Did you know about Amazon gift wrap?


You use Amazon to buy things you love and to buy presents for special occasions to you, your friends or beloved ones but does amazon gift wrap? It does and it does have a lot of ways apart from the classic Amazon gift wrap, Amazon do also offers gift wrap to almost all items fulfilled by it and some other selected merchants.

Now you would most probably ask, What does Amazon gift wrap includes?

It includes a couple of things such as:

  • The gift wrap which is a box or bag depending on the item.
  • A nice and stylish decorative ribbon.
  • And a personalized card that you can write a message to the receiver if you want.

What if you want to make your own gift wrap? If you would like to get and try ways to make your present much more attractive or to add a bit more excitement to it, you can use hundreds of different varieties of Amazon gift wrap. There is something for every taste, any color shape or dimension of wrapping paper, colorful wrap bows to finish it off and unique bags to put it into.

What would you need to make an excellent gift wrap? In order to make a perfect inside out present you will need the following items.

  • Number 1 thing to start is to find your Gift wrap paper, there is literally everything that you would want and even those that you might have not thought about.
  • After you got your nice wrapping paper you will need something to wrap it around it and make it steady, that would be your ribbon.
  • Once you wrap around the ribbon its time to add the bow.
  • The last thing you need in order to perfect your Amazon gift wrap is the bag to put your ready present in, the bag with the papers coming out of is the last touch to make present to remember.

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The Top 6 Amazon Dining Chairs.

A piece of furniture that is essential no matter the size of your home is a dining set! Everyone says that where you gather, where you eat, where you celebrate is where the memories are, and you want to be sure these memories are happening in stylish, comfortable chairs! This part of the home can really make or break your entire interior design, so I have discovered some of the best Amazon dining chairs! This list will provide a dining chair for any room!

If you want to buy or see more photos of the product, click on the photo.

This modern style mid-century chair is our first one in The top 6 Amazon dining chair list and it is not going to be a statement piece in your home, but it is absolutely a classic chair that can work with any design you have! It complements any type of dining table, whether it’s wood, metal, or glass. These chairs are a great staple to have because they are easy to assemble, you only need to screw the legs into the seats. They’re also a great size, with the seat at just eighteen inches high and wide, they will fit every member in the family whether adult or children. The matte white seat is easy to clean as well. For just under $90 for a set of four, this is definitely a sure-pick dining chair on Amazon.

If you like the product and want to buy it, select or click on the photo.

The 2nd one in our Amazon dining chair list are the Metal dining chairs by Furmax company.

If you are looking for something that is a little more versatile for both indoor an outdoor, this classic metal bistro side chair is just what you need! This set of four comes in three colors: Gun, Purple, and Black. What is great about these chairs is they can be used both indoors in your dining area or outside on a patio or deck – the style works effortlessly in both places! If you choose to use outdoors, rest assured the paint is double varnished, and both water and rust-resistant.

If you need a little extra space or just need these chairs when you’re entertaining, they are also stackable, so they are easy to store and put away as you need! The prices here range between $100-110 depending on the color, but I definitely suggest the Gun color for something different!

Want to see more dining chair pictures? Click on the photo.

The third one in our Amazon dining chair top 6 list are the amazing Wishbone Chairs by Tomile.

These solid wood Y-Chair by Wishbone are one of the most unique dining chairs you can find on Amazon! The design of the chair is sure to impress anyone you invite over. These chairs are sturdy and durable but surprisingly light weight! The dining chairs come pre-assembled to provide even more ease.

The chair seat is made with a Japanese Kraft handmade knitting that is both comfortable and beautiful. I love that these dining chairs come in multiple different shades of wood, six total, so you can be confident that they will be exactly what you are looking for! While they are a bit more expensive, ranging from $149 to $165, the quality and impressive design make these dining chairs worth the investment.

The 4th one in our Amazon dining chair list are the Vintage PU leather chairs by Roundhill Furniture.

