Top 5 Amazon Bookshelves

Looking for the Amazon bookshelf variety? They do have a lot and to be honest who doesn’t love a cool and nice bookshelf? Filled with books, decorative items, plants and every sort of little detail that you want to add. Having a bookshelf in a room of the house is definitely a must thing to do, take your time design it, fill it with your favorite books and it will fill itself in the room.

You can find a lot of different styles of bookshelves on Amazon, it has pretty much anything that you would be looking for. I went through and checked which of them have the most reviews and took out the ones that you shouldn’t lose time to see in order to provide you with the list of the top 5 Amazon bookshelves.

Because every space might look different and there is a big variety of bookshelves the list below will have 5 different style ones so they can match to any potential space and apartment/house. Before moving forward with any purchase make sure that you have measured exactly the space that the bookshelf is going to be placed and that it fits. Let’s begin.

The first Amazon bookshelf that stood out is from a company called Modrine, it is constructed from durable MDF board and has a lot of space for your books and decorative items. It is a bit more vintage style and it comes in 3, 4 and 5 tiers.

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Why you should consider getting this Amazon bookshelf?
– It is durable and each self can accommodate up to 75lbs.
– Open shelf design fill up with your favorite items.
– Easy to install and to put together and looks very cool in the space.

Next one in our Amazon bookshelf list is one with unique design that looks amazing in a room that has a lot of space, it comes from the Tribesigns company and it is available in a variety of different colors and sizes to match your apartment/house. It comes in White, all black, gold white and even retro brown.

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Apart from the above it is also waterproof with a thicken board and steel frame, it is super safe and very easy to put together, it will take you most probably around 30 minutes of assembly and do have some tools with you for an easiest assembly.

The 3rd one in our Amazon bookshelf list is an industrial piece by Rivet that combines wood and dark metal.

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It is as shown in pictures or even better, lightweight but sturdy and its sleek design will make any room feel much more classy and cool. The best thing of all is that it doesn’t even need assembly so it comes ready, you only need to unpack it and it is going to be ready for you, its dimensions are 14.2” W x 47.2” D x 31.5”H. It is ideal for smaller spaces and its compact design makes it ideal to create with it your personal corner.

On the lookout for the 4th Amazon bookshelf I stumbled upon this great piece by Furniture of America.

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It is a bit more contemporary style that the others that are on the list and available in two different colors the one that you see in the picture above which is champagne but also chrome. Its dimensions are 38” W x 13.25 ” D x 70.26 ” H, it makes a great fit for any space, it will take you a bit more in the assembly but it will be totally worth it.

The last piece of the Amazon bookshelf top list is a wooden cube bookcase in Walnut, it can be matched with a few other furniture that come by Modway company.

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It doesn’t take a lot of space and it is perfect for any room of the house, its dimensions are 11.5 ” L x 45” W x 52.5” H. A lot of reviews and people have bought also the other items that can come as a set which are the TV stand, night stand and coffee table. The quality of the product is very good and it is a sturdy construction with an actual wood veneer and to add to all the above greatly priced in comparison with all the other companies that sell furniture.

This was the top 5 Amazon bookshelves, if you liked the post and helped you pick the one for your house, why not helping others and sharing it?

What is Amazon First Reads?

What is Amazon first reads and why you should know about it?

Amazon first reads is definitely one of the reasons why I love spending time on Amazon and searching for new books to read, at the moment you can take advantage of it only if you own a Kindle. If you don’t have one and you would like to see what options you have you can select here and see all the Kindle devices available.

What is Amazon first reads though and why you should even bother knowing? Here are some reasons why you should know and take advantage of it.

– You have early access of new books from a variety of subjects that you can read instantly on your Kindle device.
– If you have a prime Amazon membership then every month you pretty much have a free book available for you to read so if you are one of those that love books then this is something that it will make your day.
– If you are not a Prime member, no worries! You can still participate and you will have to pay only $1.99.
– You would like to read more? Even better! You can select print editions for maximum $9.99 and most of the times even less!

How do you see which of the books you can read for the current month? You can select here to see all the available first reads of the month!

What else you should know about Amazon first reads? At the moment it is available only in the US and only the Kindle unlimited subscribers can get all the new goodies for Free when they are released.

Bring your Kindle, everywhere!

What does Kindle Unlimited offers? With Kindle unlimited you will be able to have access to more than a million titles, browse months magazines and for the fans of Audiobooks, you will be able to listen thousands of those books with Audible and the best of it is that you can read it in any device with the Kindle application.

