The Best Cop Cams that you can find.

We all have seen the action movies with its mini security cameras hidden in the most crazy locations of the apartments and houses, those mini security cameras are called Cop Cams. You can use the Cop Cam for many different reasons either you want to be sure that your apartment/house is completely safe or just want to keep an eye when you are not there for extra protection or just to convert the nanny cam that you already have.

I went through all the best cop cams on Amazon and wanted to create a list for you so you can know where to start if you ever consider getting a Cop Cam for your apartment. The first one in our Cop Cam list is by Ksadbossbo company.

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What is good with this one? This mini cop cam is super easy to hide anywhere and that makes it an ideal work as home security camera or alternatively housekeeper/nanny camera.

  • It is equipped with night vision and motion detection and can capture more details and high definition images in wider range.
  • Because it is very tiny a lot of customers have used it in a couple of other ways like the car, on the helmet on their motorcycle or to just record whatever you doing with your hands-free
  • Very easy to use, you just insert the flash card, you turn it on and you start recording.

Overall it is a great camera and it is pretty cheat is only costs ~22$ and if you add an SD card it will go to $25.

The next Cop Cam in our list is by DZFtech, another great mini camera that you can literally fit everywhere.

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What are the goodies in this one?

  • As the above this one also has motion detection which will record only when motion is detected and can catch pretty much everything 24/7.
  • Its dimensions are 0.9 x 0.9 x 0.9x inches and it weights only 0.4 oz.
  • With the swivel clip you can use it apart from a cop cam as a nanny, body or home wireless security camera or even pet cam.
  • It does get great quality videos and photos(720p/1080p).
  • Very easy to use, turn on and off power on the top, once you press it then the blue light stays on and after 8 seconds it is ready to roll.

The next one in our list is the beloved cop cam by Ehomful company.

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Super small mini spy cam with a strong magnet inside the camera so you can put it whenever you want. What are the features of this cop cam?

  • Very good quality images with the Full HD 1080p.
  • It is equipped with a large battery capacity so it can maximize the working time.
  • You can put to the camera up to 128GB SD card.
  • It supports loop recording and that means that f the memory is full it will always keep the newest file and will overwrite the previous one.

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What else you should know about Cop Cams? Cop Cams can be used also as an alternative of action cameras at some cases and I have seen many people doing so. Why bother getting different cameras when you can pretty much satisfy every need with one? They are small so they definitely don’t weight as the other ones and they are discreet which means that most of the times you don’t even see them.

The last one in our Best Cop Cam list is by Ehomful company.

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This super mini wireless camera is one of the best ones out there, a bit more expensive than the others but definitely a great pick too, super easy to use with setting for playback and recording, you can pick between motion activated or continuous recording and that will give you also the flexibility of using it in various activities.

What are the features of this Cop Cam?

  • It gives you a couple of ways to install it with the magnetic base and the magnetic bracket and with that you will be able to mount it pretty much wherever you want.
  • If you are using it as a spy cam it has a time and a date stamp so you can quickly identify when something happens.
  • At night it can record with no evidence that it is working e.g. red light and it can capture any subjects up to 20 feet away as soon as it is dark.
  • You can take any pictures you want with the wide angle fish eyes lens.

These were the Best Cop Cams that you can find on Amazon, if you liked the post and helped you get yours why not helping others and sharing it?

The Top 6 Amazon Dining Chairs.

A piece of furniture that is essential no matter the size of your home is a dining set! Everyone says that where you gather, where you eat, where you celebrate is where the memories are, and you want to be sure these memories are happening in stylish, comfortable chairs! This part of the home can really make or break your entire interior design, so I have discovered some of the best Amazon dining chairs! This list will provide a dining chair for any room!

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This modern style mid-century chair is our first one in The top 6 Amazon dining chair list and it is not going to be a statement piece in your home, but it is absolutely a classic chair that can work with any design you have! It complements any type of dining table, whether it’s wood, metal, or glass. These chairs are a great staple to have because they are easy to assemble, you only need to screw the legs into the seats. They’re also a great size, with the seat at just eighteen inches high and wide, they will fit every member in the family whether adult or children. The matte white seat is easy to clean as well. For just under $90 for a set of four, this is definitely a sure-pick dining chair on Amazon.

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The 2nd one in our Amazon dining chair list are the Metal dining chairs by Furmax company.

If you are looking for something that is a little more versatile for both indoor an outdoor, this classic metal bistro side chair is just what you need! This set of four comes in three colors: Gun, Purple, and Black. What is great about these chairs is they can be used both indoors in your dining area or outside on a patio or deck – the style works effortlessly in both places! If you choose to use outdoors, rest assured the paint is double varnished, and both water and rust-resistant.