If you like them and want to see more information, click on the picture.

I am always on the lookout for vintage style anything! I came across these leather dining chairs on Amazon and knew they would be coveted! This dining chair is sleek but adds an industrial-style touch to your dining set. There are three different color leathers to choose from: brown, white, and gray, that are paired with black iron frames.

The chairs come in a set of two and priced at $89, or $128 for the white leather. These dining chairs are comfortable enough they could also be used for a desk chair or reading chair as well. 

Almost last but not least in our Amazon dining chair top list is the old time cool and classic chair by East West Furniture.

If you like them and want to see more, click on the picture to get redirected to Amazon website.

When you think of dining chairs sometimes you simply just want a solid wooden chair. That is exactly what you will find with this next dining chair! Whether you have oak, walnut, black, or even white, there’s a chair to match your table. These are classically designed with no frills but a solid sturdy chair that will look more expensive than it cost. They are simple to assemble and the wood manufacturing is well made.

These are perfect to class up your dining table set without having to go through the hassle of going to a furniture store. The chairs come in a set of two at $115 for the set! This type of dining chair will never go out of style!

The last one in our Amazon Dining chairs list is a stunning Black Faux leather and Walnut Wood finish chair by Armen Living.

Looking to see the product on Amazon? Click on the photo to get redirected there.

This faux leather and wood dining chair is a contemporary and modern styled chair! The design of the chair is solid wood for a reliable and long lasting chair. The faux leather upholstered seat is modern and trendy. It gives the chair a more expensive and posh look! The dining chair comes in black and grey faux leather and costs just under $95 per chair. The design is very chic while still providing comfort. At the value for the money for the design and multi-purpose it is definitely worth getting a couple of these dining chairs for your home!

While dining chairs might not be the centerpiece of your home right now, getting yourself the right set can definitely pull your entire interior design together! There is such a variety of styles, materials, and colors that no matter what you’re looking for, Amazon has the best dining chairs you can find, always at your price range

These were the Top 6 Amazon dining chairs, if you liked the post and helped you buy yours why not helping others by sharing it?

What is Amazon First Reads?

What is Amazon first reads and why you should know about it?

Amazon first reads is definitely one of the reasons why I love spending time on Amazon and searching for new books to read, at the moment you can take advantage of it only if you own a Kindle. If you don’t have one and you would like to see what options you have you can select here and see all the Kindle devices available.

What is Amazon first reads though and why you should even bother knowing? Here are some reasons why you should know and take advantage of it.

– You have early access of new books from a variety of subjects that you can read instantly on your Kindle device.
– If you have a prime Amazon membership then every month you pretty much have a free book available for you to read so if you are one of those that love books then this is something that it will make your day.
– If you are not a Prime member, no worries! You can still participate and you will have to pay only $1.99.
– You would like to read more? Even better! You can select print editions for maximum $9.99 and most of the times even less!

How do you see which of the books you can read for the current month? You can select here to see all the available first reads of the month!

What else you should know about Amazon first reads? At the moment it is available only in the US and only the Kindle unlimited subscribers can get all the new goodies for Free when they are released.

Bring your Kindle, everywhere!

What does Kindle Unlimited offers? With Kindle unlimited you will be able to have access to more than a million titles, browse months magazines and for the fans of Audiobooks, you will be able to listen thousands of those books with Audible and the best of it is that you can read it in any device with the Kindle application.

A lot of people don’t love Kindle and generally e-books because they love the feel of the book, the pages, the smell and of course the ability to write things on the spot, I totally get that and I agree but sometimes if you have a trip that you would like to and can’t really bring 2-3 books with you Kindle is ideal since you can store unlimited books and you can start any of them at any time.

I wouldn’t say that with the Amazon first reads or the Kindle unlimited you will replace the joy of reading books but you will be much more flexible and be able to “carry” more books with you and pretty much have the option to read something else if you are tired of what you are reading or it doesn’t really excite you anymore. That is the advantage of owning an e-book and that’s why you might want to have one and participate in any of these programs that Amazon offers.

