Definitely check out these Indestructible shoes on Amazon.

This is one of the most awesome ideas I’ve seen and they seem great, definitely a big change to the work shoes and they do look much cooler now, the following are the best Amazon indestructible shoes that you can find and I promise they will change the way you see working shoes.

Who would have thought that this day will come, we all think boots when someone is referring to working shoes, the indestructible shoes look amazing and they are also available in many different colors and shapes, I guess also a lot more brands are going and consider getting into this now and we will most probably seem much more new and different variations of indestructible shoes.

The first one in our Amazon indestructible shoes list are by Xunruo company.

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Such a great pair right? It is available in many different colors, the one above is the 825 Green there is available in Grey, Red or Pink.

What are the features of these shoes?

  • It has slip-resistant Outsole sole.
  • They do have the steel toe for anyone who is wondering and that will protect your toes with a hard plate that is on the front of the shoes.
  • In comparison with other working shoes this ones is lightweight and breathable so it will provide protection but also look cool.

The next one in our Amazon indestructible shoes list are by Ceville company.

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This is a great shoe with rubber sole and available in the black color that you see in the picture, looks like a running shoe but it is actually a working shoe and you will make yourself protected with it.

What are the features of these shoes?

  • They also have steel-toe and it will help you remain protected from anything unexpected, the steel toe box makes your toes breath and it also allows room to move and flex.
  • In comparison with other working shoes these are comfortable and breathable, they are made of advanced flyknit which ensures comfort.
  • You won’t slip, the rubber soles are ultra-wear resistant, shockproof and resilient.

The third one in our Amazon indestructible shoes list are by LARNMERN company.

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These are one of the best indestructible shoes, excellent material and of course the steel toe cap and bulletprood midsole, this one in comparison with all the others is available in many different colors and pretty much in any color that you might want.

What should you know about these shoes?

  • They are equipped with protective steel toe that has been tested and certified to meet or exceed the authority ASTM F2413-18 standards.
  • You got everything you need underneath, they are slip resistant and made by durable sole made of rubber and that makes you protected on wet or oily ground.
  • They are light and very comfortable with a reflective stripe in the back so you are protected also at night, you will definitely be seen.

The last but not least favorable Amazon Indestructible shoes are by Drecage company.

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Very cool and stylish shoes that everyone that checks them out never understands that these are working shoes, available in different colors from grey, black/red, black/white to faded grey.

What should you know about these shoes?

  • Equipped with a steel toe that can absorb forces of 200 +- 4J and compression of 15000N.
  • What about the Midsole? Midsole can bear forces >=12000 N.
  • As the others it is breathable and has a soft inner cushioning that helps avoid any moisture when wet.
  • Cause of its style and capabilities it could be a multi-use shoe apart from a construction site they can be used as well as hiking shoes.

These were the Best Amazon Indestructible shoes, if you liked the post and helped you decide which one to get, then why not helping others as well by sharing it?

The Best Amazon Shoe Racks

What is one item that always seems to pile up without you noticing? Not the dishes, I’m talking about shoes! So easily a pile of shoes can accumulate by the door or in the back of your closet.

The best way to combat this issue is to find an Amazon shoe rack that matches your needs! Depending on your space, you may need something tall and narrow, wide and thin, or something in between! I’ve looked through Amazon and found seven of the best Amazon shoe racks that range in size, look, color, and functionality. I’m confident if you like one of the shoe racks on this list, it will definitely make a difference in organizing your home!

The first one in our Amazon shoe rack list is by the Honey-Can-Do company.

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This three tier bamboo shelf is perfect for someone with a small collection of shoes. The rack can hold nine to twelve pairs of shoes, or feel free to mix and match with shoes and your accessories. The slanted shelving allows you to easily fit and see all shoes at once and is extremely durable. As it its made from bamboo it is extremely easy to clean and is also moisture resistant. The dimensions are a great size as well, two and a half feet wife and just over a foot deep, allows this shoe rack to fit in your closet or even outside near a doorway, without taking up too much space! For the price of $31.49, this is one of the best durable and stylish shoe racks you will find! 

