Did you know about Amazon gift wrap?


You use Amazon to buy things you love and to buy presents for special occasions to you, your friends or beloved ones but does amazon gift wrap? It does and it does have a lot of ways apart from the classic Amazon gift wrap, Amazon do also offers gift wrap to almost all items fulfilled by it and some other selected merchants.

Now you would most probably ask, What does Amazon gift wrap includes?

It includes a couple of things such as:

  • The gift wrap which is a box or bag depending on the item.
  • A nice and stylish decorative ribbon.
  • And a personalized card that you can write a message to the receiver if you want.

What if you want to make your own gift wrap? If you would like to get and try ways to make your present much more attractive or to add a bit more excitement to it, you can use hundreds of different varieties of Amazon gift wrap. There is something for every taste, any color shape or dimension of wrapping paper, colorful wrap bows to finish it off and unique bags to put it into.

What would you need to make an excellent gift wrap? In order to make a perfect inside out present you will need the following items.

  • Number 1 thing to start is to find your Gift wrap paper, there is literally everything that you would want and even those that you might have not thought about.
  • After you got your nice wrapping paper you will need something to wrap it around it and make it steady, that would be your ribbon.
  • Once you wrap around the ribbon its time to add the bow.
  • The last thing you need in order to perfect your Amazon gift wrap is the bag to put your ready present in, the bag with the papers coming out of is the last touch to make present to remember.

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What is Amazon Blacksmith?

Do you have a twitch account and you are wondering what is Amazon blacksmith? or just want to get to know more information in what Amazon is cooking in many different platforms? As you may know Amazon has a lot of different ways that works and helps individuals to get into their associates program and this is what Amazon blacksmith is.

It let’s you configure lists with the products that you prefer and recommend and that will appear on your channel with that it makes you earn through the Amazon associates on Twitch.

How is Amazon Blacksmith visible on Twitch? It can be visible in two forms, the first form is in a panel extension which looks like a channel page and the second one as a component or overlay.

What are the benefits of using Amazon blacksmith?

  • It is fast and easy and it will make you earn some more income.
  • If your viewers ask you about the gear that you are using on your live and they want to see or even buy it with Amazon blacksmith you will be able to redirect them fast on your channel.
  • You earn faster than you think, depending on your viewers you can earn a referral fee for products that your viewers have purchased.

How can I use it and what are the percentages of the fees that I will get?

  • It is pretty easy to use and the only thing to do in order to be able to use it is to be a twitch partner and affiliate and join the associates program.
  • Digital video games are up to 10%, Luxury beauty are up to 12%, PC products are 4% and video games 2%.

Is it easy to get paid using Amazon blacklist? As all the Amazon associates programs, it is pretty easy for you to get paid the only thing that you need to do is to set up your payment and tax information.

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How to Cancel Amazon Music?

Who doesn’t love music right? Amazon music is a great way for you to listen music if you have a prime membership but for a lot of reasons you might want to cancel. On the next steps I will show you how to cancel your Amazon music account fast and efficient so you don’t see any recurring charges on the next month.

Follow the next steps in order to be able to cancel your Amazon music accounts successfully and in no time.

  • You need to log in on your Amazon music account from here https://music.amazon.com/home
  • When you log in you need to scroll all the way down on the left down corner and you should click under My subscription the “Prime Music”
  • Once you select the Prime music then you will get redirected on your Amazon music settings page.
  • From your Amazon music settings page you will select “Manage your prime membership”
  • Once that is done you will be able to see on the top right of your screen “Manage Membership” , Update,cancel and more.
  • When that is selected you will be able to select to end your membership.

And that’s it just by doing the above steps you will be able to successfully cancel your Amazon music account. If the above helped you do it fast and efficient why not sharing the post and helping other as well?

How can you find the Amazon customer service phone faster?!

Amazon is a huge company and is pretty much everywhere with many different numbers and ways to contact either the different suppliers or the company itself. I wanted to write and dedicate this post in order to help you find much faster the Amazon customer service phone so you can get your problem solved quickly and efficient! So where do you start?

Depending on the issue they are a couple of ways that you can contact Amazon, the first one that they do recommend if you are just wondering where your items are is the Chat function, if you would like to directly chat with them select here.

If you want to call them or email them and get the issued solved sooner or later then you can call/email them on the below numbers and email:

  • 1-888-280-4331 for the US and Canada.
  • 1-206-266-2992 International.
  • For e-mail inquiries: cs-reply@amazon.com

If you are not sure exactly what is best to do with your issue/problem that you are facing then the best way to contact and find the best possible way to reach out to the Amazon customer service is to navigate to the Help page from here.

From that page scroll all the way down where it says “Need more help?” and then select “Contact Us”

Then in order to identify which is the right person to help you can start inputting the information that is needed on the “Tell us more” tab.

From there you need to select the issue that you are having and the website will guide you on the appropriate way to contact in order to solve your issue faster, there are a couple of things that could happen so that’s why in order not for your to lose any time by looking for the Amazon customer service phone this is the faster way to get your problem fixed.

The selections in order to identify the problem better are the below:

  • Where’s my stuff?
  • Problem with an order.
  • Returns and refunds.
  • Gift cards.
  • Payment issues.
  • Change an order.
  • Issues with promotions and deals or deals.
  • More order issues.
  • Phishing or scam inquiries.