If you need a little extra space or just need these chairs when you’re entertaining, they are also stackable, so they are easy to store and put away as you need! The prices here range between $100-110 depending on the color, but I definitely suggest the Gun color for something different!

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The third one in our Amazon dining chair top 6 list are the amazing Wishbone Chairs by Tomile.

These solid wood Y-Chair by Wishbone are one of the most unique dining chairs you can find on Amazon! The design of the chair is sure to impress anyone you invite over. These chairs are sturdy and durable but surprisingly light weight! The dining chairs come pre-assembled to provide even more ease.

The chair seat is made with a Japanese Kraft handmade knitting that is both comfortable and beautiful. I love that these dining chairs come in multiple different shades of wood, six total, so you can be confident that they will be exactly what you are looking for! While they are a bit more expensive, ranging from $149 to $165, the quality and impressive design make these dining chairs worth the investment.

The 4th one in our Amazon dining chair list are the Vintage PU leather chairs by Roundhill Furniture.

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I am always on the lookout for vintage style anything! I came across these leather dining chairs on Amazon and knew they would be coveted! This dining chair is sleek but adds an industrial-style touch to your dining set. There are three different color leathers to choose from: brown, white, and gray, that are paired with black iron frames.

The chairs come in a set of two and priced at $89, or $128 for the white leather. These dining chairs are comfortable enough they could also be used for a desk chair or reading chair as well. 

Almost last but not least in our Amazon dining chair top list is the old time cool and classic chair by East West Furniture.

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When you think of dining chairs sometimes you simply just want a solid wooden chair. That is exactly what you will find with this next dining chair! Whether you have oak, walnut, black, or even white, there’s a chair to match your table. These are classically designed with no frills but a solid sturdy chair that will look more expensive than it cost. They are simple to assemble and the wood manufacturing is well made.

These are perfect to class up your dining table set without having to go through the hassle of going to a furniture store. The chairs come in a set of two at $115 for the set! This type of dining chair will never go out of style!

The last one in our Amazon Dining chairs list is a stunning Black Faux leather and Walnut Wood finish chair by Armen Living.

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This faux leather and wood dining chair is a contemporary and modern styled chair! The design of the chair is solid wood for a reliable and long lasting chair. The faux leather upholstered seat is modern and trendy. It gives the chair a more expensive and posh look! The dining chair comes in black and grey faux leather and costs just under $95 per chair. The design is very chic while still providing comfort. At the value for the money for the design and multi-purpose it is definitely worth getting a couple of these dining chairs for your home!

While dining chairs might not be the centerpiece of your home right now, getting yourself the right set can definitely pull your entire interior design together! There is such a variety of styles, materials, and colors that no matter what you’re looking for, Amazon has the best dining chairs you can find, always at your price range

These were the Top 6 Amazon dining chairs, if you liked the post and helped you buy yours why not helping others by sharing it?

The Top 5 Amazon Humidifiers

No one loves humidity and especially in our house right? Wrote this post in order to bring you a list of the Top 5 Amazon humidifiers and save your time by scrolling and reading every different product that it is on the Amazon website.

There are a tons of humidifiers but you have to pick the one according to the space that you have, it might be a room so in that case you don’t need a big one but if it is more than one room then you will need to get something that will fit your needs and most importantly fix your humidity issue.

Let’s start considering that you have a humidity issue only to your bedroom, I got you covered, the best Amazon humidifier for the bedroom or only one room is by Pure Enrichment company.

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This Humidifier apart from being so cool and well designed it does the job and it is pretty quiet as well, lasts up to 16 hours and has also an automatic shut-off and night light function. Pretty easy tank to fill, clean and assembly and the best of all is the 360-degree mist nozzle, be advised that because of the small tank you might need to refill almost every day(depending on how much you use it).

Overall is the best humidifier that I could find for the money that you spend but also on the appearance in the room and its functionality, you can pretty much put it everywhere from the bedside to the dressing table and the most important thing is that it will still look great.

Next one in our Amazon humidifier list is for you guys that you are looking for a humidifier for the whole house, this one is by AirCare company.

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Apart from a great humidifier it is also a stylish one that could easily match your floor and you favorite wooden furniture, it can help you get rid of humidity in more than 700 square feet apartment/house.

Why you should use an evaporative humidifier?

  • With the evaporative humidifier you will be able to eliminate annoying static shocks, it will sooth your scratchy throat and also the dry skin and eyes.
  • Will make sure to maintain your furnishes, hydrate your fine wood and leather furnishings and also reduce creaking in wooden floors.