The next one in our Amazon shoe rack list is by Simple trading company.

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If you’re looking for something a bit larger that can hold more shoes, this 5-tier shoe with side pockets is perfect! What’s great about this shoe rack other than the holding capacity is the flexibility it offers! If you are looking for something large, you are able to purchase two and make them stackable.

You can adjust the height of the shelves to allow different heights for different types of shoes. Additionally, you can connect multiple side by side by expanding the shelving outwards to create a bridge. The possibilities are endless! The shoe rack comes in a bronze color and can hold between fifteen and eighteen pairs of shoes. The shelves are made of polyester canvas and the siding tubes are thickened metal to ensure there is no breakage. The side pockets are perfectly convenient for slides, flats, sandals, or even slippers! With the flexibility, durability, and convenient size, for only $25 this shoe rack will definitely solve all your shoe organization needs!

The 3rd in our Amazon shoe rack list is by Tangkula company.

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This Amazon shoe rack is actually more of a shoe stand! If you have limited space, this is the shoe rack for you! It organizes the shoes vertically rather than horizontally, so it can easily fit in any corner of the house or apartment! It has seven open shelves, that you can adjust to different heights if you like to fit each and every shoe style you have.

The shoe rack is eleven inches wide and just under four feet tall in the small size. You can also opt for the large size, which the same seven shelves but expands the width to a foot and a half! The shoe rack comes in black or white to match any interior of your home! While this is a bit more expensive, ranging between $69 to $79 depending on the size, it is made from high quality wood to ensure that even at a taller height, your shoe rack will not wobble. This shoe rack is perfect for any room without taking up space from your other belongings!

Next one in our Amazon shoe rack list is by Kings Brand Furniture.

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For a bit of a fancier shoe rack, this revolving, lazy-Susan type of shoe rack is very unique! It offers 4 shelves, with two separate tiers that revolve and spin around 360 degrees. The product is made of laminated wood and comes in two colors: white and chocolate. What I love about this shoe rack is not only does it rotate so you can easily see all pairs of shoes inside, whenever you need, but it is very high quality and stylish looking.

The product is just about two feet in diameter, and three and a half feet tall, so it really does not take up too much space at all! The top of the shoe rack is also flat, this gives you the ability to add either more, taller shoes on the top, or any decorative or additional item you like! This shoe rack costs $95.99, but for the quality of the product and thee unique revolving factor, it is truly a different type of shoe rack than you can find in any store!

The 5th one in our Best Amazon shoe rack list is by KOUSI company.

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The portable shoe rack organizer is similar in appearance to a cabinet than your usual shoe rack! This product creates cubbies for your shoes and even has a front cover, so your shoes are not exposed and can be neatly hidden in your home when you’re not wearing them. Each cube is meant to hold two rows of two pairs of shoes and can support up to twenty two pounds. The cubes are very easy to open with a quick lift up front. They also offer the flexibility to remove the partition, which would allow you to store two taller boots or shoes inside, such as winter boots or rain boots.

The materials of the shoe rack is not only water-proof but also dust resistant to provide a clean space for your most prized shoes! It is very light weight so you can easily move around your home if you choose to re-decorate. The shoe rack comes in four different sizes depending on how many shoes you have to store, and ranges in price between $55 to $102 depending on the size. The DIY assembly is easy and you can customize the product to make it fit exactly as you like!

Next one in our Amazon shoe rack list is the total black by SONGMICS.

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Have a lot of shoes and looking for something that will fit inside your closet or in your hallway? This 10-tier shoe rack could be exactly what you need! This shoe rack has abundant storage space and versatility to move the shelves around to the height you need. It is extremely easy to assemble, and can hold up to twenty-seven pairs of shoes! This is great considering the size – it is less than two feet long and less than a foot deep. It is quite tall – about five feet, so maybe sure if it is a closet there is not a clothing bar or shelving in the way.

