Why you should know Amazon’s 14 Leadership Principles!

80/20 Pareto Law photo, Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Amazon is one of the most well-known companies globally, keeps on expanding into many different fronts e.g grocery shopping, hand crafted items and much more. Did you know that Amazon is owning a lot of other companies such as Whole foods, Zappos, Twitch, Audible and other successful good companies that joined the group?

It is great to see how much it has grown as a company, the beliefs that hold an organization that is being evolving so fast but be able to keep its values to its customers.

So What is Amazon known for? And which are Amazon leadership principles?

It is known for its so fast delivery, being able to keep it is customers always happy and always insist on the highest standards even if the products are partially used e.g. the Amazon Warehouse Deals!

I’m pretty sure that some of Amazon leadership principles you already know just by understanding and being a customer or heard about any action that the company does from some other person.

So which are the Amazon leadership principles and why you should know them?

In everything that Amazon does those principles are included e.g. meetings, discussing new ideas or the best approach to an obstacle or solving a problem. If you are creating a product or tackling a problem it would be great for you to see and understand those principles.

1. Customer Obsession: I’m sure you would expect that to be one of the Amazon leadership principles and we all see it, everything that Amazon does always starts with the customer and then they see how they can make it work. E.G. the delivery time. They started with a plan to decrease the delivery time and be able to give us the products as fast as they can and was the first company I think that did that, if you were discussing in the past of same day delivery you would be considered a lunatic but now it is a business standard and they totally did that on their own.

2. Ownership: Not only be able to get something done but think about long-term value and never sacrifice that for short-term results. Everyone should act on behalf of the company as a whole and not just their team.

3. Invent and Simplify: Leaders are always looking to improve the current processes and they should understand that once a change happens it might take some time for people to accept it.

4. Are Right, A Lot: Leaders should be able to get diverse ideas and explore different perspectives, working in an environment which always changes they have to be right but always challenge themselves to think differently.

5. Learn and be curious: This has to do with never settling, leaders should always keep on learning new things and seek to improve themselves. They should be curious of what new is going on in their sector and explore new ideas.

6. Hire and Develop the best: Super important principle for leaders, you will need always to be very precise and careful with the hiring. You have to constantly raise the bar and bring people of value to your team that not only cheer up but also be able to coach and invent mechanisms for development.

7. Number seven is to insist on highest standards: Leaders have to insist on the highest standards because only like this the bar will be keep on be raising!

8. Always Think Big: This should be a principle for everyone apart from leaders, thinking big makes you push yourself forward and as Amazon says with communicating a bold direction you will inspire results.

9. Bias for Action: Being able to be a leader you will have to take the right decision on the right time and this is what is this about, being able to value calculated risk taking.

10. Frugality: Leaders on Amazon want to be able to accomplish more with less and this has nothing to do with the budget, the headcount or the expense.

11. Earn Trust: Being able to earn the trust of you subordinates and anyone that you communicate is something big and difficult. Being able to listen and treat everyone with respect is one of the most important principles in Amazon.

12. Dive Deep: Being able to do things fast but not stay on the surface, Leaders should be able to operate at all levels and stay connected with everyone. I really liked the phrase that they use “No task is beneath them” that also justifies that even as a leader you will have to see and do everything, you will not differentiate yourself from any task.

13. Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit: This is in a deeper level in terms of how the leaders should approach when they disagree or challenge decisions. Either way they will have to commit wholly.

14. Deliver Results: It is so so clear, If you ask anyone, they will definitely say that Amazon drives results and that can be easily seen by the Growth and how many things they are doing at the same time. This principle means that despite any setbacks, leaders should rise and find a solution, never settle!

I hope you liked the article and looking forward for your comments on the Amazon leadership principles. Try some of those and share with me your experiences!


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