Overall it is a great humidifier for the whole house and it has great reviews from all the customers that they used it, good to know is that the humidifier only runs a fraction of the time and not constantly but even by doing that it can maintain your humidity levels where they should be.

The third one in our Amazon humidifier list is the best humidifier in terms of budget and it is by Honeywell company.

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It is available in many different colors from the white that you see above, black,blue and even red. It produces a cool and quiet mist that helps and makes your house much more comfortable, the specific one is designed for small spaces only so you should consider buying it if you are looking for the best budget humidifier and you need it for a room in the house.

What else you should know about the Honeywell humidifier?

  • There is no filter required.
  • Easy to fill and clean tank.
  • Visible mist that helps you relax.
  • Easy grip tank handle.
  • Auto shut off so you don’t need to do it yourself.

Now you are most probably wondering if you have a space that is more than a room and less than a whole house what can you do? The next one in our Amazon humidifier list is for spaces up to 500 sq ft.

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This humidifier by Homedics company has a hefty 1.7 gallon tank and a runtime of more than 75 hours, it has 2 different tanks and with that you will be able to relax during the dry winters and let it humidify your air with the cool mist that will also help with the dry skin and chapped lips. It is also pretty easy to clean, the only thing that you need to do is unplug take the tank and clean it every 2-3 weeks depending on the usage and water hardness.

What are the features of this humidifier? and why you should get it?

  • Visible warm and cool mist.
  • It is equipped with dual easy to fill tanks.
  • It has adjustable Mist control.
  • Demineralization.

The last one but not least in our Amazon humidifier list is by Miroco company.

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One of the coolest humidifiers, available in two different colors with night light and ultra quiet, it is equipped with a 6L tank that with one fill, it will be fine for up to 60 hours.

What this humidifier has that other don’t?

  • It is ultra quiet.
  • 6L tank.
  • Night light for the ones that need some light when they wake up at night.
  • It is filterless.
  • Modern.
  • And finally it also has the auto shut-off capability.

Overall it is a great humidifier in a competitive price with all the goodies that you would find in a much more expensive machine, a lot of great reviews and most importantly super quiet.

These were the top 5 Amazon humidifiers, if you liked the post and helped you pick the best one for your apartment, house or condo why not helping others by sharing it?

These are the Top 5 Amazon Cat Trees

Who doesn’t love a nap with a view?

Who doesn’t love cats? Super intelligent and active in all parts of the house, what if you could give them the best thing to play with? Yeap, that’s it a Cat Tree. You can find a big variety of Amazon Cat Trees in many different colors, sizes and of course different textures.

I went through all of them and wanted to provide you with a top 5 Amazon Cat Tree collection so you can easily get your best friend something to play, relax or even stare outside the window. Did you know that you can find also Cat Tree furniture? Yeap! You can even get something that will align with the design of your house so you can keep both you and your cat happy!

There are a lot of different Cat Tree colors, sizes and levels, the most common ones are 4 to 5 levels. The first one in our Amazon Cat Tree collection is by Go Pet Club company and its available in 3 different colors.

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This is perfect for a nice empty corner that you have in the apartment/house, the overall size and dimensions are 50”W x 26” L x 72” H, the cat tree house is covered in high-quality fur which provides a soft but safe structure for your cat! With the Tree you will have multiple posts that are lined with the natural sisal rope, which satisfies your cat instincts to scratch and that definitely is going to decrease the chances of your sofa getting some “cat massage” scratches.

What about the reviews? Costumers love it, it has more than five thousand 4.5 stars ratings and the funny thing is not only the customers and the cats love it but also their dogs so if you have a dog around that is small then he or she will be happy to!

The next one in our Amazon Cat Tree collection is by the same company and it is for smaller space in the apartment, it is a condo tree house and its dimensions are 32” W x 25” L x 45.5” H.

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This Tree house as the other one above have a lot of reviews of many happy customers! It has more than three thousand, 4.5 star reviews and the kitties seem to love it, the carpet is very soft and has a pleasing texture, obviously cats love to rub against it or sleep on it because it is super soft. It is also pretty easy to assemble and comes with instructions, the whole structure is pretty sturdy and feels pretty secure.

The 3rd one in our Amazon Cat tree list is the stylish one by Vesper company.

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This is ideal for you guys that are looking to buy an Amazon Cat Tree and put it let’s say in the middle of your living room and you want it to be cool and match your wooden furniture and floor. It is available in many different styles with different bases and in a variety of colors from black, rattan, walnut to banana leaf. It is one of the best ones out there and it is also pretty sturdy and durable its dimensions are 22×1 x 22.1 inches and the Height is 47.9 inches.

