What is Amazon Blacksmith?

Do you have a twitch account and you are wondering what is Amazon blacksmith? or just want to get to know more information in what Amazon is cooking in many different platforms? As you may know Amazon has a lot of different ways that works and helps individuals to get into their associates program and this is what Amazon blacksmith is.

It let’s you configure lists with the products that you prefer and recommend and that will appear on your channel with that it makes you earn through the Amazon associates on Twitch.

How is Amazon Blacksmith visible on Twitch? It can be visible in two forms, the first form is in a panel extension which looks like a channel page and the second one as a component or overlay.

What are the benefits of using Amazon blacksmith?

  • It is fast and easy and it will make you earn some more income.
  • If your viewers ask you about the gear that you are using on your live and they want to see or even buy it with Amazon blacksmith you will be able to redirect them fast on your channel.
  • You earn faster than you think, depending on your viewers you can earn a referral fee for products that your viewers have purchased.

How can I use it and what are the percentages of the fees that I will get?

  • It is pretty easy to use and the only thing to do in order to be able to use it is to be a twitch partner and affiliate and join the associates program.
  • Digital video games are up to 10%, Luxury beauty are up to 12%, PC products are 4% and video games 2%.

Is it easy to get paid using Amazon blacklist? As all the Amazon associates programs, it is pretty easy for you to get paid the only thing that you need to do is to set up your payment and tax information.

This is what Amazon blacksmith is, if you liked the post and helped you understand a bit more about it, why not helping others by sharing it?


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