Did you know about Amazon gift wrap?


You use Amazon to buy things you love and to buy presents for special occasions to you, your friends or beloved ones but does amazon gift wrap? It does and it does have a lot of ways apart from the classic Amazon gift wrap, Amazon do also offers gift wrap to almost all items fulfilled by it and some other selected merchants.

Now you would most probably ask, What does Amazon gift wrap includes?

It includes a couple of things such as:

  • The gift wrap which is a box or bag depending on the item.
  • A nice and stylish decorative ribbon.
  • And a personalized card that you can write a message to the receiver if you want.

What if you want to make your own gift wrap? If you would like to get and try ways to make your present much more attractive or to add a bit more excitement to it, you can use hundreds of different varieties of Amazon gift wrap. There is something for every taste, any color shape or dimension of wrapping paper, colorful wrap bows to finish it off and unique bags to put it into.

What would you need to make an excellent gift wrap? In order to make a perfect inside out present you will need the following items.

  • Number 1 thing to start is to find your Gift wrap paper, there is literally everything that you would want and even those that you might have not thought about.
  • After you got your nice wrapping paper you will need something to wrap it around it and make it steady, that would be your ribbon.
  • Once you wrap around the ribbon its time to add the bow.
  • The last thing you need in order to perfect your Amazon gift wrap is the bag to put your ready present in, the bag with the papers coming out of is the last touch to make present to remember.

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Who is in for Amazon Movie Deals?

Who doesn’t love an amazing movie? Amazon movie deals give you the opportunity to get many different movies in great prices every time of the year and pretty much whenever you want to. You can check them out on their website or even by browsing on your app at your television, Amazon TV has so many different selections of movies, channels and amazing series that you should definitely watch and try.

There are a few ways in order for you to find what you are looking for, you can shop by category, genre or even by actor! If you would like to see all the Amazon movie deals you can select here to be redirected to the Amazon website. Amazon TV has pretty much everything that you want to see, and that means that movie deals would be very interesting, even if you can’t find something that you love now, you should take a close look because you will definitely find something worth watching at some point.

If you are wondering what you can find and how you can search or sort for these Amazon movie deals, you can start by searching by genre

  • Action and adventure.
  • Anime.
  • Bollywood.
  • Documentaries.
  • Drama.
  • Horror.
  • Performing arts.
  • Special interests.
  • Sports and much more.

Another great thing about Amazon movie deals is that you can buy or rent all the amazing and top rated series that you should definitely see at some point in your life. Some of those top rates series and movies you can find below.

  • The Sopranos.
  • The Shining.
  • Purple rain and of course much more.

What about Amazon Prime Video deals? the Amazon prime members always have something more and in this case they are able to rent a movie with almost 2 dollars per movie, they could also own a movie for 5 dollars or less and even just check and watch free movies.

What is included with Prime? By using prime you will be able to get and see a lot of great Amazon movie deals, some of those movies are also new and some old great ones. Take a look and a sneak peak on some of the movies that you will be enjoying for free if you have or you make prime membership.

  • Bumblebee.
  • Mission Impossible.
  • Transformers.
  • The Wire(one of the best series of all time).
  • Sex&the city for the ones that love it.
  • The bodyguard and much more.

Now you would ask me, does it worth it if I have Hulu or Netflix or any other streaming service? Yeap, totally worth it because just for being a prime member you are getting all these benefits, apart from Amazon movie deals, you get Amazon music for free, super fast deliveries, great daily deals and of course discounts apart in so many different products.

Being an Amazon prime member might be the only thing that make sense for the money that you are paying because you are able to get so many benefits.

The Top 5 Amazon Humidifiers

No one loves humidity and especially in our house right? Wrote this post in order to bring you a list of the Top 5 Amazon humidifiers and save your time by scrolling and reading every different product that it is on the Amazon website.

There are a tons of humidifiers but you have to pick the one according to the space that you have, it might be a room so in that case you don’t need a big one but if it is more than one room then you will need to get something that will fit your needs and most importantly fix your humidity issue.