Some of you might wondering these look too small for my cat, I gotchu! The next one in our Amazon Cat Tree list is by New Cat Condos and it is dedicated for bigger cats.

If you want to see more pictures of the product, select the photo!

What you should know about the product? It is available in 4 different colors from beige, blue, brown to green and its dimensions are 20” w x 20”d and 32” h. It fits perfectly cats that weight nearly 20 pounds or so and it is also pretty nice to put in your place, a lot of people have put it next to the sofa or the window in order for the cat to be able to chill and see outside.

The last but not least in our Amazon Cat Tree collection looks really cool and it is like a cat playground, it is by LBLA company.

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This cool playground will give your cat apart from safe and comfort new spots to chill and scratch, the playground has cat toys ball which make the cats super crazy and they can play all day long but also their favorite scratching posts.

What does this Amazon Cat Tree has more than the others ones? It is pretty bigger than the other ones so it has pretty much everything for your friends from scratching, lounging to spots in many different levels and also a crazy cool hammock. If you are looking for the dimensions it weighs 9.24 pounds and it is 47.2 x 31.5 x 42.1, the instructions are pretty clear but it will take some time to put it together but you know what? your cat will love it!

This was the Top 5 list of Amazon Cat Tree if you liked it and helped you pick the right one for your cat, then why not helping others by sharing it?

The Best Amazon Shoe Racks

What is one item that always seems to pile up without you noticing? Not the dishes, I’m talking about shoes! So easily a pile of shoes can accumulate by the door or in the back of your closet.

The best way to combat this issue is to find an Amazon shoe rack that matches your needs! Depending on your space, you may need something tall and narrow, wide and thin, or something in between! I’ve looked through Amazon and found seven of the best Amazon shoe racks that range in size, look, color, and functionality. I’m confident if you like one of the shoe racks on this list, it will definitely make a difference in organizing your home!

The first one in our Amazon shoe rack list is by the Honey-Can-Do company.

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This three tier bamboo shelf is perfect for someone with a small collection of shoes. The rack can hold nine to twelve pairs of shoes, or feel free to mix and match with shoes and your accessories. The slanted shelving allows you to easily fit and see all shoes at once and is extremely durable. As it its made from bamboo it is extremely easy to clean and is also moisture resistant. The dimensions are a great size as well, two and a half feet wife and just over a foot deep, allows this shoe rack to fit in your closet or even outside near a doorway, without taking up too much space! For the price of $31.49, this is one of the best durable and stylish shoe racks you will find! 

The next one in our Amazon shoe rack list is by Simple trading company.

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If you’re looking for something a bit larger that can hold more shoes, this 5-tier shoe with side pockets is perfect! What’s great about this shoe rack other than the holding capacity is the flexibility it offers! If you are looking for something large, you are able to purchase two and make them stackable.

You can adjust the height of the shelves to allow different heights for different types of shoes. Additionally, you can connect multiple side by side by expanding the shelving outwards to create a bridge. The possibilities are endless! The shoe rack comes in a bronze color and can hold between fifteen and eighteen pairs of shoes. The shelves are made of polyester canvas and the siding tubes are thickened metal to ensure there is no breakage. The side pockets are perfectly convenient for slides, flats, sandals, or even slippers! With the flexibility, durability, and convenient size, for only $25 this shoe rack will definitely solve all your shoe organization needs!

The 3rd in our Amazon shoe rack list is by Tangkula company.

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This Amazon shoe rack is actually more of a shoe stand! If you have limited space, this is the shoe rack for you! It organizes the shoes vertically rather than horizontally, so it can easily fit in any corner of the house or apartment! It has seven open shelves, that you can adjust to different heights if you like to fit each and every shoe style you have.

The shoe rack is eleven inches wide and just under four feet tall in the small size. You can also opt for the large size, which the same seven shelves but expands the width to a foot and a half! The shoe rack comes in black or white to match any interior of your home! While this is a bit more expensive, ranging between $69 to $79 depending on the size, it is made from high quality wood to ensure that even at a taller height, your shoe rack will not wobble. This shoe rack is perfect for any room without taking up space from your other belongings!

Next one in our Amazon shoe rack list is by Kings Brand Furniture.

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For a bit of a fancier shoe rack, this revolving, lazy-Susan type of shoe rack is very unique! It offers 4 shelves, with two separate tiers that revolve and spin around 360 degrees. The product is made of laminated wood and comes in two colors: white and chocolate. What I love about this shoe rack is not only does it rotate so you can easily see all pairs of shoes inside, whenever you need, but it is very high quality and stylish looking.

