Anyone looking for Amazon Dvds?

Who remembers the sections with Dvds?

I’m already feeling a bit old just by checking the photo above, it is being so long but it feels like yesterday when we were going to DVD clubs and we were spending hours to find the right movie to watch and rent for the week, now you can just check the Amazon dvd selection and just order them online and if not the same day the next day they will be at your doorstep.

Some of my friends had a full selection of DVDs in their libraries, some others had them in albums and separated by movie selection e.g. action, comedy, science fiction etc it was a cool thing to do, now if you ask someone in the same age they will look at you like you are stupid. A lot of things have changed so fast and it hasn’t been that long ago, technology is improving very very fast and when you look back you see that not that long ago we were having dvd players and discs and now everything is just online and “hassle” free.

You don’t need to own pretty much anything, you can go online download it, share it, like it and even e-rent it for the day and of course stream it. I wanted to write this post to share with you some of the movies in the Amazon dvds collection that I think you should have and have been great movies with a lot of positive ratings, like most of the old movies have.

Get your pop corn ready!

Before we deep dive into some of the movies that you should have, watch , rent/buy share you can sort them below by release decade:

Movies that were created from 1980 to 1989
Movies that were published 1990 to 1999
And of course the ones that were created 2000 to 2009

The new ones you definitely know, you have seen them in the cinema or streamed them, so which ones are the ones that you should definitely watch from the Amazon dvd collection? I certainly can’t put everything here so will put my top 5 with different genres, so let’s begin.

  1. The Shawshank redemption movie
Click the photo to be redirected to the movie on Amazon dvds selection

This is a must-watch movie to have in your collection and one of the best movies ever made. Apart from the numbers e.g. 2.2 mil positive reviews on IMDB with a rating of 9.3/10 this is a movie that a lot of other series that you might have watched are based on e.g the series of Prison break. The movie is based on the novel of Stephen King and as described on the Rotten tomatoes it is an uplifting, deeply satisfying prison drama with sensitive direction and fine performances.

2. The next one in the top 5 Amazon dvds collection is one of the best movies of Quentin Tarantino, Pulp Fiction.

Want to get the movie in your collection? Select the photo

An amazing movie, Pulp fiction is an American crime film that was written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, very well-known and high rated movie with more than a mil 9 star reviews on Imdb. It is a violent movie so if you don’t like crime and violence you can check the 3rd choice, you should have it on your collection though it is one of the most influential films of the 90s and casts a lot of actors which you wouldn’t find together in any movie nowadays.

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3. I couldn’t miss from the top 5 movies the best comedian and one of the funniest movies ever Ace Ventura.

Want to see it? Select the photo

Who couldn’t agree that Jim Carrey is one of the best comedians of all time and has a lot of movies that you should definitely have on your list, apart from Ace Ventura a great couple of movies are the Mask, Dumb and Dumber, Liar Liar and a lot more!

4. Who loves crime movies? You should have Blow on your Amazon dvd collection.

Want to buy the movie? Select the photo

Johny depp younger, Penelope Cruz, you don’t need any other actor to have a unique movie. The Blow movie is based on how George Jung, along with the Medellin Cartel headed by Pablo Escobar, established the American cocaine market in the 70s in the United States. Like Candice Frederick mentions it is one of the few drug movies where you actually feel a little sorry for the drug dealing coke-infested lead character.

5. The last one of my top 5 Amazon dvd collection list is a movie that if you haven’t heard of (I doubt it) you should just go watch it right now! It’s the Godfather.

Want to get them? Select the photo

Godfather is an American crime film directed by Francis Ford Copolla, they are 3 movies that you should have them on your dvd collection, it is one of those movies that you never forget and you would like to re-watch them again when some time passes. It is a movie of 1972 and is one of the Hollywood’s greatest critical and commercial successes, I really like the comment of Asher Luberto which states that “for those who have already witnessed the rise and fall of the Corleone family, which mirrors the trajectory of the American dream, now is as good a time as ever to revisit. For those who haven’t seen Coppola’s mafia movies: brace yourselves.”

These were the top 5 from the Amazon dvds collection, if you liked it and you were able to see something new why not share it with others? Share with me your favorite movies and we can compile a bigger list with more movies from the Amazon dvds collection.


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