A lot of people don’t love Kindle and generally e-books because they love the feel of the book, the pages, the smell and of course the ability to write things on the spot, I totally get that and I agree but sometimes if you have a trip that you would like to and can’t really bring 2-3 books with you Kindle is ideal since you can store unlimited books and you can start any of them at any time.

I wouldn’t say that with the Amazon first reads or the Kindle unlimited you will replace the joy of reading books but you will be much more flexible and be able to “carry” more books with you and pretty much have the option to read something else if you are tired of what you are reading or it doesn’t really excite you anymore. That is the advantage of owning an e-book and that’s why you might want to have one and participate in any of these programs that Amazon offers.

How to sell books on Amazon?

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Who doesn’t want to make some extra bucks? Amazon gives you the option to sell your books, if you didn’t know that then continue reading the post on how to sell books on Amazon, I will show you step by step how to do it and what to expect.

What are you going to need to sell books on Amazon? You will need the following:

1) An Amazon account, if you don’t have one go to and create an account for you.
2) A marketplace individual seller account, in order to create that you will need to have an amazon account first and then you should go to and create an account there.
3) The used books or textbooks that you would like to sell.
4) A printer, if you don’t have one check this post for the top rated amazon printers.
5) The shipping label and packing slip.

You should know that individual sellers can’t sell more than 40 books so what I would do in your case is to go through the ones that I have and check if anyone else is selling those books and if yes, how much they sell it.

To do that you will have to locate the item you’d like to sell, in order to do that click from the drop-down books and then search by the title, keywords or even by ISBN.

Next step on how to sell books on Amazon is that after you identified if the book is being sold by someone else to decide if you would like to sell that book and proceed with the next steps. The next steps are for you to input how much quantity you would like to sell, the price, condition and the shipping methods, the methods of shipping could be two either you ship it yourself or Amazon ships it for you and provide also the customer service for your items if they sell which is the best option.

Training, photo by Burst, found on

The great thing that you might didn’t know is that you get educated on how to sell books on Amazon, yes that’s right! Amazon provides free tutorials called “webinars” to learn more about book pricing and managing orders you can find more at the individual account seller account under training and tutorials.

An other way to get paid through selling books on Amazon is through their trade-in or buyback program which gives a small percentage of the book’s original price you can check more here.

To be a successful seller on Amazon you should be able to quickly identify the condition of the book, be honest, and of course do the correct pricing compare to the competition. More and more people are starting using Amazon to sell their books since it is a good source of income so you will need to be diligent and as they well say, practice makes perfect!

What else you should know on how to sell books on Amazon?

– Once you search and check the competition for the books that you have to sell, if you see that you are not able to make profit from them, don’t list them because it won’t make sense for you.
– The cost of selling books on Amazon is 0.99$ for the individual sellers and $39.99 per month for the professional sellers. Don’t forget that individual sellers can’t sell more than 40 books.
– They are a lot of other places to sell books online but Amazon is the best place and the most hassle free.

If you are looking to sell books on Amazon as your primarily source of income then you might need to “invest” in Fetcher, Fetcher is a tool that will help you maximize your profits, you only need to connect your account, fetcher will calculate all of your metrics like profit,fees and then you will get all of your financial metrics in order to get better decisions and actions.

More than 90% of customers using Fetcher saying that is super important for their business so if you are looking to sell books with the big guys then you should start a 31 day free trial on Fetcher to see if it will make sense for you.

How can you make money by selling them though? Making money by either selling your own books or finding books on a thrift store and then re-selling them is not something super easy to do and needs some research. You should start first by the books that you have and you would like to sell, search competition, see if you can make a profit and list them on

If the ones that you have are very popular and you can’t make a profit on them then you can search online as well to buy other used books or check the thrift store nearby your apartment or house, write down the titles and then search on to see if you can make a profit for them and then list them, it will take sometime to get the edge of it but once you do then you can make some pretty good money on selling books on Amazon.

This was my post for selling books on Amazon the fast way, if you liked it, share it and let me know your comments and experiences selling books on Amazon yourself! Happy selling!

What are Amazon Rentals?

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It is so exciting to see different products coming up all the time from Amazon. Amazon Rentals is definitely something that will save you cost and you will be able to get the speed and the trust that Amazon has which is amazing.

So what are the Amazon rentals and what you get by using them?

Amazon rentals is a great way for you to save money and select from a ton of books,textbooks by different authors and always with the flexibility that Amazon has. If you are a student or someone who doesn’t want to own a lot of things but you just want to get the value out of those books then Amazon rentals is a great way for you to do that.

How does it work?

First you will need to search exactly what you are looking for. E.g. if you are looking for a book or textbook for mathematics then search that, if you know also the author even better! You can find the search area for rentals here

Once you found the Amazon rental that you want then click into renting it, check the picture below! If you are looking for a hardcover then click hardcover and then rent!