The product is just about two feet in diameter, and three and a half feet tall, so it really does not take up too much space at all! The top of the shoe rack is also flat, this gives you the ability to add either more, taller shoes on the top, or any decorative or additional item you like! This shoe rack costs $95.99, but for the quality of the product and thee unique revolving factor, it is truly a different type of shoe rack than you can find in any store!

The 5th one in our Best Amazon shoe rack list is by KOUSI company.

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The portable shoe rack organizer is similar in appearance to a cabinet than your usual shoe rack! This product creates cubbies for your shoes and even has a front cover, so your shoes are not exposed and can be neatly hidden in your home when you’re not wearing them. Each cube is meant to hold two rows of two pairs of shoes and can support up to twenty two pounds. The cubes are very easy to open with a quick lift up front. They also offer the flexibility to remove the partition, which would allow you to store two taller boots or shoes inside, such as winter boots or rain boots.

The materials of the shoe rack is not only water-proof but also dust resistant to provide a clean space for your most prized shoes! It is very light weight so you can easily move around your home if you choose to re-decorate. The shoe rack comes in four different sizes depending on how many shoes you have to store, and ranges in price between $55 to $102 depending on the size. The DIY assembly is easy and you can customize the product to make it fit exactly as you like!

Next one in our Amazon shoe rack list is the total black by SONGMICS.

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Have a lot of shoes and looking for something that will fit inside your closet or in your hallway? This 10-tier shoe rack could be exactly what you need! This shoe rack has abundant storage space and versatility to move the shelves around to the height you need. It is extremely easy to assemble, and can hold up to twenty-seven pairs of shoes! This is great considering the size – it is less than two feet long and less than a foot deep. It is quite tall – about five feet, so maybe sure if it is a closet there is not a clothing bar or shelving in the way.

This product also has two other features: a side pocket for smaller shoes or additional accessories, as well as a front down flap. This can easily be rolled up or down depending if you want to showcase your shoes, or keep them hidden and organized. Simply release the holder and the curtain comes down so to speak! For such a large and multi-use item, it is quite affordable at $35.98. I recommend the black color, but it also comes in grey if you want something different!

The last but not least in our Best Amazon shoe rack list is by Seville company.

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Our final shoe rack is basic, but extremely reliable and liked by others. With over twelve thousand reviews, you can see why this shoe rack made the list! It is a simple iron-tiered frame that comes in three sizes: 3-tier, 6-tier, and 9-tier. Not to worry if you’re not sure what size to get, you can always purchase another afterwards and they are easily stackable! This shoe rack comes in additional styles and colors as well: two colors between Espresso and Saint Pewter, as well as two styles: Resin Slat or Iron Mesh for where the shoes sit on. You can really make this shoe rack your own!

Another great feature this shoe rack has that you will not see on every tiered shoe rack, is the screw-in leveling feet. This ensures your shoe rack is stable and your shoes are secure on it. As it has many different finishes and styles, the shoe rack can be placed in the entranceway, in your bedroom, or in your closet as you prefer. The prices start at just $30 for the 3-tier. From the positive reviews and great features the shoe rack offers, I think it is one of the best items you can buy on Amazon!

As you can see, you can definitely find an Amazon shoe rack that fits your needs. Whether you have a specific color in mind, size, or style, there are multiple options that offer flexibility along with reliability to ensure your shoes are kept in an organized manner! 

Top 5 Amazon Bookshelves

Looking for the Amazon bookshelf variety? They do have a lot and to be honest who doesn’t love a cool and nice bookshelf? Filled with books, decorative items, plants and every sort of little detail that you want to add. Having a bookshelf in a room of the house is definitely a must thing to do, take your time design it, fill it with your favorite books and it will fill itself in the room.

You can find a lot of different styles of bookshelves on Amazon, it has pretty much anything that you would be looking for. I went through and checked which of them have the most reviews and took out the ones that you shouldn’t lose time to see in order to provide you with the list of the top 5 Amazon bookshelves.

Because every space might look different and there is a big variety of bookshelves the list below will have 5 different style ones so they can match to any potential space and apartment/house. Before moving forward with any purchase make sure that you have measured exactly the space that the bookshelf is going to be placed and that it fits. Let’s begin.

The first Amazon bookshelf that stood out is from a company called Modrine, it is constructed from durable MDF board and has a lot of space for your books and decorative items. It is a bit more vintage style and it comes in 3, 4 and 5 tiers.