Let’s start considering that you have a humidity issue only to your bedroom, I got you covered, the best Amazon humidifier for the bedroom or only one room is by Pure Enrichment company.

Want to see more photos of the product? Select the picture.

This Humidifier apart from being so cool and well designed it does the job and it is pretty quiet as well, lasts up to 16 hours and has also an automatic shut-off and night light function. Pretty easy tank to fill, clean and assembly and the best of all is the 360-degree mist nozzle, be advised that because of the small tank you might need to refill almost every day(depending on how much you use it).

Overall is the best humidifier that I could find for the money that you spend but also on the appearance in the room and its functionality, you can pretty much put it everywhere from the bedside to the dressing table and the most important thing is that it will still look great.

Next one in our Amazon humidifier list is for you guys that you are looking for a humidifier for the whole house, this one is by AirCare company.

If you want to see more pictures, select the photo.

Apart from a great humidifier it is also a stylish one that could easily match your floor and you favorite wooden furniture, it can help you get rid of humidity in more than 700 square feet apartment/house.

Why you should use an evaporative humidifier?

  • With the evaporative humidifier you will be able to eliminate annoying static shocks, it will sooth your scratchy throat and also the dry skin and eyes.
  • Will make sure to maintain your furnishes, hydrate your fine wood and leather furnishings and also reduce creaking in wooden floors.

Overall it is a great humidifier for the whole house and it has great reviews from all the customers that they used it, good to know is that the humidifier only runs a fraction of the time and not constantly but even by doing that it can maintain your humidity levels where they should be.

The third one in our Amazon humidifier list is the best humidifier in terms of budget and it is by Honeywell company.

Looking to see more pictures? Select the photo.

It is available in many different colors from the white that you see above, black,blue and even red. It produces a cool and quiet mist that helps and makes your house much more comfortable, the specific one is designed for small spaces only so you should consider buying it if you are looking for the best budget humidifier and you need it for a room in the house.

What else you should know about the Honeywell humidifier?

  • There is no filter required.
  • Easy to fill and clean tank.
  • Visible mist that helps you relax.
  • Easy grip tank handle.
  • Auto shut off so you don’t need to do it yourself.

Now you are most probably wondering if you have a space that is more than a room and less than a whole house what can you do? The next one in our Amazon humidifier list is for spaces up to 500 sq ft.

If you want to see the product on Amazon website, select the photo.

This humidifier by Homedics company has a hefty 1.7 gallon tank and a runtime of more than 75 hours, it has 2 different tanks and with that you will be able to relax during the dry winters and let it humidify your air with the cool mist that will also help with the dry skin and chapped lips. It is also pretty easy to clean, the only thing that you need to do is unplug take the tank and clean it every 2-3 weeks depending on the usage and water hardness.

What are the features of this humidifier? and why you should get it?

  • Visible warm and cool mist.
  • It is equipped with dual easy to fill tanks.
  • It has adjustable Mist control.
  • Demineralization.

The last one but not least in our Amazon humidifier list is by Miroco company.

Looking for more photos? Click the picture.

One of the coolest humidifiers, available in two different colors with night light and ultra quiet, it is equipped with a 6L tank that with one fill, it will be fine for up to 60 hours.

What this humidifier has that other don’t?

  • It is ultra quiet.
  • 6L tank.
  • Night light for the ones that need some light when they wake up at night.
  • It is filterless.
  • Modern.
  • And finally it also has the auto shut-off capability.

Overall it is a great humidifier in a competitive price with all the goodies that you would find in a much more expensive machine, a lot of great reviews and most importantly super quiet.

These were the top 5 Amazon humidifiers, if you liked the post and helped you pick the best one for your apartment, house or condo why not helping others by sharing it?

Looking for Amazon Juul products?

Driving and holding the Juul

Juul is undeniable one of the most well designed e-cigarettes out there and the only one that was able to get so many users so fast and in so little time. I’m guessing you are reading this post because you would like to see what Amazon Juul products you can find, right?