What is Amazon A to Z? And why you need to know it!

Amazon Alexa, photo by Rahul Chakraborty found on Unsplash.com

It is so interesting that from the time that I started writing about Amazon and searching through the deals and gadgets I’m always finding something new about this company and services that I wasn’t even aware that they had. Amazon A to Z is one of those things, Amazon gives you the flexibility of actually not only being able to sell products that you have as a seller but also to order and buy products by a third party seller.

The Amazon A to Z program is actually a guarantee that protects the buyers that purchase products that are being sold by a third-party seller, what does that cover? The guarantee covers the fast delivery but also the condition of the items.

What does this means for you? If you are unsatisfied of any of those two or both you can report it and then you might be eligible for a refund! What would be the factors that make your refund eligible?

There are a few things that have to apply to your order in order for you to be able to report and be eligible for the Amazon A to Z guarantee, the 1st of those is that there should be more than 3 days passed after the estimated delivery date that is being shown on your orders list, the 2nd one I guess you know it and you have experienced it in the past with different deliveries, if you have received a different order than the one that you made then as you may understand you are eligible to request a return with the seller. The last factor that could match with your order is that you have returned package by a traceable shipping method and the third party seller hasn’t issued a refund.

If any of the above are matching with your case then the Amazon A to Z guarantee will protect you and refund you the amount that you have paid. Now I guess you are wondering how you can request that refund if your order is eligible for an Amazon A to Z guarantee.

Steps to request a refund, photo by Sergey Zolkin, found on Unsplash.com

How do you request a refund on an eligible order? Follow the next steps to request a refund on an eligible order

  1. Go to Amazon.com and then to your list of orders
  2. Once you locate the order that you are eligible for the refund, click problem with your order
  3. Pick the problem that you have from the list
  4. Click Request refund
  5. If you have any comments you can write them in the text box
  6. Click Submit

What you need to know before submitting an Amazon A to Z Guarantee refund: Before you submit an Amazon A to Z guarantee you will need to be aware of the following things

  • If 3 months pass after the maximum estimated delivery date then unfortunately you won’t be able to request that refund.
  • Be advised that if you have bought any digital items or any payment for services or any stored value instruments then you won’t be able to get covered for them.
  • As you may understand the guarantee is eligible only if you buy products and items from a third party seller on Amazon.com website and not on any other platform

What you need to do if you want to cancel or appeal a denied request for Amazon A to Z guarantee? There are a couple of reasons why you would like to cancel a request, sometimes we do it as a mistake or the seller could also resolve your issue much sooner so you may not need to proceed with the refund. Follow the next steps in order to cancel your request for a refund:

  1. Go to Amazon.com and then to your list of orders
  2. Click on the list and then select Problem with my order
  3. Click on Cancel request
  4. If you have any comments to add you can add them in the text box
  5. Click Submit

Another case would be if your Amazon A to Z refund gets denied and you are sure that you are eligible then you would like to go back and actually submit an appeal, in order to do that you will have to follow the same steps as above with the only difference the 3rd  part which you are going to select Appeal decision.

The Amazon A to Z guarantee is pretty cool and definitely adds an extra layer of protection to all of the buyers that are purchasing products from third party sellers but also helps those sellers get a wider audience, it is kind of a win-win situation, If you liked the post and helped you share it and let me know if you have any questions!

Why you should know about Amazon prints!

Amazon Prints, photo by Scott Webb Photography found on Unplash.com

I don’t know if you have noticed but you can print anything you want through Amazon.com. Yeap that’s right Amazon prints will change the way that you see printing, not only regular printing but any printing.

What I mean with that is that through Amazon prints you are able to any of the following:

  • Prints
  • Wall Decor e.g. custom canvas
  • Tabletop Decor for your home or at your workplace
  • Photo books for your family!
  • Cards for every occasion that you might have e.g. birthdays
  • Photo gifts like mugs

How much are Amazon prints?