Want to see more? Select the photo

Why you should consider getting this Amazon bookshelf?
– It is durable and each self can accommodate up to 75lbs.
– Open shelf design fill up with your favorite items.
– Easy to install and to put together and looks very cool in the space.

Next one in our Amazon bookshelf list is one with unique design that looks amazing in a room that has a lot of space, it comes from the Tribesigns company and it is available in a variety of different colors and sizes to match your apartment/house. It comes in White, all black, gold white and even retro brown.

If you would like to see more product photos, select the photo.

Apart from the above it is also waterproof with a thicken board and steel frame, it is super safe and very easy to put together, it will take you most probably around 30 minutes of assembly and do have some tools with you for an easiest assembly.

The 3rd one in our Amazon bookshelf list is an industrial piece by Rivet that combines wood and dark metal.

Select the photo to see the product on Amazon website.

It is as shown in pictures or even better, lightweight but sturdy and its sleek design will make any room feel much more classy and cool. The best thing of all is that it doesn’t even need assembly so it comes ready, you only need to unpack it and it is going to be ready for you, its dimensions are 14.2” W x 47.2” D x 31.5”H. It is ideal for smaller spaces and its compact design makes it ideal to create with it your personal corner.

On the lookout for the 4th Amazon bookshelf I stumbled upon this great piece by Furniture of America.

Want to see more? Select the photo

It is a bit more contemporary style that the others that are on the list and available in two different colors the one that you see in the picture above which is champagne but also chrome. Its dimensions are 38” W x 13.25 ” D x 70.26 ” H, it makes a great fit for any space, it will take you a bit more in the assembly but it will be totally worth it.

The last piece of the Amazon bookshelf top list is a wooden cube bookcase in Walnut, it can be matched with a few other furniture that come by Modway company.

Looking to see the product or more pictures? Select the photo

It doesn’t take a lot of space and it is perfect for any room of the house, its dimensions are 11.5 ” L x 45” W x 52.5” H. A lot of reviews and people have bought also the other items that can come as a set which are the TV stand, night stand and coffee table. The quality of the product is very good and it is a sturdy construction with an actual wood veneer and to add to all the above greatly priced in comparison with all the other companies that sell furniture.

This was the top 5 Amazon bookshelves, if you liked the post and helped you pick the one for your house, why not helping others and sharing it?

The Best Amazon Floor Lamps that you should know about.

Floor lamps are a great way to design any room of the house, to give it some light and style and at the end of the day to put your character and aesthetic to the room.
There are a lot of Amazon floor lamps to choose from and a lot of different style and variations, different heights, shapes and of course don’t forget the most important thing which is how much light they can give to the room.

Why you should consider buying an Amazon floor lamp? On Amazon you will be able to find and see a lot of different floor lamps and variation of floor lamps styles and colors.

I went through all the best Amazon floor lamps and will show you the ones that really stand out and those that you should definitively consider. The first one that we are going to see is a golden globe floor plan.

Want to see more pictures of the product? Select the photo

This super trendy and minimalist floor lamp could fit well and add a great touch in every room that you are going to put it. It could go pretty much anywhere from a bedroom in the photo to a living room next to the sofa or why not putting it into a reading corner with an armchair? If you don’t love gold, no worries, it comes also in many other different colors like black, matte white, white shade and even brushed steel.

Next one to our Amazon floor lamps top list is another modern and cool floor lamp(tree shape).

Looking for more picture of the product? Select the photo to be redirected to Amazon website

This floor plan is used mostly if you have slightly a bigger space and you need a bit more discreet lightning, as per the photo a lot of people are using/putting it in armchair corners cause of the style of the floor lamp.

Apart from the golden color it is also available in Nickel, its style combines a bit the modern and the old kind of retro-vintage style. It will look great if you used it in an area and room where it is a bit funky and with that you pretty much combine another style within the room.

Third one in our Amazon floor lamp list is the beloved tripod floor lamp.

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Every apartment/house or condo should have a tripod floor lamp, with their wooden legs they give warmth to the space that they are filling in. Either next to the desk or next to the sofa they are an “easy” match to any space that you would like to fill in. The lamp is integrated with rubber wood and apart from a cool and aesthetic floor lamp it is also pretty durable and loved(more than 500, 4.5 star ratings).

The next one in the Amazon floor lamp list is a very cool and adjustable floor lamp from the Rivet company.

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As you already saw in the picture it fits well with all sorts of wallpapers.. even the craziest ones! If you really like the floor lamp but you have decided to go with something else they also do have table lamps that look as cool as the floor lamp ones, they are available in a variety of colors like white, black, blue and even terracotta color. It is pretty easy to install them yourself and can be easily adjusted to fit your needs or the needs of the area that is going to be.