Before we begin and go through the Juul products that you can find in Amazon you should know that you won’t be able to find Juul pods and if you are looking for those you should go directly to the website of the e-cigarette company. Amazon Juul products have anything that has to do with extra features(e.g. vinyls for your Juul, ways to hold them) or chargers You might have seen a lot of people having different vinyls on their Juuls or using different ways to keep them rather than in their pockets right?

Will show you a few items that it make sense for you to know rather than just scrolling through all Amazon Juul products, so let’s begin shall we?

Magnetic USB Charger, if you want to be redirect to the website, select the photo

The most basic thing that most of us are looking for is a magnetic charger that will also charge more than one products and you can easily buy that sometimes ever faster from the website. Another thing that a lot of us are looking for and will definitely make your life easier is a small case for your Amazon Juul products with all the necessary room for all the items that you want to put, it is a great little case and something that you could easily describe as discreet so it doesn’t reflect that it is for e-cigarette.

Looking to see more photos of the product? Select the photo!

The next thing in our Amazon Juul product list is a couple of great skins for your e-cigarette and if you are looking of course to add a little personal touch and make it a bit more different from the usual colors that you would be able to have. You can literally find any skins that you wish on Amazon from skins with pineapples and pizzas to more flat color skins, let me show you a couple that you could choose!

Want to see more Vinyls? Select the photo!

As you see the photo above you can find literally whatever vinyl you are looking for, I could really post here for hours a lot of photos of different vinyls and shapes but it really depends on what you would like to put on your favorite e-cigarette, you can select the photo above to see all the vinyls on Amazon Juul products.

What else should you know? I’m sure a lot of you are looking for the holder on your neck, it is definitely something that it is easy to wear and makes it difficult to lose since it is magnetic. It is available in many different colors from black, gray and red to carbon fiber red, pink and even tan.

How does it look like and how can I buy it? Find below a photo of the product and if you would like to see more photos please select on the photo to get redirected to the website.

These were the most rated and loved Amazon Juul products that you can find, of course you can even find even more if you would like but these are the ones that make sense to purchase from Amazon. If you are looking for pods or new devices those you won’t be able to buy from there and you should go directly to the supplier website.

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The Best Wireless Earbuds on Amazon

The Apple New Airpods

So they are a lot of Wireless earbuds out there but which should you buy and why? We will go through together all the best Amazon wireless earbuds and will show you why you should choose those in comparison with all the other options that you might have seen online.

But first things first why you should buy any of the following Amazon wireless earbuds? All of the below options are the most reviewed, thoughtfully designed and practical earbuds that you can find on Amazon. The first ones that we are going to review are the Samsung Galaxy Buds +

Very slick design, available in four colors, black, red, white and cloud blue for the ones that want to try something different!

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ , if you want to see the product on Amazon website select the photo

Why should you choose Samsung Galaxy Buds+ ?

– You can check the battery life of each bud just from your phone(you will never be without battery)
– 2 outer and 1 inner microphones for phone calls in every different environment
– They charge very fast ~3 mins and that lasts for about an ~hour(overall for a fully charge they can last for around 20 hours)
– You have the choice to adjust how much outside noise you want to hear by turning on the ambient sound

And of course they have a great design for wireless earbuds that doesn’t cover your ears and looks very nice from every angle. That is something that you don’t find it often in earbuds, most of them are very big so they don’t look good once you wear them. Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is one of the best Amazon wireless earbuds and you can buy it for ~$130 dollars.

Next stop into our list are the Bose SoundSport Free earbuds, these ones are ideal if you are looking into getting earbuds for training either outdoors or indoors, they are sweat-proof!

Looking to see more photos or buying the product? Select the photo!

Why should you choose the Bose SoundSport Earbuds?

– If you are looking for training earbuds, these are the best out there
– They are up to 5 hours and the charging case give you about 2 hours more!
– Even if you forget them, there is way to find them and bring them home(you can track your earbuds with the app)
– They are a bit bigger in comparison with the Samsung Galaxy buds+ but still stylish.