It really depends on what you are printing, if you are just need a glossy photo print it can start from 0,12$ for standard size of 4×6 and it can go as high as $8.99 for Large size 11×14. For custom canvas it could start from $35 for a size of 8×10 and could around $45 if it is a birch wood wall decor.

If you are looking to print something for your workplace or home expect to pay around $25 and for photo books for your family, friends or even work the price starts at $21.99 for 20 pages and if you need more you will pay around $1.50 for 2 pages.

For cards expect to pay around 99c per card and for photo mugs around $12. The great thing about photo gifts is that it is not only mugs but pretty much anything that you are thinking about, you can print a photo on a blanket, on mousepads or even in aluminum square photos!

How do you order the Amazon prints?

Follow the next steps to order your Amazon prints

  • You will have to log in to your Amazon account
  • Click here to get redirected to the Amazon prints page
  • Select which product you will like to purchase e.g. prints, wall decor, tabletop decor, cards etc
  • Select the dimensions and photo that you will like to put
  • Order and pay!
Prints, photo by Annie Spratt found on Unsplash.com

Generally the Amazon prints have good quality for the price that you are paying, if you are looking for something very specific then it might not be the right fit for you. The unique thing about those prints is that it gives you the complete freedom to do whatever you want with any of the photos that you have or find online and on budget.

That means that if you liked something online, a quote, an amazing picture, your future house or even a goal you can print it and have it anywhere you want. It gives you the flexibility to do whatever you want with the photo that you have and that is a great tool and service.

Of course apart from that flexibility you also get the perks that Amazon has which is fast speed, free delivery with prime and of course Amazing support.

At the moment you are able to do the following Amazon prints in detail:
Tabletop Decor:
-Photo Plague
Custom Wall decor:
-Birch Wood
Standard prints:
-Pearl paper
-Lusty paper
-Glossy/Matte paper
Large prints:
-Pearl paper
-Lusty paper
-Glossy/Matte paper
Photo cards:
-You can design your own
-For Christmas and holidays
-For babies and kids
-Invitations or Announcements
-Wedding or Engagements
-Thank you photo cards

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What are Amazon Rentals?

Textbooks photo by Allie Smith found on Unplash.com

It is so exciting to see different products coming up all the time from Amazon. Amazon Rentals is definitely something that will save you cost and you will be able to get the speed and the trust that Amazon has which is amazing.

So what are the Amazon rentals and what you get by using them?

Amazon rentals is a great way for you to save money and select from a ton of books,textbooks by different authors and always with the flexibility that Amazon has. If you are a student or someone who doesn’t want to own a lot of things but you just want to get the value out of those books then Amazon rentals is a great way for you to do that.

How does it work?

First you will need to search exactly what you are looking for. E.g. if you are looking for a book or textbook for mathematics then search that, if you know also the author even better! You can find the search area for rentals here

Once you found the Amazon rental that you want then click into renting it, check the picture below! If you are looking for a hardcover then click hardcover and then rent!

With that way you will be able to save more than 50% of the initial price but still get the textbook or book that you want!

The next step is to add the book at your Rental cart and then proceed with the checkout! Once you got what you needed from the Amazon rental then you can return it for free at a drop off location.

Another great thing is that if you decide that you want to keep it you can and you can use the rental fee toward the purchase of your Amazon rental!

What you should know if you get an Amazon rental

In order for you to return the book and everything to be fine afterwards please be careful of the following

  • Of any sort of spilling on the book(water, coffee etc)
  • The pages having a normal wear and tare and not to miss any pages and anything is tapped
  • On your due date your will receive reminders from Amazon to return your Amazon rental so you will have to pay attention to your e-mail or just write down the due date(you can find also the due date online on your amazon account)
  • You can extend your rental period by 15 days or you can also renew it for another semester

I think you got a pretty good sense so far about Amazon rentals and how they can change your everyday life! This is great for all the people that live in the US, Alaska and Hawaii. I’m pretty sure that they will launch it also in other cities and countries after that so more people would be able to get this and save money!