With that way you will be able to save more than 50% of the initial price but still get the textbook or book that you want!

The next step is to add the book at your Rental cart and then proceed with the checkout! Once you got what you needed from the Amazon rental then you can return it for free at a drop off location.

Another great thing is that if you decide that you want to keep it you can and you can use the rental fee toward the purchase of your Amazon rental!

What you should know if you get an Amazon rental

In order for you to return the book and everything to be fine afterwards please be careful of the following

  • Of any sort of spilling on the book(water, coffee etc)
  • The pages having a normal wear and tare and not to miss any pages and anything is tapped
  • On your due date your will receive reminders from Amazon to return your Amazon rental so you will have to pay attention to your e-mail or just write down the due date(you can find also the due date online on your amazon account)
  • You can extend your rental period by 15 days or you can also renew it for another semester

I think you got a pretty good sense so far about Amazon rentals and how they can change your everyday life! This is great for all the people that live in the US, Alaska and Hawaii. I’m pretty sure that they will launch it also in other cities and countries after that so more people would be able to get this and save money!

By using Amazon rentals you also get everything else that has to do with Amazon. With that I mean that you have the fast delivery, you can return in within 30 days for any reason, extension is also pretty cool and of course the free return shipping.

If you liked my post share the love and let me know if you have any questions!

The Best Cooking books on Amazon

The Best Cooking books on Amazon, photo by Le Creuset

Cooking may come easy for some of us, and for others it is a completely different world! The best and easiest way to start getting things going in the kitchen is finding the right cookbook! There are a couple important aspects to look for when finding the right cookbook, whether its a specific diet, certain types of food, or different cooking styles. Below are some of the top rated cooking books on Amazon that will keep your appetite satisfied and happy!

1. The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook by America’s Test Kitchen:

This kitchen manual and cookbook hybrid are perfect for that pair of two in your life! The books takes the usual recipes that always serve 4-6 and breaks them down so they are perfect for serving 2! You’ll find a recipe for nearly everything you are looking to make here!

2. Cravings by Chrissy Teigan:

Cravings by Chrissy Teigan is a cooking book on Amazon that makes cooking fun for anyone who has it! Each recipe is written with wit and humor and you can tell that cooking in Chrissy’s kitchen is much more than just making a meal. Her variety of recipes makes it a no-brainer, all your cravings will be met with this cookbook!

3. Magnolia Table Cooking book by Joanna Gaines:

The best cooking book is one that makes you feel right at home. Magnolia Table does just this! It has plenty of recipes, from breakfast to small plates, dinner to dessert that will remind you of classics you’ve heard of and some new recipes you want to try! All recipes, old or new, have one thing in common and that is huge flavor!

4. Thug Kitchen Cooking book by Thug Kitchen:

Thug Kitchen makes even your least favorite vegetable into an delicious meal! This book focuses on eating well, but in a way that doesn’t require only a salad every day. It also promotes an overall healthy lifestyle and how to achieve this.

5. The Flavor Bible Cooking book by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg:

An important part of cooking is not only the recipes, but understanding different ingredients and their flavors! This cookbook also goes into the important aspects of cooking which is to elevate all of your senses, by cooking with different temperatures, textures, flavors, and seasonings. It will help to take you from an every day chef making basic recipes to an all-star in the kitchen!

6. What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner? By Zach Golden:

Some of us know that cooking is just the absolute last thing on our list after a long day! If that seems to be you, more often than usual, then What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner? Is exactly where you should start! Every page is filled with spunk, excitement, and of course, delicious food! This cooking book is also for the adventurous, and you can find a different path to your dinner with each page you turn!

7. The Skinnytaste Cookbook by Gina Homolka:

Skinnytaste Cookbook takes away that fear and stipulation that eating healthy, fresh, natural ingredients is synonymous with expensive and difficult. You won’t need to look beyond the pages of this book to find to die for meals that are health conscious, easy, and absolutely delicious. As an added bonus, the cookbook even includes detailed nutritional information for each recipe. 

As you can see, no matter what type of cooking you’re craving or what sort of chef you’re looking to become, this list with cooking books find on Amazon is a perfect starting point for finding the best cookbook and recipes that are out there! What cookbooks are your go-to favorites?

The Article was written by Katie Benton

Top 10 Award winning Books on Amazon that you must read!

Woman holding up a stack of books photo by Thought Catalog

Finding a good book is definitely not an easy task to do. You read reviews, getting suggestions from friends and sometimes you ended up asking yourself why I read it. In order to help you pass that stage I gathered the award winning Amazon books of 2018.

