You need to have a Starbucks Travel Mug

In the time of need we all want to have with us our favorite drink and what better by having it in a Starbucks Travel Mug? Starbucks is a great company and pretty much everywhere by now, a lot of people including me are trusting it and are sure of the quality of the coffee and the quality of the items that they sell, one of those items is the Starbucks Travel Mug.

If you are looking to buy the product, click on the photo to get redirected to Amazon website.

Now you would ask, why this one and not any other travel mugs out there? That would be a great question since they are a lot of travel mugs from many different brands and some of them have good quality as well. The Starbucks travel mug is definitely the best one for the money that you are going to pay and it is available in many different sizes from 10oz with a gift to 16oz.

What would be the pros and cons?
+ The travel cup is double walled and that ensures that your coffee is hot and fresh.
-+ This depends on what you are looking for, the Starbucks travel mug is ceramic so if you love ceramic products then this would be something that you love, some other brands out there like Yeti have Stainless steel as the main material so if you are looking into that then for that amount of budget you would go to Yeti.

Personally I believe ceramic is better to keep your coffee but stainless steel could be much more difficult to break when with the ceramic one you will have to be a bit more careful.

This Starbucks travel mug is not as heavy as the old version and in terms of size the 12oz is like a tall at Starbucks, it is a pretty sturdy mug and pretty easy to clean. A couple of things to note and that you should know about is that you can’t put it into the the microwave or the dishwasher but on a positive note the ceramic setup keeps coffee hot for a long time which for most of us this is what we are looking for.

Overall the Starbucks travel mug is a thing to have if you love coffee and you are bored of microwaving all the time your coffee in order to stay hot, if you liked the post and helped you make the right decision, why not sharing it and helping others?


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