You can make them yours with ~$200 dollars and they are available in a variety of colors like black, blue, bright orange or even ultraviolet.

I couldn’t miss from this list the beloved Apple Airpods Pro, no one can deny the Apple quality in making new products and the new features that they have. Let’s go check them out together!

Want to see more pictures of Apple Airpods Pro or check them out on Amazon website? Select the photo

Why should you choose the Apple Airpods Pro?

– All of us could agree for their stunning design, Apple has been an icon for bringing and introducing wireless earbuds
– Airpods dont come with Alexa like our next one on the list but with Siri, so if you are an Apple person and you are using it then it will definitely help you a lot.
– Around ~4.5 hours with one charge and if you add the battery life of the case then you can add 24 hours on top!
– Customizable fit, you can pick from any of the three sizes of silicone tips(large, medium and small)

Apart from the above Apple has also a great active noise cancellation but I would go for these ones either if I had a lot of Apple products or because of their great design and style and you can make them yours for about ~249$.

Next ones on the Amazon wireless earbuds list are the beloved Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds with their Unique Alexa built-in capability.

Want to see more on Amazon website? Click on the photo!

They are my 2nd favorite after the Samsung Galaxy buds+, unique design and they “lock” in the ears in comparison with some other earbuds that will make it harder for you, so why should you choose Jabra Elite 65t?

– As I mentioned, Jabrat Elite come with Alexa built-in capability that alone gives you a lot of information when you exactly need it!
– These earbuds are equipped with 4-microphone technology in order for you to have calls in almost any condition.
– Through the App you will be able to customize the equalizer and the sound, definitely something that other earbuds don’t have!
– How many hours do they last? They last for about 5 hours straight and if you include the case charge then you can add 10 hours on top of those!
– They are also pretty good for exercise too so if you are looking earbuds for both conditions(work and workout) these are your best choice.

They come also in a variety of different colors even for the ones that are looking for something unique, you have the classic titanium black, the gold, copper red and blue and the copper black. You can make them yours for about ~150$!

You can also check out the new ones Jabra Elite 75T here, different design and colors but equipped with all the goodies that I just described above.

The last ones in our Amazon wireless earbuds list are the JBL Free X. Who doesn’t know JBL right? Tehy are well known for their speakers and great sound.

Want to see the product in Amazon’s website? Select the photo!

Why should you choose JBL Free X earbuds?

– Very cool design and go right in the ear so they are pretty good for every day use.
– You won’t have to think about how music would be since they are equipped with the JBL signature sound.
– They have up to 4 hours continuous play, a bit less than the other options but you can add 20 hours with the charging case.
– They are Splashproof and IPX5 certified so even if you want to go wild you can still listen to your favorite music or enjoy the all.

You can make them yours with $149 dollars for the white pair and about $99 for the black ones.

These were the best Amazon wireless earbuds that you can find, to sum it up if you are an Apple user and you have a lot of Apple devices I would suggest you to go with the Apple Airpods Pro. If you are looking earbuds for your training and workouts your best choice would be the BOSE ones, for your work and leisure I would go with Samsung galaxy buds+ or the JBL Free X and if you are looking for work, leisure and fully workout and training the Jabra are the ones that you should go with.

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The Must-have Winter Jackets for Women on Amazon

Helpful insights and writing on this post by Ms Elizabeth Benton

We are well into the winter season, and with the holidays behind us, it’s time to focus on you! If you’re like me, during your holiday shopping you found a hundred and one items that you thought “I’d like that…” Now is the time to put the wrapping paper away and search for something you can spend on yourself and that you’ll use every day this season! Here are the top stylish, cozy, and affordable Amazon women winter jackets on this season!

Long Down Jacket:

Orolay Women's Thickened Down Jacket Green 2XS
Click on the image to see more product photos and different colors

The Orolay Jacket is a fool-proof selection for a long down jacket this winter! It has zipper closure to ensure you are kept warm in even the coldest of days. They are water-resistant and windproof, without being too heavy. It stays fashionable without being bulky and is convenient! This jacket has six pockets for whatever you may need. Another great and convenient feature of this jacket is the side zippers, which gives extra room for you to easily open and close them when you need!