This product also has two other features: a side pocket for smaller shoes or additional accessories, as well as a front down flap. This can easily be rolled up or down depending if you want to showcase your shoes, or keep them hidden and organized. Simply release the holder and the curtain comes down so to speak! For such a large and multi-use item, it is quite affordable at $35.98. I recommend the black color, but it also comes in grey if you want something different!

The last but not least in our Best Amazon shoe rack list is by Seville company.

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Our final shoe rack is basic, but extremely reliable and liked by others. With over twelve thousand reviews, you can see why this shoe rack made the list! It is a simple iron-tiered frame that comes in three sizes: 3-tier, 6-tier, and 9-tier. Not to worry if you’re not sure what size to get, you can always purchase another afterwards and they are easily stackable! This shoe rack comes in additional styles and colors as well: two colors between Espresso and Saint Pewter, as well as two styles: Resin Slat or Iron Mesh for where the shoes sit on. You can really make this shoe rack your own!

Another great feature this shoe rack has that you will not see on every tiered shoe rack, is the screw-in leveling feet. This ensures your shoe rack is stable and your shoes are secure on it. As it has many different finishes and styles, the shoe rack can be placed in the entranceway, in your bedroom, or in your closet as you prefer. The prices start at just $30 for the 3-tier. From the positive reviews and great features the shoe rack offers, I think it is one of the best items you can buy on Amazon!

As you can see, you can definitely find an Amazon shoe rack that fits your needs. Whether you have a specific color in mind, size, or style, there are multiple options that offer flexibility along with reliability to ensure your shoes are kept in an organized manner! 

These are the 5 most expensive Amazon Hoodies

Who thought that Amazon hoodies would be this expensive? That’s exactly what I thought as I was scrolling through the website, you know the sort by option in the top right corner right? its there so I wondered how much they could be? So I checked them out and wanted to show you the 5 most expensive hoodies that I found.

Would you guess how much would they would start from? Think about it for a second, before we dive in and then show you each one of them.

First one on the most expensive Amazon hoodies list is what else but a Gucci one.

Gucci Women's Cotton Embroidery Sweatshirt Hoodie Brown
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This Gucci Women’s hoodie does start from $850 per item which is a bit out of what you may initial thought right? It has the signature and the design of the well known brand, fixed hood and over-sized fit. It is 85% cotton and 15% poly-amide which means that it is extra soft, would you ever think to purchase a hoodie that expensive or not?

Next to our Amazon hoodie list is a Men’s Moncler Hoodie

Moncler Men's Ivory Fuzzy Pullover Jacket Hoodie (S)
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This Moncler Ivory and fuzzy hoodie will cost you $750 to make it yours! Anyone is interested? Will definitely make you feel warm but still it is a bit expensive and out of the pay range from some of us!

Which is going to be the third on the most expensive Amazon hoodie list? It is a Supreme New York Hoodie.

SupremeNewYork Supreme Cat in The Hat Hoodie Hooded Sweatshirt Black FW18 100% Authentic Real -Designer Sold Out Rare- (Small)
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Generally you might have guessed or seen that Supreme items are pretty expensive but how much would you pay for a hoodie? The above Supreme New York “Cat in the hat” as it is called, hooded sweatshirt will cost you to get it $599.

What would be next? The next one of the list of the most expensive Amazon hoodies is the Nike Mens Undercover hoodie.

Nike Mens NRG Undercover Hoodie CD7524-010 Size 2XL Black/White
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Definitely a different style and a new touch in this hoodie, it is lightweight and the fleece that it has will keep your body warm when the weather cools like these days. To make it yours you will have to pay a bit more than the regular hoodies but why not adding it into the collection? It will cost you $341.

Next one is one of the same brand and personally I think the most stylish one of the Amazon expensive hoodies.

Nike Mens NSW Tech Pack Wnterized Full Zip Hoodie Engineered BV4617-072 Size XL
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Really a different style with which is going to add a new and unique touch to your everyday activities. It is “equipped” with the Nick Tech Fleece sandwiches which is an insulating layer of airy cotton between the jersey fabric and that provides extra warmth without you though having all this extra weight. The price that you will pay to get this great hoodie would be $337.