The last one in order to complete our top 5 Amazon floor lamp list is another shape floor lamp that a lot of people love and it is from the Rivet company as well.

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This is the one of the floor lamps that doesn’t fit in every apartment and you should be very careful to understand if it will work well in your space. In order for this floor lamp to work well for you space, you should have a lot of room for it! It is a pretty big floor lamp, its dimensions are 16” W x 36” D and 69”H so before purchasing it make sure it fits and apart from fitting right you should have also a buffer so it can really stand out.

In general apart from the bigger space, it looks really amazing on high ceiling apartments because of its height, in comparison with the first one floor lamp that we saw that if you have used that one in a high ceiling space it would be a disaster since it is pretty small.

These were the best Amazon floor lamps, if you liked the post and helped you picked yours, why not sharing it and helping others as well? Let me know your thoughts and the Amazon floor lamps that you prefer as well!

Which are the Best Weighted Blankets on Amazon?

Who doesn’t love an early morning with your favorite blanket?

A lot of people are searching through Amazon to find things for their home for a couple of reasons, it is fast and it also has a variety of great items and of course you can find very good Amazon weighted blankets. Went through all the weighted blankets that you can find and wanted to show you the ones that make sense for you to buy and claim that deal before someone else does.

Why should you consider to get an Amazon weighted blanket? It is easy to go through everything, they are tested and have more than 7000 ratings. The ones that I will suggest for you to get are the ones that I believe you should get and have been tested and used by a lot of people.

Why should you get a weighted blanket? Who doesn’t love to relax a bit your body and mind before heading to the bed? Or just to put it around you if you are feeling a bit cold or even just chilling and reading your favorite book on a cold day.

By far the best Amazon Weighted blanket is from the YnM company.

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With more than 12.000 ratings(4.5) the YNM weighted blanket is the best one in Amazon. With 100% OEKO-TEX certified cotton and its 7 layer cool design it definitely relieves the tension and improves the quality of sleep. It is available in so many different colors that will satisfy even the most demanding ones.

Which is the best budget-friendly Amazon weighted blanket? The best budget friendly is the ZonLi Weighted blanket with recommendation by a dozen of media(Yahoo, Forbes, Business Insider etc) this is by far the 2nd best one that you can find.

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You can find it in a variety of cool colors, from Dark grey to Pink/Purple and in a lot of different sizes. The ZonLi weighted blanket is a bit heavier than the usual blankets but guess what, that makes you fall asleep much faster and you will be able to adapt using it in a weeks time.

What would be the best Amazon weighted blanket for Kids? It is the WaoWoo, why is it the best? Because it is durable and pretty small – It is designed to weight approximately ~10% of your total body in order to relax and sleep better. It has also the best sizes for kids and a lot of positive ratings and reviews.

Have the best sleeps and naps with WaoWoo weighted blanket. If you want to see the product on Amazon select the photo above

These are the top 3 Amazon weighted blankets with the most reviews and ratings, of course there are a couple of other brands with very good products one of them is Bare Home. Most of those brands apart from blankets do make other things as well, like sheets, pillows and in general bedding items.

Why you should consider getting the Bare home Amazon weighted blanket? It is double stitched and made completely from environmentally friendly and premium elements, cool design and colors and of course maximum comfort which is pretty much what we are all looking for.

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These were the top Amazon weighted blankets, if you the post helped you picked the right one, why not sharing it and helping others?

Best Amazon Mattresses

Dog on the bed, photo by Roberto Nickson

Went through all the best rated Amazon Mattresses and made you a list of the top 8 ones and sorted them by budget.

Before we start I wanted to tell you that there are a few things in life that add a lot of value to our everyday lives, one of those is the mattress. If you have the right one you can get an amazing sleep, If you don’t have the one that suits you, then you might face some back problems here and there or not be able to get some quality sleep.

From the other side, buying a Mattress online is for sure not an easy task to do, I did it myself so wanted to give you a full review of how to buy a mattress from Amazon successfully and what to look for. Before I present you the best amazon mattresses will need to tackle a few things first in order for you to get the right one for the right size, firmness,type and brand.

Amazon Mattresses firmness

What exactly is Mattress firmness and feel?