By selecting those options, Amazon will give you the best way to contact them either chat, e-mail or Amazon customer service phone number. From those options they do also offer fast solutions and fixes and if it is something simple you might be able to solve it without calling the Amazon customer service phone and just doing it yourself, nice and easy!

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What is Amazon First Reads?

What is Amazon first reads and why you should know about it?

Amazon first reads is definitely one of the reasons why I love spending time on Amazon and searching for new books to read, at the moment you can take advantage of it only if you own a Kindle. If you don’t have one and you would like to see what options you have you can select here and see all the Kindle devices available.

What is Amazon first reads though and why you should even bother knowing? Here are some reasons why you should know and take advantage of it.

– You have early access of new books from a variety of subjects that you can read instantly on your Kindle device.
– If you have a prime Amazon membership then every month you pretty much have a free book available for you to read so if you are one of those that love books then this is something that it will make your day.
– If you are not a Prime member, no worries! You can still participate and you will have to pay only $1.99.
– You would like to read more? Even better! You can select print editions for maximum $9.99 and most of the times even less!

How do you see which of the books you can read for the current month? You can select here to see all the available first reads of the month!

What else you should know about Amazon first reads? At the moment it is available only in the US and only the Kindle unlimited subscribers can get all the new goodies for Free when they are released.

Bring your Kindle, everywhere!

What does Kindle Unlimited offers? With Kindle unlimited you will be able to have access to more than a million titles, browse months magazines and for the fans of Audiobooks, you will be able to listen thousands of those books with Audible and the best of it is that you can read it in any device with the Kindle application.

A lot of people don’t love Kindle and generally e-books because they love the feel of the book, the pages, the smell and of course the ability to write things on the spot, I totally get that and I agree but sometimes if you have a trip that you would like to and can’t really bring 2-3 books with you Kindle is ideal since you can store unlimited books and you can start any of them at any time.

I wouldn’t say that with the Amazon first reads or the Kindle unlimited you will replace the joy of reading books but you will be much more flexible and be able to “carry” more books with you and pretty much have the option to read something else if you are tired of what you are reading or it doesn’t really excite you anymore. That is the advantage of owning an e-book and that’s why you might want to have one and participate in any of these programs that Amazon offers.

What is Amazon A to Z? And why you need to know it!

Amazon Alexa, photo by Rahul Chakraborty found on Unsplash.com

It is so interesting that from the time that I started writing about Amazon and searching through the deals and gadgets I’m always finding something new about this company and services that I wasn’t even aware that they had. Amazon A to Z is one of those things, Amazon gives you the flexibility of actually not only being able to sell products that you have as a seller but also to order and buy products by a third party seller.

The Amazon A to Z program is actually a guarantee that protects the buyers that purchase products that are being sold by a third-party seller, what does that cover? The guarantee covers the fast delivery but also the condition of the items.

What does this means for you? If you are unsatisfied of any of those two or both you can report it and then you might be eligible for a refund! What would be the factors that make your refund eligible?

There are a few things that have to apply to your order in order for you to be able to report and be eligible for the Amazon A to Z guarantee, the 1st of those is that there should be more than 3 days passed after the estimated delivery date that is being shown on your orders list, the 2nd one I guess you know it and you have experienced it in the past with different deliveries, if you have received a different order than the one that you made then as you may understand you are eligible to request a return with the seller. The last factor that could match with your order is that you have returned package by a traceable shipping method and the third party seller hasn’t issued a refund.

If any of the above are matching with your case then the Amazon A to Z guarantee will protect you and refund you the amount that you have paid. Now I guess you are wondering how you can request that refund if your order is eligible for an Amazon A to Z guarantee.

Steps to request a refund, photo by Sergey Zolkin, found on Unsplash.com

How do you request a refund on an eligible order? Follow the next steps to request a refund on an eligible order

  1. Go to Amazon.com and then to your list of orders
  2. Once you locate the order that you are eligible for the refund, click problem with your order
  3. Pick the problem that you have from the list
  4. Click Request refund
  5. If you have any comments you can write them in the text box
  6. Click Submit

What you need to know before submitting an Amazon A to Z Guarantee refund: Before you submit an Amazon A to Z guarantee you will need to be aware of the following things

  • If 3 months pass after the maximum estimated delivery date then unfortunately you won’t be able to request that refund.
  • Be advised that if you have bought any digital items or any payment for services or any stored value instruments then you won’t be able to get covered for them.
  • As you may understand the guarantee is eligible only if you buy products and items from a third party seller on Amazon.com website and not on any other platform

What you need to do if you want to cancel or appeal a denied request for Amazon A to Z guarantee? There are a couple of reasons why you would like to cancel a request, sometimes we do it as a mistake or the seller could also resolve your issue much sooner so you may not need to proceed with the refund. Follow the next steps in order to cancel your request for a refund:

  1. Go to Amazon.com and then to your list of orders
  2. Click on the list and then select Problem with my order
  3. Click on Cancel request
  4. If you have any comments to add you can add them in the text box
  5. Click Submit

Another case would be if your Amazon A to Z refund gets denied and you are sure that you are eligible then you would like to go back and actually submit an appeal, in order to do that you will have to follow the same steps as above with the only difference the 3rd  part which you are going to select Appeal decision.

The Amazon A to Z guarantee is pretty cool and definitely adds an extra layer of protection to all of the buyers that are purchasing products from third party sellers but also helps those sellers get a wider audience, it is kind of a win-win situation, If you liked the post and helped you share it and let me know if you have any questions!