You didn’t expect for them to be these expensive right? These were the 5 most expensive Amazon hoodies, if you liked the post share it and let me know what you think!

The Must-have Winter Jackets for Women on Amazon

Helpful insights and writing on this post by Ms Elizabeth Benton

We are well into the winter season, and with the holidays behind us, it’s time to focus on you! If you’re like me, during your holiday shopping you found a hundred and one items that you thought “I’d like that…” Now is the time to put the wrapping paper away and search for something you can spend on yourself and that you’ll use every day this season! Here are the top stylish, cozy, and affordable Amazon women winter jackets on this season!

Long Down Jacket:

Orolay Women's Thickened Down Jacket Green 2XS
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The Orolay Jacket is a fool-proof selection for a long down jacket this winter! It has zipper closure to ensure you are kept warm in even the coldest of days. They are water-resistant and windproof, without being too heavy. It stays fashionable without being bulky and is convenient! This jacket has six pockets for whatever you may need. Another great and convenient feature of this jacket is the side zippers, which gives extra room for you to easily open and close them when you need!

Not only does the jacket itself have many features, but it comes in an array of colors and sizes. The sizes range from XX-Small to 5XL, so weather you want a more fitted look or a cozy oversized look, they have you covered! For colors, there are six to choose from: Beige, Black, Grey, Green Red, and Navy. I personally recommend the black, which can easily match with all of your winter scarves and accessories, or green for something different!

The pricing ranges between $139.99-149.99 depending on the size and color you choose. At this price, you won’t find a better deal for some as trendy and warm as this down jacket!

The next product in our list of Amazon Women winter jackets is the Packable Light Weight Short Down Jacket

Wantdo Women's Hooded Packable Ultra Light Weight Short Down Jacket Black 2XL
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Wantdo makes an amazing jacket for women at a price you won’t believe! Their hooded jacket is not only ultra light weight but also packable! This is really the ideal jacket for any vacation or trip you may be going on. It’s easy to put into the little pouch it comes with and pack away! The material is breathable enough that while it is keeping you warm, you will not get overheated! It is water repellent so even if you accidentally get wet, you’ll still be warm inside! The elastic cuffs and hem help to keep the wind out as well.

The jacket comes with four pockets total. Two pockets are in the front and zippered, and two additional inside pockets. The inside pockets are deep and very convenient for storing small but easy to reach items such as keys or a phone. Another unique feature that this jacket has that you will not find in most jackets, is the media port for your earphones line. The opening allows you to fasten and hold your headphones cords in place in case you are running, hiking, or doing any activities in your new short down jacket! 

This Amazon jacket comes in a variety of twelve different colors at just under $60. If you enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking in different climates of weather, this jacket is not to be missed!

Next in the must-have Amazon Women winter jackets list is the Teddy Bear Jacket

PRETTYGARDEN Women's Fashion Long Sleeve Lapel Zip Up Faux Shearling Shaggy Oversized Coat Jacket with Pockets Warm Winter (Khaki, Medium)
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The teddy bear style jacket is a cozy trend this winter! With faux shearling, 2 styles, and 9 colors, this oversized coat priced at $31.99 has a color and style for everyone!

What I love about this jacket by Pretty Garden, is that you immediately feel comfortable and cozy in it. It is oversized to provide warmth but the style of this trend can make it versatile for anytime! You can wear it with a sweater for a super cold day, or use it as a coat over a dress for a night outfit! 

The two different styles lets you choose which option works best for you. The first is a zipper closure with two large front pockets. This is your classic teddy bear jacket, meant to be oversized and cozy. The large pockets are a great benefit and blend in nicely with the jacket overall. The second includes a button detail on the front and two hidden side pockets. This style is great for a a more formal look. The four buttons in the front add a great detail to the jacket to give it an upscale look, without the high price! It can be worn open or buttoned close with an interior button. Either style you select, you can guarantee it will be soft!