Mattresses firmness can vary, it could be Extra Plush, Plush, Medium Firm, Firm and Extra Firm

Extra Plush Mattress or Plush mattresses are significantly softer than firm mattresses, studies have shown that people who love to sleep on their stomachs might not like the feel of a mattress which is too soft. From the other side a firm mattress will be more comfortable for those who sleep on their back or stomach because it will provide them with more stability. So when should you consider buying a medium or plush mattress? You should do that only if you tend to sleep on your side rather than the back or the stomach.

Don’t forget to check the Mattress size:

Mattress Size should Match your Bed dimensions it could vary from Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, California King or Custom! Before purchasing make sure that you have the right size for your Bed frame, you can check this on the dimensions of your the bed frame.

Amazon mattresses foam

What about Mattress types?

You might start thinking that this is getting too much for just a mattress but don’t worry after the types you would be able to get the ball rolling.

Memory Foam type of mattress are generally the most expensive ones because they should provide the best possible rest and they tend to be highly comfortable. To add on that they also tend to last longer than the other types and they are made up of very good material.

Gel Foam are somewhere between firm and soft type of mattresses and they are perfect for those who like the mattress not to firm but not to soft as well. Gel Foam mattresses were introduced to actually assist with the pressure relief and they are perfect for those who have a back pain and who like a firmer mattress but not also sink into their bed.

Hybrid mattresses are always a good value for the money and can last up to 6 years if they are properly maintained. They are a great option if you are looking something in between a memory foam and the classic feel of a mattress. Also, they offer a good amount of bounce that will help you get out of bed!

Innerspring mattresses are the good old school mattresses that use a coil support system, the innerspring is covered by a lot of materials and sometimes they get noisy. Generally they have a lower satisfaction rate but they are pretty on budget comparing them with the other types.

Let’s go back now to the online market of Amazon and show you the best Amazon mattress for your needs. I will split the sections per budget and provide you the best possible mattress for your budget.

Amazon Mattresses Above $500

Classic brands Amazon Mattress

1. This Mattress is from Classic brands and it is a memory foam 14-inch Mattress. The specific mattress creates a plush and comfortable sleeping and provides a stable touch to your sleep! It has a Medium plush feel and a firm support, definitely a great value for money option as it is also rated #10 in all the mattresses and it is priced at $553

Nectar Amazon Mattress

2. The Nectar company has amazing mattresses and this one is a Gel memory foam mattress with forever warranty and 180 night home trial. With over 1000, 4 star reviews this Mattress will be your sleeping partner if you don’t have one or replace the current one! For those who are concerned about the quality this is a CertiPUR-US certified mattress made without using any ozone depleters mercury or any other materials of this kind. It is priced $999 for a king bed

Sweetnight Amazon Mattress

3. This is a King Mattress from Sweetnight another great company with over 10,000 users experience and feedback this memory foam mattress is designed to help you get an amazing sleep. It is also certified with the certiPUR-US certification and can effectively help you with any common sleep problems that you are facing e.g. tossing and turning, back pain and any movement or disturbance from your sleeping partner. It is priced at $698

4. Casper is one of those companies that really grew and everyone knows them for their quality mattresses. With a 100-night risk-free trial and a 10 year-warranty these mattresses have all the goodies of a premium foam mattress. These include pressure relief, breathability, support and durability. It is priced $1295 for a King bed

Amazon Mattresses Between $300 and $500

Zinus company mattress

5. Zinus is a great company with very good mattresses, this one is a Memory foam mattress that really stands out for its price. With over 29.000 4 star reviews it is definitely the winner on this price-point. CertiPUR-US certified, 3 inches memory foam and 2 inches relief high density foam and the price that you pay for a king one is $410

Ashley furniture mattress

6. On the number 5 place we have the Ashley furniture signature design mattress. It is designed with layers of memory foam for firm support and pressure relief for you looking out for a deep sleep. To add into that it has also a support foam in order to reduce any motion transfer and provide you with undisturbed sleep and all that for $368.14

Lucid amazon mattress

7. Lucid mattress combines 2.5 inch layer of gel memory foam and a 7.5 inch high density support foam, Certified safe, 10 year warranty and breathable cover. They make mattresses since 2010 and have more than 8000, 4 start reviews! This King mattress is not that firm but not that plush as well and it is priced at $319.

Amazon Mattress for less than $300

8. The best seller for this price and with 4.5 stars for over 10.000 reviews is a mattress brought to you by Linenspa. This mattress has a memory foam top and it is medium firm with the support of an innerspring that it is ideal for kids or guest rooms but also as an affordable great option. It consists of 3 different layers the innersprings, a comfort foam and on top of that the memory foam. The price for a king one is $213

These were the best Amazon Mattresses that you can find and I hope that you liked them, can’t wait to see what you bought!