7 Amazon Kitchen Gadgets to Turn You Into a Pro!

We all see our friends and family’s meals and think, how do they do that?! Where do they have the time? How are all of their vegetables, herbs, and meats cut and cooked to a picture perfect meal? No need to question any longer! You simply need to equip your kitchen with the right Amazon kitchen gadgets to get you cooking like a professional! I’ve found the best deals on Amazon for kitchen gadgets that will turn all your questions and problems into a thing of the past.

The first Amazon kitchen gadget is the Pro Vegetable Chopper 

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The Mueller Onion Chopper Pro will turn your prep work time from an hour to ten minutes! Don’t be fooled by the name – this kitchen gadget can chop must more than just onions!

It comes with two different blades: 6.8mm and 13.6mm, to get you the perfect dice for your recipe! Simply cut your vegetable so it lays flat on the blades and push down – instantly you have perfectly cubed vegetables! The products come out into a storage container attached that holds up to four cups. This really is a fool proof machine with high quality stainless steel blades and the compact aspect of it allows you to use this anywhere easily, from the kitchen to a cookout! To make it even simpler, it is dishwasher safe and comes with an additional cleaning brush for on-the-spot clean ups. You’ll never have to worry about onion induced tears again!

The second Amazon kitchen gadget of our list is the Rapid Egg Cooker

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This egg cooker by Dash really does it all! Not only will it boil your eggs to your desired readiness, whether it is hard-boiled or soft-boiled, but it also can make poached, scrambled, or omelettes at the simple press of a button! This kitchen gadget is great for any size kitchen, because it is light and compact, and comes in a variety of five different colors to match all your kitchen decorations! The egg cooker has some excellent features such as automatic shut off to prevent over cooking, labelled measuring cup to prevent guessing, and multiple trays to switch out depending on what you’re in the mood for that morning. You can cook up to six eggs at a time and prepare them however you like in ten minutes or less with just one button. 

Looking for more? Next one on the Amazon kitchen gadget list is the Spiralizer

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The newest trend in eating healthy is to spiralize your vegetables instead of cooking carbs! No worries, we have you covered for the best spiralizer on the market to get you cooking like a pro. This specific 5-blade vegetable slicer is known as one of the strongest on the market, so no matter your vegetable’s toughness, it’ll be ready to eat in no time! You’ll never get bored with eating vegetables again when you have five different shapes for them to come out to. This tool can be used by even the newest chefs in the kitchen! Simply attach the blade you want and begin turning the handle. Your meal will appear before your eyes! With this kitchen gadget, you have not only made your meals undoubtedly healthier, but you are able to try vegetables in many different ways! 

Who doesn’t want an easy to handle Strainer? Next one on our Amazon kitchen gadget list is the Snap N Strain Strainer 

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Kitchen Gizmo has developed a kitchen gadget that is for absolutely everyone! After cooking your pasta, snap this clip-on silicone colander and strain the excess water, it can’t be easier! This kitchen gadget can snap onto almost every round pan or pot you have, whether it is big or small. It is durable and strong enough to keep in place even when straining heavy or large quantities of food. Because of the clip-on feature, you do not have to worry about spillages or water coming out other than where you want it to and still ensuring your food are kept inside the pot or pan it was cooked in! This not only works for straining pasta or spaghetti, but vegetables or even grease from a pan. The lip at the front allows you to even strain the liquid into a small cup or another bowl easily. It is compact and easy to store anywhere in the kitchen when you’re not using it. The simplicity of this product is just the thing needed to make cooking your favorite meal even easier!

We all love Garlic so next one in our Amazon kitchen gadget list is the famous Garlic Press.

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A simple, but necessary gadget for any chef in the kitchen is a garlic press! We’ve found the best one for you with high quality at an affordable price. Alpha Grillers Stainless Steel Garlic Press provides the easiest kitchen gadget to add perfect flavor to your dish with garlic. Just put the garlic peels inside the compartment, squeeze on the handles, and minced garlic will easily come out. The garlic press is dishwasher safe for an easy clean up. This gadget is strong enough that you can press and mince even more than just garlic! You can use this with nuts, ginger, almonds, and more! Key tip is to put in multiple cloves of garlic at once – this can handle it! You will never have to worry about the lingering smell of chopping garlic on you ever again!

Looking for Herb Scissors? Check this out!

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Another handy kitchen gadget to have that you may not know you needed until now, are Herb Scissors! This is especially convenient for the home cook that have their own garden as well! After doing all of the work of growing and caring for the herbs, now you have the last step of preparing them for your meal easily taken care of for you! Jenaluca Herb Scissors come with five sharp blades that cut your herbs with efficiency, care, and precision. No more tedious chopping needed, plus adding an extra garnish to your plate has never been so easy! These herb scissors come with a convenient cover, to protect the scissors when you are not using them and to help with cleaning up the blades. This kitchen gadget will make your meal prep no hassle at all!

Is it Burger or an amazing breakfast that you are craving for? With the following Amazon kitchen gadget you can make everything happen!

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Our final Amazon kitchen gadget must have has to be the most versatile and best deal out there! This kitchen gadget can be used by any cook out there, beginning or expert, for all meals of the day! The 5-in-1 Griddler by Cuisinart is exactly what your kitchen counter is missing! This particular kitchen gadget comes allows you to switch between a griddle, grill, and press, all in one device! You can use the contact grill for immediate contact on both sides for your meats and vegetables – to turning necessary for those grill marks! You can also double the grill size and lay it out flat in an open position. Third, you can turn the grill into a griddle, and have a large service for all your griddle needs, from eggs to bacon to pancakes and more! If you really want to change it up, you can have a half griddle and half grill, so your whole meal can cook at once no matter the cooking style. Lastly, you can use this kitchen gadget as a press with the Panini-styled handle – you are guaranteed to cook your desired sandwich to perfection! The gadget has different settings in the front to ensure your meal is cooked to your liking. The plates are all dishwasher safe to ensure the clean-up is not on your list of to-dos. Compared to other similar products which are all running over $100, this griddler is a steal! 

I’m confident that once you supply yourself with the right Amazon kitchen gadgets, you will be the next person your friends and family are boasting about their delicious meals! If you liked this article and found it helpful, please like and share below!


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