My personal choice when it comes to color is the classic khaki color for the teddy bear style coats, or if you’re in the mood for something a little brighter, the white. Both of these options can go with all of your outfits, from basic jeans to dressy slacks and more!

Last one in our must-have Amazon Women Winter jacket list is the Wool Parka Jacket

alpine swiss Duffy Womens Black Wool Coat Fur Trim Hooded Parka Jacket XL
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One jacket that will never go out of style is a wool jacket – everyone should have one of these In their closets! Alpine Swiss currently offers a beautiful fur-trimmed hooded wool jacket on Amazon. This jacket has amazing features I will share with you!

What I love most about this jacket is the the design. First, it has four classic toggle buttons down the front. These can be buttoned as an extra protection against the cold or left open for fashion! Next, the hood is a great feature you don’t get with every wool jacket, which is a huge plus. The hood has a faux-fur trim and the entire thing can easily be removed by a zipper in order to change up the look of the jacket. With the fur-trimmed hood on, it has a winter-y cozy look. With the hood off, it is a classic piece that you can even wear during the autumn and fall time as well! Lastly, the length of the jacket is perfect for winter. It is mid-thigh length, so it is a little longer than a short jacket without being oversized. It has a warm satin interior but is slim to keep you trendy all winter! All of these features can be found in the four colors the jacket offers: Black, Gray, Navy, and Burgundy. 

The wool jacket fits as expected, but if you know you like to layer underneath, I suggest going one size up. The jacket is just under $50.00 and you won’t find a deal like this anywhere else! The quality, fit, and design make this simple wool jacket a true fashion statement that everyone needs to have!

This was the post with the must-have Amazon Women Winter jackets, if you liked the post and helped you with the cold season help also others by sharing it and liking it! 🙂

You should try the Amazon Wardrobe and here is why!

Amazon Wardrobe photo by Cluttersnap found on

We all want to go to stores and see the products but let’s be honest with that we minimize how many products we can actually see on our shopping spree and sometimes we are not satisfy with what we find.

Amazon Wardrobe gives you the flexibility to try things before you buy and that is for only the Prime members of, with Amazon Wardrobe you can choose up to 8 items, will pay only for what you will keep and of course there are free and easy returns fulfilled by them.

We all had our second thoughts when buying clothes online and that’s why we were ending up going in stores and that is totally understandable, Amazon wardrobe takes our second thoughts out since if you try it and you don’t like it you just return it easily through the website or app.

Amazon wardrobe has 2 services:

The Prime wardrobe which you can ship up to 8 items with 7-day try-on period and you will pay only for what you will keep and that is included in the prime membership. It has also something else which is quite interesting the project is called personal shopper by prime wardrobe and with that you get also styled per month. Personal shopper costs an extra of $4.99/month but if you are one of those people that don’t know what to wear or can’t match easily what they have then this service would be great fit for you.

Click on the following links to check the Amazon Wardrobe:

For Women

For Men

Is Prime Wardrobe free?

The Prime Wardrobe is free for Prime members, I suggest you get the prime membership if you haven’t already done so, it gives you so many things from prime music to prime wardrobe and discounts.

How do you return the Amazon Wardrobe items?

The process of returning those items it is pretty easy you should do the following

-Log in through your account and go to your orders

-Once you are on your orders page then select return

How many items can you try using the service?

You will have to add at least 2 items and up to 8 items at one time

From the Amazon Wardrobe page which you can find it here, you can shop by category e.g. for women you can choose clothing, shoes, jewelry or handbags. You can shop also by style, if let’s say you are looking to buy an outfit for a specific occasion you can shop by cool style, casual, romantic or classic.

It is much easier to navigate and gives you a lot of options, you can also sort by your favorite brand or color, being able to try the items and then return them with Amazon’s speed and reliability it is one of the most hassle free things that I did. You can also try different online stores which they might have a bit more variety of items but you will not have the convenience of the fast return from your own house.

If you liked my post, please share the love and can’t wait to hear what you bought!