By using Amazon rentals you also get everything else that has to do with Amazon. With that I mean that you have the fast delivery, you can return in within 30 days for any reason, extension is also pretty cool and of course the free return shipping.

If you liked my post share the love and let me know if you have any questions!

All you need to know about Amazon Gift cards

Gift Card photo by Tanya Trukyr

Who doesn’t love a Gift card? A very easy and super nice gift that all of us have given or received at any point in our lives. Sometimes though it is difficult to define and see what gift card to give if you don’t know the person well, at that point the Amazon gift card is the best solution.

With the Amazon gift card the person will be able to buy whatever she or he wants from more than 130 private-label brands and more than 300 Amazon exclusive brands and all that at exceptional delivery time.

The great thing about Amazon gift card is that it gives you a variety of options for you to choose from. You can choose eGift cards, Mail delivery, Animated eGift cards, cards that you can print at home but also you can buy an Amazon gift card that is correlated with specialty brands. This is the best option if you know the person well, those specialty brands are the following:

  • App Store & Itunes
  • Best buy
  • Starbucks
  • Whole foods
  • Uber
  • Airbnb
  • Audible and much more!

If you would like to buy a specialty Amazon gift card click here

Which are top 3 best sellers in Amazon gift cards?

Amazon.com gift card design

1) The first one by far in terms of customer reviews is the Happy birthday eGift card, which is very easy to to buy and so easy to give it to someone, either by email, text message or even buy sharing link to any of the Apps that you use e.g. Facebook, Whatsapp etc.

The format is also great, since you have can either create it as a standard, animated or even put your photo in! In terms of design you get a lot of options to send it depending on what you are celebrating, check some of the options below

  • Anniversary
  • Birthdays
  • Chanukah, Diwali, Easter, Thanksgiving
  • Mothers and Fathers day
  • Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer and much more

2) The Amazon gift card in a black gift box. This one is also a great card with nice design and nested inside a specialty gift box and has free one-day shipping in locations where it is available. It is definitely a great gift card for friends or family that you don’t know what they want to buy and with that you give them the opportunity to buy whatever they want! Click here to see the black gift box on Amazon website!

3) Amazon gift card in a Birthday pop-up box, this is such a funny and nice way to give someone the Amazon gift card. Much better than just sending it through a text or shared link because it keeps the genuine gesture of giving a gift. Small to carry and always a great way for you to buy a last minute gift.

Where to buy Amazon gift cards?

You can buy them pretty much everywhere, starting from the pretty much obvious which is Amazon Website to participating retail stores(believe me, they are a lot) but also the grocery, drug and convenience stores near you.

Where to buy Amazon gift cards in a participating retail store?

Most of the gift cards are always in a designated position inside a store, either close to the counter or in any other area on a stand and there you will be able to find the Amazon gift cards with also other gift cards that you can choose. Find below some of the participating well known retail stores.

  • 7-Eleven
  • Best-buy
  • Maceys
  • Rite Aid
  • Sears
  • CVS Pharmacy and much more

Did you know that you can purchase Amazon Gift cards for Business?

Yes, that’s right! You can give to your employees incentives and Amazon offers flexible gift cards for your business with no fees associated. If you are interested in the Amazon gift cards for your business you should know the following:

  • Amazon incentives program requires the first purchase to start from $1000 or more
  • You can use them as employee incentives, customer rewards, research participation, payment disbursements or anything else that comes in your mind
  • The products that available for bulk purchase are physical Amazon gift cards, email gift cards, claim codes and Swift-Claim

What is Swift-Claim? Swift-Claim is a great option to deposit an Amazon gift card directly into your recipient’s Amazon account, they log in, they see it and get excited!