All the Amazon books that I picked are different so you will find something that you will like, I hope you haven’t read them all so there would be something for you to spend your relaxing moments.

1. Children of Blood and Bone is a New York Times best seller novel and one of the award winning Amazon books of Goodreads with over 2.000 reviews. The Author Tomi Adeyemi mentioned that is only the start of an epic, new series of books. It is influenced by Adeyemi’s West African Heritage and it focuses on religious deities (the Orisha), the book is told from multiple points of view and it describes the journey of two children which is accompanied by violence and betrayal. The Children of Blood and Bone takes on injustice, discrimination and the struggle of change, you won’t want to stop reading it! It is priced at $10.99 for prime members

2. When you see the name of Stephen King you know that would be a great book. This Novel called “The Outsider” and is soon to be an HBO limited series, it has over 4.000 reviews on Amazon books with more than 4.5 stars. Did that persuade you? If not, check the story.

The story begins with an 11 year old boys violated corpse in the park, eyewitnesses, fingerprints point unmistakably to one of the most well-known and popular citizens of Flint city. The case to him seems so solid and they order a public arrest, the citizen has an alibi but soon more evidence will come through to the surface. What will happen? Find more by starting the book which it is priced at $16.39

3. The hate you give is one of those Amazon books that you read them and then realize some of the things that we see and experience everyday that they just pass without anything really change.

The book is describing the Sixteen year old life of Starr Carter which lives between two worlds. the poor neighborhood where she lives and the fancy school that she attends. She realises the difference between those two when she witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend Khalil at the hands of a police officer. What really went down though that night? The book is priced at $7.71

4. Little fires everywhere is a book by Celeste Ng, with over 4.000 great reviews and nominated as the best book of the year by People, The Washington Post, The daily beast and many more it is a great option if you haven’t read it.

The book explores the weight of secrets, the nature of the art and the identity. Also, the pull of the motherhood and the classic rule that we all believe thing that works but it doesn’t that “following the rules can avert any disaster”. The book is priced at $21.29 for prime users

5. This is for you who are looking a lot of the times to the stars and you are wondering and looking for answers. Astrophysics for people in a hurry is such a great book, Neil deGrasse Tyson attempts to explain some of the most complex astrophysics concepts in simple terms. Reading the book you will tackle a couple of topics such as gravity, the speed and makeup of light, the shape of the space and much more. It is priced at $9.49

6. So so different book that really gives you something to think and get with you when you stop reading it. Frans De Waal did a groundbreaking job on animal intelligence. Based on research which involves a couple of animals like crows, dolphins, parrots, sheep, wasps and more Frans explores both the scope and the depth of animal intelligence. Through the book you will be able to understand how science has stood traditional behaviorism by revealing how smart animals really are and how we’ve underestimated their abilities for too long. The book is priced at $19.54 for prime

7. The Dead Wake book has over 6.000 great reviews and it is one of the classic great Amazon books for WWI. If you are looking for a of history book then keep on reading. It is is focusing on the enthralling story of the sinking of Lusitania, it is a story where many of us think we know but we really don’t, Dead Wake captures the drama and emotional power of a disaster whose details and true meaning have been vague by history. It is priced at $13.99 for Kindle

8. Is one of the great Amazon books of 2019 and it is a mix of Hitchcockian suspense, Agatha Christie plotting and Greek tragedy. The plot is the following: A woman’s act of violence against her husband – and of the therapist obsessed with uncovering and finding her motive. If you are into thriller books then this is a great book for you, it is priced at $13.49 for prime users!

9. The Friend is such a nice novel by Sigrid Nunez. It is a moving story of love, friendship, grief and the magical bond that only pet owners get between a woman and her dog. The story starts when the woman unexpectedly loses her lifelong best friend and she finds herself with the unwanted dog that he has left behind. Apart from all that dogs are also prohibited in her building, while others worry that she is been a victim of the grief she refuses to separate from the dog but while troubles abound, rich and surprising rewards lie in store for both of them. The book is priced at $25

10. Following her previous best seller “The Girl on the Train”, Paula Hawkins returns with another one, this book was rewarded as the best mystery and thriller book. Regarding the story, two people are being found dead on the river that runs through the town, a single mother and a vulnerable teenage girl, left behind is a lonely 15 year old girl, parentless and friendless. The book is focusing on the deceptiveness of emotion and memory, as well as the the reasons and ways that the past can reach a long arm into the present. It is priced at $28

So these were my top 10 Amazon book recommendations for this post, if you like them please share and comment! Let me know which books you liked from this year and which ones you think should be in this list! Happy reading!