Not only does the jacket itself have many features, but it comes in an array of colors and sizes. The sizes range from XX-Small to 5XL, so weather you want a more fitted look or a cozy oversized look, they have you covered! For colors, there are six to choose from: Beige, Black, Grey, Green Red, and Navy. I personally recommend the black, which can easily match with all of your winter scarves and accessories, or green for something different!

The pricing ranges between $139.99-149.99 depending on the size and color you choose. At this price, you won’t find a better deal for some as trendy and warm as this down jacket!

The next product in our list of Amazon Women winter jackets is the Packable Light Weight Short Down Jacket

Wantdo Women's Hooded Packable Ultra Light Weight Short Down Jacket Black 2XL
If you want to see also the other colors and photos of the product click the photo

Wantdo makes an amazing jacket for women at a price you won’t believe! Their hooded jacket is not only ultra light weight but also packable! This is really the ideal jacket for any vacation or trip you may be going on. It’s easy to put into the little pouch it comes with and pack away! The material is breathable enough that while it is keeping you warm, you will not get overheated! It is water repellent so even if you accidentally get wet, you’ll still be warm inside! The elastic cuffs and hem help to keep the wind out as well.

The jacket comes with four pockets total. Two pockets are in the front and zippered, and two additional inside pockets. The inside pockets are deep and very convenient for storing small but easy to reach items such as keys or a phone. Another unique feature that this jacket has that you will not find in most jackets, is the media port for your earphones line. The opening allows you to fasten and hold your headphones cords in place in case you are running, hiking, or doing any activities in your new short down jacket! 

This Amazon jacket comes in a variety of twelve different colors at just under $60. If you enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking in different climates of weather, this jacket is not to be missed!

Next in the must-have Amazon Women winter jackets list is the Teddy Bear Jacket

PRETTYGARDEN Women's Fashion Long Sleeve Lapel Zip Up Faux Shearling Shaggy Oversized Coat Jacket with Pockets Warm Winter (Khaki, Medium)
Want to see more photos? Click on the photo above

The teddy bear style jacket is a cozy trend this winter! With faux shearling, 2 styles, and 9 colors, this oversized coat priced at $31.99 has a color and style for everyone!

What I love about this jacket by Pretty Garden, is that you immediately feel comfortable and cozy in it. It is oversized to provide warmth but the style of this trend can make it versatile for anytime! You can wear it with a sweater for a super cold day, or use it as a coat over a dress for a night outfit! 

The two different styles lets you choose which option works best for you. The first is a zipper closure with two large front pockets. This is your classic teddy bear jacket, meant to be oversized and cozy. The large pockets are a great benefit and blend in nicely with the jacket overall. The second includes a button detail on the front and two hidden side pockets. This style is great for a a more formal look. The four buttons in the front add a great detail to the jacket to give it an upscale look, without the high price! It can be worn open or buttoned close with an interior button. Either style you select, you can guarantee it will be soft!

My personal choice when it comes to color is the classic khaki color for the teddy bear style coats, or if you’re in the mood for something a little brighter, the white. Both of these options can go with all of your outfits, from basic jeans to dressy slacks and more!

Last one in our must-have Amazon Women Winter jacket list is the Wool Parka Jacket

alpine swiss Duffy Womens Black Wool Coat Fur Trim Hooded Parka Jacket XL
Want to see more photos? Click on the photo

One jacket that will never go out of style is a wool jacket – everyone should have one of these In their closets! Alpine Swiss currently offers a beautiful fur-trimmed hooded wool jacket on Amazon. This jacket has amazing features I will share with you!