So this was everything that you need to know about Amazon Gift cards, they are such a great and fast way for you to make a great gift to your friends or beloved ones. Sometimes it is also the best and only way for you to guarantee that the person will buy something that they like because even if the amount of the card isn’t close to what they looking for they can use it and pay the remaining out of their balance.

If you liked the post please share the love and let me know your experience using or purchasing the Amazon gift card to your friends or beloved ones!

How to get paid for your Used Items using Amazon Trade In service!

Amazon logo

When I first saw this I really liked the concept, Amazon has all this great services that most of the people aren’t aware of and it could really change the perspective of some things.

We are a generation of mobility and people moving towards the belief and life that do not want to own a lot of things, with Amazon Trade in Service you are able to receive Amazon.com Gift cards in exchange for eligible items and of course that includes any Amazon devices, video games, cell phones and books.

So How does Amazon Trade In works? First things first, you will need to ship the product to them so they evaluate the condition of the product and then quote you with the amount of the gift card.

How do you do that? You will need to follow the next steps

  • Go to the Amazon Trade in Store and search for the eligible items
  • Select the items that you would like to trade-in and the condition of your items
  • You will need to input afterwards the address which you will ship the items which is also the address which they are going to be returned
  • Proceed with the steps and click confirm to print your UPS shipping label and then ship the items by the date that is indicated

*If you would like more items, search for more items to trade-in!

What’s next on the Amazon Trade in steps?

You will be able to see the status of your trade-in on your Amazon trade in account, considering your location the review of your items could take up to 10 business days so you will have to have to be a bit patience! From the time that your items arrive at Amazon then within 2 Business days you will get informed if your items were accepted or rejected and if rejected you will also be able to see from your account the reason why!

Generally if the products are in a good condition and meet the criteria all of them would be accepted. As criteria Amazon states that the product should of course match the title, version, size and color that you have selected. Unlocked and deregistered devices e.g. ICloud won’t be accepted.

Amazon Trade in feature is a great solution for you who you have old stuff or would you like to do an update. E.g. you have the older version of the Kindle device and you would like to update to the new one, you can give back your old one get a gift card and pay the difference only.

Hope this post helped you make some money with your used products! Share your trade-ins and let’s see who made more!      

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Why you should know Amazon’s 14 Leadership Principles!

80/20 Pareto Law photo, Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Amazon is one of the most well-known companies globally, keeps on expanding into many different fronts e.g grocery shopping, hand crafted items and much more. Did you know that Amazon is owning a lot of other companies such as Whole foods, Zappos, Twitch, Audible and other successful good companies that joined the group?

It is great to see how much it has grown as a company, the beliefs that hold an organization that is being evolving so fast but be able to keep its values to its customers.

So What is Amazon known for? And which are Amazon leadership principles?

It is known for its so fast delivery, being able to keep it is customers always happy and always insist on the highest standards even if the products are partially used e.g. the Amazon Warehouse Deals!

I’m pretty sure that some of Amazon leadership principles you already know just by understanding and being a customer or heard about any action that the company does from some other person.

So which are the Amazon leadership principles and why you should know them?

In everything that Amazon does those principles are included e.g. meetings, discussing new ideas or the best approach to an obstacle or solving a problem. If you are creating a product or tackling a problem it would be great for you to see and understand those principles.

1. Customer Obsession: I’m sure you would expect that to be one of the Amazon leadership principles and we all see it, everything that Amazon does always starts with the customer and then they see how they can make it work. E.G. the delivery time. They started with a plan to decrease the delivery time and be able to give us the products as fast as they can and was the first company I think that did that, if you were discussing in the past of same day delivery you would be considered a lunatic but now it is a business standard and they totally did that on their own.

2. Ownership: Not only be able to get something done but think about long-term value and never sacrifice that for short-term results. Everyone should act on behalf of the company as a whole and not just their team.

3. Invent and Simplify: Leaders are always looking to improve the current processes and they should understand that once a change happens it might take some time for people to accept it.

