

Who doesn’t love a nap with a view?

Who doesn’t love cats? Super intelligent and active in all parts of the house, what if you could give them the best thing to play with? Yeap, that’s it a Cat Tree. You can find a big variety of Amazon Cat Trees in many different colors, sizes and of course different textures.

I went through all of them and wanted to provide you with a top 5 Amazon Cat Tree collection so you can easily get your best friend something to play, relax or even stare outside the window. Did you know that you can find also Cat Tree furniture? Yeap! You can even get something that will align with the design of your house so you can keep both you and your cat happy!

There are a lot of different Cat Tree colors, sizes and levels, the most common ones are 4 to 5 levels. The first one in our Amazon Cat Tree collection is by Go Pet Club company and its available in 3 different colors.

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This is perfect for a nice empty corner that you have in the apartment/house, the overall size and dimensions are 50”W x 26” L x 72” H, the cat tree house is covered in high-quality fur which provides a soft but safe structure for your cat! With the Tree you will have multiple posts that are lined with the natural sisal rope, which satisfies your cat instincts to scratch and that definitely is going to decrease the chances of your sofa getting some “cat massage” scratches.

What about the reviews? Costumers love it, it has more than five thousand 4.5 stars ratings and the funny thing is not only the customers and the cats love it but also their dogs so if you have a dog around that is small then he or she will be happy to!

The next one in our Amazon Cat Tree collection is by the same company and it is for smaller space in the apartment, it is a condo tree house and its dimensions are 32” W x 25” L x 45.5” H.

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This Tree house as the other one above have a lot of reviews of many happy customers! It has more than three thousand, 4.5 star reviews and the kitties seem to love it, the carpet is very soft and has a pleasing texture, obviously cats love to rub against it or sleep on it because it is super soft. It is also pretty easy to assemble and comes with instructions, the whole structure is pretty sturdy and feels pretty secure.

The 3rd one in our Amazon Cat tree list is the stylish one by Vesper company.

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This is ideal for you guys that are looking to buy an Amazon Cat Tree and put it let’s say in the middle of your living room and you want it to be cool and match your wooden furniture and floor. It is available in many different styles with different bases and in a variety of colors from black, rattan, walnut to banana leaf. It is one of the best ones out there and it is also pretty sturdy and durable its dimensions are 22×1 x 22.1 inches and the Height is 47.9 inches.

Some of you might wondering these look too small for my cat, I gotchu! The next one in our Amazon Cat Tree list is by New Cat Condos and it is dedicated for bigger cats.

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What you should know about the product? It is available in 4 different colors from beige, blue, brown to green and its dimensions are 20” w x 20”d and 32” h. It fits perfectly cats that weight nearly 20 pounds or so and it is also pretty nice to put in your place, a lot of people have put it next to the sofa or the window in order for the cat to be able to chill and see outside.

The last but not least in our Amazon Cat Tree collection looks really cool and it is like a cat playground, it is by LBLA company.

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This cool playground will give your cat apart from safe and comfort new spots to chill and scratch, the playground has cat toys ball which make the cats super crazy and they can play all day long but also their favorite scratching posts.

What does this Amazon Cat Tree has more than the others ones? It is pretty bigger than the other ones so it has pretty much everything for your friends from scratching, lounging to spots in many different levels and also a crazy cool hammock. If you are looking for the dimensions it weighs 9.24 pounds and it is 47.2 x 31.5 x 42.1, the instructions are pretty clear but it will take some time to put it together but you know what? your cat will love it!

This was the Top 5 list of Amazon Cat Tree if you liked it and helped you pick the right one for your cat, then why not helping others by sharing it?


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