What I love most about this jacket is the the design. First, it has four classic toggle buttons down the front. These can be buttoned as an extra protection against the cold or left open for fashion! Next, the hood is a great feature you don’t get with every wool jacket, which is a huge plus. The hood has a faux-fur trim and the entire thing can easily be removed by a zipper in order to change up the look of the jacket. With the fur-trimmed hood on, it has a winter-y cozy look. With the hood off, it is a classic piece that you can even wear during the autumn and fall time as well! Lastly, the length of the jacket is perfect for winter. It is mid-thigh length, so it is a little longer than a short jacket without being oversized. It has a warm satin interior but is slim to keep you trendy all winter! All of these features can be found in the four colors the jacket offers: Black, Gray, Navy, and Burgundy. 

The wool jacket fits as expected, but if you know you like to layer underneath, I suggest going one size up. The jacket is just under $50.00 and you won’t find a deal like this anywhere else! The quality, fit, and design make this simple wool jacket a true fashion statement that everyone needs to have!

This was the post with the must-have Amazon Women Winter jackets, if you liked the post and helped you with the cold season help also others by sharing it and liking it! 🙂

The Best Christmas gifts on Amazon

It is that time of the year were we are looking to buy a present for friends, family and loved ones. So many options but so little time so I decided to give you the best Amazon Christmas gifts that you can find, even if you don’t have time with Amazon you can get something to your doorstep today or the next day!

The great thing with using Amazon is that it is very easy also to make it ready for them, write a personal letter, pack it up the proper way with a nice box and send them either to your location or directly to them, so if you are also not living that close it will help you deliver them a gift even if you are in a different country.

So where should we start? and which are the best Amazon Christmas gifts? As you well know Amazon has pretty much everything that you can find so picking up a Christmas gift could take hours if you don’t know what you want or what the person will want for gift this year.

On Amazon you can find gifts under 10$ but also gifts that cost more than 200$, if you are looking to buy something for a couple it would be a good idea to buy them something for their home. That could be anything from a holiday decor or even a nice coffee machine to enjoy their coffee everyday before work! If you are looking to see some ideas for home gifts click here!

On the contrary if you don’t know the person well that will make it very difficult for you to decide what to buy for them, a very nice Amazon Christmas gift that you can buy is an Amazon gift card.

Click here to see more on Amazon website

With an Amazon gift card the person will be able to buy whatever he or she wants. The bad thing with gift cards is that most of the time are not present ready, the Amazon gift card though is nicely packed, you can fill it up with the amount that you wish and then the person can buy anything from Amazon globally.

If you are buying a gift for someone that you know and he or she loves technology then you should consider buying them something that they might not have yet. E.g. if they don’t have Bluetooth earbuds or headphones that could be a very nice gift to give them. You can find here the best 8 Bluetooth headphones to pick for them!

If you are looking for an Amazon Christmas gift for a teenager then you should check out what gaming platform they use e.g. PlayStation and then buy a game that either they don’t have or they are looking forward to buy. If you don’t know what they want or what to buy and they indeed have a PlayStation gaming platform you can check here the Top 10 Ps4 games on Amazon.

There could be also an option that you don’t know the person well and not sure what to buy for them but you might not want to buy something like a card. In that case the book is always a great option, think about a book that you read and really stood out from the other ones and you learned something from it. Why not buying that book back for that person? Think about if they will like the subject and it is one of their interests, if not it is still a good idea because they will learn something that they didn’t know before.

Apart from all the above, there are a lot of other Amazon Christmas gifts that you can buy and choose from, take a quick glance below

Click here to get redirected to these amazing Amazon Christmas gifts

You can buy them a well designed Herschel backpack or some warm slippers. A great thing to do is also combining a few gifts together, e.g you can buy them a nice scarf and combine it with a warm pair of leather gloves,it is the perfect combination for the winter and it is also a gift that they will keep for years to come.

If you don’t want to buy them a scarf and gloves you can check some other kind of gifts like a jean with a belt, Levis has a lot of great jeans and pants in any color, vintage and old school. Don’t forget that in apparel you will need to know the size that they wear and the style so if you are to get a gift like that just be sure if it is going to fit them.

That was some of the best Amazon Christmas gifts to buy, if the post helped you to pick the right thing like and share it and show me what was the best gift in your opinion.