4. Are Right, A Lot: Leaders should be able to get diverse ideas and explore different perspectives, working in an environment which always changes they have to be right but always challenge themselves to think differently.

5. Learn and be curious: This has to do with never settling, leaders should always keep on learning new things and seek to improve themselves. They should be curious of what new is going on in their sector and explore new ideas.

6. Hire and Develop the best: Super important principle for leaders, you will need always to be very precise and careful with the hiring. You have to constantly raise the bar and bring people of value to your team that not only cheer up but also be able to coach and invent mechanisms for development.

7. Number seven is to insist on highest standards: Leaders have to insist on the highest standards because only like this the bar will be keep on be raising!

8. Always Think Big: This should be a principle for everyone apart from leaders, thinking big makes you push yourself forward and as Amazon says with communicating a bold direction you will inspire results.

9. Bias for Action: Being able to be a leader you will have to take the right decision on the right time and this is what is this about, being able to value calculated risk taking.

10. Frugality: Leaders on Amazon want to be able to accomplish more with less and this has nothing to do with the budget, the headcount or the expense.

11. Earn Trust: Being able to earn the trust of you subordinates and anyone that you communicate is something big and difficult. Being able to listen and treat everyone with respect is one of the most important principles in Amazon.

12. Dive Deep: Being able to do things fast but not stay on the surface, Leaders should be able to operate at all levels and stay connected with everyone. I really liked the phrase that they use “No task is beneath them” that also justifies that even as a leader you will have to see and do everything, you will not differentiate yourself from any task.

13. Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit: This is in a deeper level in terms of how the leaders should approach when they disagree or challenge decisions. Either way they will have to commit wholly.

14. Deliver Results: It is so so clear, If you ask anyone, they will definitely say that Amazon drives results and that can be easily seen by the Growth and how many things they are doing at the same time. This principle means that despite any setbacks, leaders should rise and find a solution, never settle!

I hope you liked the article and looking forward for your comments on the Amazon leadership principles. Try some of those and share with me your experiences!

What is Amazon Warehouse and why you should check it!

Amazon pickup and returns, photo by Bryan Angelo on Unsplash

Amazon is innovating everyday with so many different ways and products that is a bit difficult sometimes to be on top of everything. Amazon Warehouse is a super cool selection of quality used products that you can get on discounted prices, if you are looking into specific products or sections it is always good beforehand to do a quick sneak peek into the amazon warehouse deal page.

You can find the warehouse deal page here, on the page you have the option to buy quality used products for almost any department on Amazon. It has from Books, Electronics, Appliances, and Games to Arts and Crafts and Groceries.

You are going to ask me now, how about the quality? Personally I’ve tried the service a couple of times and all of them were in a great condition. It is not a secret that Amazon has very strict standards about the condition and the function of the items that they sell so you don’t need be concerned about that.

Condition of the goods

What is great though is the condition column: From that you will be able to see exactly the condition of each product and also what to expect. E.g some of those might miss the manual or the packaging is damaged, some others might have a cosmetic imperfection. If you don’t really care about those details then you would be able to be get discounted price on great products.

Don’t forget that some imperfection can be easily covered by a case. E.g If you are looking to buy a laptop or a phone and something is a bit scratched that could easily be covered.

From the delivery column you will be also able to see the delivery time and if the product is eligible about free shipping or not.

Delivery and Seller information

Last thing that I’m sure that you might have a question since I was also thinking about is the returning policy of Amazon Warehouse items. So as Amazon says in most cases used or open box that is purchased from Amazon Warehouse and shipped by them can be returned within 30 days of the proof of the payment and receipt.

You just need to make sure to check the delivery section and see that product is being shipped by them, also certified refurbished items sold by Amazon Warehouse can be returned within 90 days which is pretty awesome.

Overall, the Amazon Warehouse deals is a great option for you who are looking to get a product in a discount and you don’t really care for some small imperfections that could be easily hided or fixed. So if you are one of those then will definitely makes sense for you and for sure will save you some bucks!

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